White Papers for Water and Wastewater Treatment and Management

  • Holly Energy Partners: Pipeline Case Study

    Changes to operations by the collocated electrical utility assets were creating AC interference and threatening the integrity of new pipeline assets running between Northern Utah and Southern Nevada, located in extremely remote and mountainous locations. To address the challenges of monitoring...
  • Water Quality Solutions

    For water professionals.
  • JC 9465 Eliminates Zebra Mussels

    JC 9465 has been proven to kill Zebra Mussels faster and with a significantly lower cost compared to traditional removal methods.
  • Proactive containment boosts the bottom line

    Empowering employees to make good decisions and hold themselves accountable for their actions can be a sound management policy that provides a multitude of benefits to your company and protects the bottom line. A key facet of empowerment is providing the right tools for employees so they can...
  • Senix AirWire Tracks USGS River Data

    Since 2001, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has collected water-resources data in all 50 states and beyond. The organization has studied groundwater, surface water, water quality and water use through initiatives such as the National Streamflow Information Program (NSIP), which used...
  • Check Valves Assembled to Order When You Need Them

    When a check valve breaks or malfunctions, it may cause an entire system to break down. A new, high-quality check valve is needed—and it’s needed immediately. While a company may have a backup valve they can use in the meantime, it’s still necessary to get the replacement quickly. Check-All...
  • Making it clear – the water quality standards of NSF/ANSI 61 and 372

    To make the products safe for water distribution there must be protective barrier material, joining, and sealing materials. These materials will ensure that the water remains free from any contaminates that may be present on or in the metal, paint, gaskets, lubricants, etc. NSF/ANSI has...
  • systems description

    Microfiltration/Ultrafiltration MF/UF systems are used to remove suspended solids (TSS) and high molecular solutes, while water and low molecular weight solutes pass through. Membranes are defined by the molecular weight cut-off (MWCO). Nanofiltration NF is very similar to that of RO, with...
  • Sewage Lift Stations - Reducing Maintenance Costs

    Provide Continuous Monitoring and Reduce Maintenance Costs in Sewage Lift Stations. The Level Transmitter is a small but vital component in a Sewage Lift or Pump Station to maintain system integrity and avoid unwanted spillage.
  • Weather Station Data Logger Collects Meteorological Data

    Complete Weather monitoring using an Intelligent Universal Data Logger A construction company needed to collect meteorological data to study the effects of building materials such as roofing tile for a meteorological data logging application. CAS DataLoggers provided the dataTaker DT-85 for a...
  • 18 Programmable Settings You Need In An Ultrasonic Sensor

    Like anything else, there are both cheap and good quality ultrasonic sensors out there. Besides good manufacturing, one of the major differences between a good sensor and everything else is programmability. While non-configurable sensors might seem like a bargain, the advantages of programmable...
  • Cooling Systems 101

    If you need help determining which type of cooling system is correct for your application.
  • Advantages of VSA vs PSA Oxygen Generators - Total Cost of Ownership and Power Savings

    PCI Gases , a California-based manufacturer of oxygen generators used in water and wastewater applications, conducted an energy study on behalf of a Southern California municipality. This study compared life cycle costs of two technologies—Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) and Pressure Swing...
  • Feeders satisfy plants hunger for expansion.

    Acrison Equipment helps GE Plastics meet their aggressive requirements for increased production and stringent end product quality requirements.
  • Chemical Safety: How to Store Laboratory Chemicals and Minimize Risk

    Proper chemical storage is critical to minimizing risk in a laboratory or industrial setting. The safe storage of hazardous substances is an essential part of any environmental, health, and safety program for your lab. To minimize liability and reduce the risk of an accident occurring it is...
  • How to Select the Right Water Filtration Solution

    Water filtration has been present throughout recorded human history. There are records of water filtration as far back as 2000 BC. Human bodies consist of 70% water and therefore need water — potable water — to sustain them. Historically, civilizations were constructed around bodies of water,...
  • DCS vs. PLC: Choosing the Right Platform

    This white paper provides general guidelines and highlights key considerations when choosing a control system platform (DCS or PLC).
  • Flood Improvement and LID Modeling Using XPSWMM — a Case Study

    Rice University is located within the Harris Gully watershed, which covers a drainage area of approximately 5 square miles, consisting mostly of fully‐developed residential and light commercial land use. The area is also home to Hermann Park and Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center...
  • Demin Water System for New PDVSA Power Plant

    In 2013, Pure Aqua successfully supplied, a demin water system to PDVSA (Venezuelan government). The water is used for boiler feed, a new power plant currently being constructed. Pure Aqua provided packaged/skidded equipment consisting of Multi-Media Filters, Reverse Osmosis Unit and...
  • Submersible Sensors

    Advanced electronics have combined with the latest CVD technology to produce pressure transducers that can be used in a wide range of marine applications.
  • EPA Increases Ammonia Emissions Control

    Concern about ammonia emissions in the air and the water continues to grow, both officially and unofficially. As U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) moves to further reduce ammonia concentrations in surface waters, common water treatment methods transform what had been a water...
  • Dewatering Upgrades In New York's Capital

    Installaton of BDP Industries Model 3DP Belt Press has significantly lowered the cost of dewatering the WWTP waste sludge and the energy costs to dry the sludge in their drier.
  • Direct Steam Injection Hot Water Systems For Jacketed Heating

    This article takes an in-depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of steam and hot water for jacketed heating, and compares indirect and direct steam injection systems for making hot water.
  • Automatic Strainers fabricated in FRP

    Duplex and Monel are expensive materials to use for seawater strainers, and SS316L does not last forever. Acme has introduced automatic strainers with vessels fabricated in FRP and Monel or Duplex in