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  • SnowPure Water Technologies

    ExcellUltra™ UF by SnowPure: SnowPure’s ExcellUltra™ ultrafiltration (UF) membranes are uniquely designed for pretreatment of RO membranes, and for final filtration of ultrapure water. Features: -Spiral-wound or flat-sheet -Strong membrane construction avoids weak PVDF Hollow Fiber breakage -Spiral-wound UF modules with...
  • Consolidated Water Solutions

    Industrial Water Treatment Systems
    For more than 30 years, Consolidated Water Solutions has been the trusted distributor of industrial equipment, as well as water filtration and purification systems to numerous industries across the country. Based in Omaha, NE, our values are rooted in ensuring every one of our customers receives...
  • Environmental Dynamics International

    Engineered Aeration & Biological Treatment Solutions
    EDI is a leading manufacturer of engineered aeration and biological treatment solutions for municipal and industrial water and wastewater industries.
  • Innovative Consultants Incorporated


    MICRODYN-NADIR is a membrane manufacturer that delivers the membrane products to meet all of your water and process needs. We offer the widest range of membrane products, including MF, UF, NF, and RO in flat sheet, spiral-wound, and hollow-fiber configurations as well as MBR technology for...
  • Dynatec Systems Inc

    Water reuse: Membrane Bioreactor technology (MBR) has traditionally been used in difficult wastewater reuse applications where high quality and reliability was required. Now that normal effluent limits have reached lower requirements (5.0 mg/l total N and < 0.1 mg/l P) the MBR is being utilized more often...
  • Enviconn Technology Company

    EnviTube®: EnviTube® External Pressure Ultrafiltration Membrane
  • Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

    Reverse Osmosis Membranes: Genesis Water Technologies supplies a wide range of reverse osmosis membranes. We supply Filmtec, Hydranautics, CSM, GE Desal and Trisep membranes for municipal tap water, brackish water, and seawater and wastewater treatment applications. Contact us with your membrane requirements and we can...
  • Ascension Industries

    We aim to be your optimum source for high quality cost-effective precision "Turnkey Manufacturing" services. Working from "idea to installation" by providing up-front complementary technical assistance, supply of all materials, tooling, fabrication, machining, assembly, inspection, and testing...
  • TG Water Additives LLC

    Water Treatment Distributor.