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  • Electropure Electrodeionization

    Electrodeionization Technology: ElectropureTM EDI technology has fundamental advantages and differences from other EDI products. There are similarities to other EDI’s, but Electropure EDI has 4 major technical differences. Basic EDI: EDI is a continuous membrane deionization process in which a... Read More
  • ExcellPureRO™ High Silica Rejection RO

    Most commercial RO is not optimized for Silica and Boron rejection…ExcellPureRO™ is! We use the best flat sheet membrane in the world with the highest Si and B rejection in the world. SnowPure’s ExcellPureRO™ membrane elements are uniquely designed for high rejection of silica (SiO2). Achieving... Read More
  • ediPureSource™ DC Power Supplies for EDI

    DC Power Supplies Designed by SnowPure for EDI ediPureSource™ is the Perfect Solution These are economic high-quality electronic switchmode DC supplies. Designed for EDI, we included open-closed contacts for flow/pressure switches to protect the EDI. And outputs for panel displays. SnowPure... Read More
  • Excellion™ by SnowPure

    SnowPure’s Excellion™ ion-exchange membranes are uniquely designed for e-coat paints, electrodialysis (ED), electrochemical separations, deionization processes, and are used in SnowPure’s own electrodeionization (EDI) modules. Features Made with a non-solvent process so there is zero residual... Read More
  • Nanofiltration NF Membrane Technology — ExcellNano™

    Nanofiltration (NF) is a membrane separation process. NF membranes pass water and reject ionic and non-ionic species based on both size and charge. Nanofiltration is not simply “loose RO”, and does more than “pass more ions than an RO” (as the phrase implies). Nanofiltration membranes are... Read More
  • GTM-Gas transfer membranes

    SnowPure’s partnership with Liqui-Cel® Gas Transfer Membranes (GTM) Contactors provides a solution which is used worldwide in many industries. We offer an easy-to-operate, modular solution for degassing and removing CO2 from water without chemicals and without large vacuum towers or... Read More
  • ExcellUltra™ UF by SnowPure

    SnowPure’s ExcellUltra™ ultrafiltration (UF) membranes are uniquely designed for pretreatment of RO membranes, and for final filtration of ultrapure water. Features: -Spiral-wound or flat-sheet -Strong membrane construction avoids weak PVDF Hollow Fiber breakage -Spiral-wound UF modules with... Read More
  • Ultraviolet Products

    SnowPure provides a unique UV water treatment system that is the new standard for Microbial Disinfection, TOC Reduction (Total Organic Carbon), and Chlorine Removal. This patented product line utilizes “Reflex®” a highly-reflective UV treatment chamber that maximizes the use of the ultraviolet... Read More
  • 3M Betafine

    SnowPure sells 3M’s Betafine high purity filter cartridges. 3M Betafine™ XL filters are ideal for food/beverage, ultrapure water, electronics. And Betafine™ filters are CFR 21 compliant. 3M’s APT pleating technology gives high surface area, long life, and low pressure drop. Read More
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