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About USA Sludge

USA Sludge process is customized based on the amount of sludge that must be destroyed. We work with each plant to solve their unique needs, with the ultimate goal of destroying “forever chemicals” completely in a carbon neutral way.

The only turn-key solution that captures and destroys PFAS compounds out of water and sludge in an environmentally friendly process without adding additional filters to the water or wastewater treatment plant.

USA Sludge uses highly efficient and unique systems with low energy cost. We specialize in low temperature biomass dryers, dehumidification heat pump technology dryers and waste heat sludge dryers creating an innovative hi tech onsite sludge and wastewater treatment solution. This solves the complex problems in our current sludge and wastewater manufacturing industries.

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By USA Sludge

Onsite Sludge and Wastewater Solution Sustainability Low Temperature Biomass Dryers, Dehumidification Heat Pump Technology, Waste Heat Sludge Dryers USA Sludge is devoted to the research and development of wastewater heat pump sludge dryers. With its state of the art technology, these are the... Read more »

By USA Sludge

A Sustainable All In One System & Solution ​ We specialize in low temperature biomass dryers that can operate at ambient air temperatures and also have the ability to operate at higher temperatures using heat exchangers to transport hot air with low air speed throughout the system, creating less... Read more »

By USA Sludge

USA Sludge’s high tech solar sludge drying creates a much smaller solar footprint, as our system uses solar electric panels that we install at the site of the dryer, which reduces installation costs and increases efficiency. The closed cabinet dryer with a low temperature heat pump requires... Read more »