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Delta-Phase Electronics Inc.

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1502 E Warner Ave, STE B
Santa Ana, CA 92705
About Delta-Phase Electronics Inc.
  • Delta-Phase Electronics, Inc. (http://Delta-Phase.us) is a California-based supplier of smart sensors and analytical instruments for industrial process water & gas measurement. The company's products serve a variety of industries including chemical & petrochemical, food & beverage, oil & gas, water & wastewater, power & energy and life sciences, etc. Delta-Phase devotes to providing cutting edge yet cost-effective MODBUS compatible digital smart sensors featuring in-situ fluorescence dissolved oxygen measurement, on-line IR turbidity / suspended solids detection, and versatile UV-Vis chemical components spectra analysis. In addition to water and liquid monitoring, the company also offers various analytical instruments for process gas detection as well as having sensor solutions for measurement of flow, velocity, level and pressure. Delta-Phase is currently seeking competent distributors and agents worldwide to expand its sales channels. Tel: (714)866-8070, Email: sales@delta-phase.us
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