IC Controls

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450 Richardson Road, Unit 1-3
About IC Controls
  • Instrumentation for Extreme Environments. Determine water/ wastewater composition in challenging samples using Thermo Orion and IC Controls brand of analyzer and/or sensors. Standard and custom solutions for online monitoring: residual chlorine down to 1 ppb, free and combined chlorine, ppm and ppb level dissolved oxygen, free ammonia down to 30 ppb, turbidity down to 0.001 NTU, pH within +/- 0.1

    Technologies that extend operating life and minimize ongoing consumable costs with reliable measurement capability are vital for success. Products that allow systems to be designed with fewer components can streamline operation and at the same time, reduce upfront capital cost. Offering the AquaSensors and AquaPro lines from Thermo Scientific Orion, IC Controls can help address these needs with products such as the optical RDO (Ruggedized Dissolved Oxygen) sensor and multi-input AquaPro analyzer.

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