• An Agricultural Overview of Applications for JC 9465

    This is an overview of the various applications that JC 9465 can be used to help improve your income.
  • Jenfitch's Breakthrough on Legionella

    Our new liquid disinfectant has been proven to kill legionella in less than 10 seconds. Click below to learn more about our groundbreaking technology.
  • JC 9465 Eliminates Zebra Mussels

    JC 9465 has been proven to kill Zebra Mussels faster and with a significantly lower cost compared to traditional removal methods.
  • Mineral Oxychloride Technical Review

    Mineral oxychloride technology has created a new interest in advanced oxidative chemistry. This paper discuss the basis principles surrounding the mineral oxychloride technology and how it generate high concentrations of hydroxyl radical ions.
  • Field Study-ROS Improve Ozone System in Water Treatment Plant

    New mineral oxychloride chemistry creates reactive oxygen species (ROS) that improves the efficiency of an ozone system in a surface water treatment plant in Northern California
  • Advanced Oxidant using Mineral Oxychloride Technology

    Jenfitch, based in Walnut Creek, California, has developed a new oxidant that is effective at lower TOC, reducing THM’s and HAA5’s, eliminating T & O (taste and odors), effective at controlling HAB’s (harmful algal blooms), effective at controlling zebra mussels and other shellfish encrustation,...
  • Taming Taste & Odor (T&O) Problems

    Some taste and odors are caused by mineral constituents in the water, e.g. excess chlorine and hydrogen sulfide. However the majority of taste and odor are the result of biologic activity.
  • Removing Dissolved Copper in Wastewater Treatment Plants

    How do you meet your dissolved copper discharge limit if it is 1.6 ppb, 3.1 ppb or 6.1 ppb? What is the cost to achieve these limits? Which treatment is cost effective? Is deionization, Reverse Osmosis or chemical precipitation the best alternative to low level of dissolved copper in a...