Maccaferri Inc.

10303 Governor Lane Boulevard
Williamsport, MD 21795-3115

About Maccaferri Inc.

MACCAFERRI offers a high performance solution for the technology of fiber reinforced concrete through a complete portfolio of steel and synthetic fibers: WIRAND® steel fibers, FIBROMAC® synthetic fibers,
The WIRAND® steel fibers are used to reinforce the concrete adding mechanical properties that can be used for structural design purpose. The FIBROMAC® synthetic fibers are used as a complement for the concrete to control the first effects of moisture and water lost in the first stage (24 to 72 hours) of the concrete. For 40 years the fibers were used to add performance for the concrete mix. Steel fibers and synthetics fibers can be used separately or as a blend to complement effects in the concrete mix in terms of shrinkage and long term structural behavior.

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