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About GapVax

GapVax is the world's leading manufacturer of hydro-excavators, combination jetvacs, industrial vacuum trucks, skid mounted vacuums, cyclone autoloaders, stand-alone baghouses, cyclone trailers, wetvacs, and so much more. We also have a patented filtration system unlike any other on the market. GapVax trucks and equipment can be used for hazardous waste removal, hydro-excavation, catch basin cleaning, jetting, water blasting, in the marine and mining industries, the railroad industry, paint restoration, bridge restoration, pulp and paper mills, steel mills, oil fields and refineries, food processors, cement plants, grain elevators, etc. We also have a complete parts and accessory department. Check out our website to see the Colorado DOT's GapVax in action, read testimonials, see specs and equipment, also watch other videos and view our parts catalog online. GapVax manufactures the tools you need to succeed! Call today!

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Products by GapVax

By GapVax

GapVax Hydro-excavators are multi-purpose systems for virtually every wet/dry vacuum project imaginable. Our proven system prolongs the life of the filter bags and eliminates the costly threat of material entering the vacuum pump. GapVax offers the only truck with no visible dust emissions. In... Read more »

By GapVax

GapVax manufactures the only true single mode vacuum system. Our HV57 industrial vacuum loader moves large amounts of wet and dry material from hard to reach areas safely and efficiently. The HV57’s low center of gravity, reduced carryover, and effortless decon methods set it apart from the... Read more »

By GapVax

At GapVax, our highly skilled staff start with raw steel and the best components to form, weld, assemble, paint, and test each custom built machine to produce a superior vacuum truck with the lowest operating cost and highest resale value. Our combination machine is a wet only vacuum system... Read more »

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