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About Automation ONSPEC Software, Inc.

Automation ONSPEC Software is a provider of software to a variety of industries. We specialize in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and human/man machine interface (HMI/MMI) software. Since introduced in 1983, ONSPEC products have been widely used in all industries around the world. Any business that involves an element of process control is a potential user of ONSPEC products.

We have been particularly successful in water treatment facilities, food processing plants and waste management operations.

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Products by Automation ONSPEC Software, Inc.

By Automation ONSPEC Software, Inc.

ONSPEC product offerings provide graphics, data acquisition, trending, alarm systems, spreadsheet manipulation and other functionality used to perform command I/O, status, review and analysis. ONSPEC is an advanced supervisory control and monitoring software solution designed to work with... Read more »

By Automation ONSPEC Software, Inc.

ONView is a powerful tool for doing high resolution, interactive graphical presentations; real-time monitoring; and historical analysis of data produced through ONSPE® control software. ONView can display one or two graphs per window, with up to seven pens (trends) on each graph. Parameters for... Read more »

By Automation ONSPEC Software, Inc.

ONCall™ turns your ONSPEC system into a powerful alarm monitoring and notification tool. ONSPEC does the alarm detection and ONCall™ makes the desired telephone calls, pages, or audio announcements. When an alarm condition is detected, a user-defined list is consulted to determine who should... Read more »

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