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  • 101 Water Level Meter

    Designed with non-stretch flexible tape, the Solinst Model 101 Water Level Meter has permanent markings every 1/100 ft or millimeter. The easy repair flat tape is available in lengths up to 6000 ft (1800 m), and provides accurate water level measurements in wells, boreholes and standpipes. The... Read More
  • 102 Water Level Meter

    Inexpensive, yet sturdy, Solinst Model 102 Coaxial Cable Water Level Meters now have accurate markings laser etched every 1/100 ft or millimeter into a heavy-duty jacket, which protects the easily repaired, strong, stainless steel cable. Designed to measure depth to water, they feature narrow... Read More
  • Levelogger Edge

    The Levelogger Edge records up to 120,000 water level and temperature data points, using a new linear sampling mode compression algorithm. Improved temperature compensation, reduced thermal response times, accuracy of 0.05% FS, 24 bit resolution with 10 year battery. Corrosion-resistant... Read More
  • LTC Levelogger Junior

    The LTC Levelogger Junior from Solinst allows datalogging of conductivity along with water level and temperature – all in one instrument, and at an attractive price. It combines a datalogger, memory for 16,000 sets of readings and a 5-year battery in a small waterproof housing. LTC Levelogger... Read More
  • Model 103 Tag Line

    The Solinst Tag Line is principally designed for measuring total well depth and depth to backfill layers during monitoring well construction. For accurate measurements, the Tag Line is now laser marked every 1/4 foot or 5 cm of the durable cable. With a removable 316 stainless steel tag, it is... Read More
  • Model 107 TLC Meter

    A Solinst TLC provides accurate, stable temperature and conductivity measurements displayed on a convenient rotating LCD display. Water level measurements are taken from permanently marked flat-tape, every 1/100ft (mm) up to 300ft (100 m). Tape is flexible and hangs straight in application.... Read More
  • Model 122 Interface Meter

    Model 122 Interface Meters feature a 16 mm (5/8") diameter, factory-sealed pressure proof probe. The flexible flat tape is mounted on a sturdy, easy-to-use reel. Meters provide clear, accurate measurements of sinking or floating product level and thickness (DNAPL and LNAPL). Meters are... Read More
  • Model 3001 Leveloader

    Designed for monitoring water levels with any version of the Solinst Levelogger, Barologger and Rainlogger, the Leveloader is a field ready, water resistant handheld data transfer unit. It downloads and stores multiple data files, and can be used to re-program data loggers in the field. The... Read More
  • Model 3001 Levelogger Junior

    The Levelogger Junior provides a low cost solution for continuous water level and temperature measurement in wells. It combines a datalogger and 5-year battery in a compact 7/8" (22 mm) diameter stainless steel housing. The maintenance-free design features memory for 32,000 data points and... Read More
  • Model 3002 Rainlogger

    The Solinst Rainlogger records rainfall data when connected to a standard tipping-bucket rain gauge. Compact and waterproof, this durable unit offers long-term reliability with a 10-year battery and non-volatile memory for 40,000 logged readings. They are compatible with Solinst Levelogger... Read More
  • Model 401 Waterloo Multilevel System

    Solinst Waterloo Multilevel Systems allow groundwater samples, hydraulic head and permeability measurements from many isolated zones in a single borehole. Flexible system allows users to place sampling pumps and pressure transducers exactly where needed. The Waterloo System has engineered... Read More
  • Model 403 CMT Multilevel System

    Obtain superior quality groundwater data using a Solinst CMT® Multilevel System. Inexpensive and easy to install, design flexibility allows port locations and monitoring strategy to be finalized right on site. Monitor up to 7 zones in one tube; 3 in the narrow 1.1" (28 mm) System. Depth... Read More
  • Model 404 Inertial Pumps

    The Model 404 Inertial Pump from Solinst is a simple, reliable inertial pump that provides a cost effective sampling option for groundwater monitoring. Consisting of a riser tube fitted with a one-way foot valve, it is ideal for dedicated use and is also highly portable. Easily operated... Read More
  • Model 407 Bladder Pumps

    Available in stainless steel or PVC, Solinst Bladder Pumps provide consistent, accurate, groundwater samples in various applications. Ensuring no air/water contact during operation, pumps are ideal for VOC sampling. Durable Teflon® bladders are ideal for dedication, inexpensive polyethylene... Read More
  • Model 408 Double Valve Pumps

    The Solinst Model 408 Double Valve Pumps are positive displacement, gas drive pumps providing high quality, consistent samples, and excellent VOC sample results. Pumps available in stainless steel 5/8" diameter, and in either stainless steel or PVC 1.66" diameter. Portable or dedicated versions... Read More
  • Model 408M Micro Double Valve Pump

    Ideal for narrow, low flow applications, the Solinst Micro Double Valve Pump has a remarkably small and flexible design. It is a pneumatic pump that uses coaxial Teflon® tubing to give high quality VOC samples. It is small enough to fit in 1/2" (13 mm) tubing and in all the channels of the... Read More
  • Model 410 Peristaltic Pump

    The Model 410 Peristaltic Pump is ideally suited for water and vapour sampling from shallow wells or surface water. Compact, lightweight and water resistant, it has excellent field durability. Robust metal case makes it easy to maintain and repair. One easy-access control enables reversible... Read More
  • Model 425 Discrete Interval Sampler

    The Discrete Interval Sampler is stainless steel, attached to LDPE tubing mounted on a convenient reel. It is pressurized before being lowered to prevent water from entering the sampler until the desired zone is reached. Used to profile open bodies of water and boreholes, and collect discrete... Read More
  • Model 428 BioBailers™

    The Model 428 BioBailer™ is a low cost, disposable bailer made of biodegradable PVC. Standard bailers have a 1.5" x 3 ft. (38 mm x 91.5 cm) body to hold more than one litre of sample. Rigid design will not bend and the top and bottom are tapered to prevent hang-ups. Transparent body allows a... Read More
  • Model 429 Point Source Bailer

    The Solinst Point Source Bailer is ideal for obtaining high quality representative samples of groundwater from specific depths. It is a simple, cost effective device for aquifer profiling. Dual ball valves, top and bottom, prevent the sample from mixing with water above the sampling zone... Read More
  • Model 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit

    Model 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit outputs 125psi, or 250psi depending on the Unit, and uses 4 AA batteries lasting 100 hours of normal use. It is fully automatic with preset sample modes and saves 99 user-created flow rates. Can operate manually if your batteries run out. Provides faster... Read More
  • Model 601 Standpipe Piezometers

    Model 601 Standpipe Piezometers are designed to be placed within a drilled hole to provide a filtered inlet point. Pointed PVC tip is also suitable for pushing into very loose sands at the base of a borehole, a stream, or into very loose tailings pond sediments. Excellent for metals sampling,... Read More
  • Model 615 Drive-Point Piezometers

    Solinst Drive-Point Piezometers are excellent permanent or temporary wells to monitor groundwater, soil and gas. Cost-effective well points are ideal for initial site investigations and for long or short-term applications. Piezometer tip and screen are stainless steel; a barbed fitting allows... Read More
  • Model 660 Drive-Point Profiler

    The Model 660 Profiler is designed to collect samples from multiple points in a single drive/drilling location, at discrete zones. It allows contaminant vs. depth profiling and detailed plume delineation. The profiler has a 1.75" (45 cm) dia. AW stainless steel tip with one row of screened... Read More
  • Model 800 Pneumatic Packers

    Simple, inexpensive packers inflate by hand pump and are available in 2 sizes. Designed for pneumatic inflation at pressures from 20-50 psi, they are primarily used in 2 and 4-inch monitoring wells and other suitable smooth boreholes. Single or Straddle Packers are convenient and easy to use,... Read More
  • Model 860 Disposable Filters

    Solinst supplies in-line disposable filters designed specifically for the preparation of groundwater samples for dissolved metals analysis and for filtering large volumes of turbid groundwater. These filters are an easy, effective way to meet the filtration requirements of the U.S. Environmental... Read More
  • Model 9100 STS Telemetry System

    Access remote water data instantly using the Solinst STS Telemetry System. Built especially for Solinst Leveloggers, the economical and efficient system combines high quality data loggers and a variety of communication options to create a remote monitoring solution. Cellular, satellite, and... Read More
  • Model 9200 RRL Remote Radio Link

    RRL Remote Radio Link is a wireless system designed to communicate with Levelogger dataloggers, collecting groundwater level, temperature, conductivity, barometric pressure and rainfall data if desired. The RRL sends data from the field, back to the home station and your computer using... Read More
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