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ERE Inc.

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8605 Champ D'eau
Saint-Leonard, QC H1P 3B8
About ERE Inc.
  • For more than 20 years, ERE Inc. has been creating a little history of its own by supplying, designing, manufacturing and renting innovative environmental equipment required to SAMPLE, MONITOR, FILTER and REMEDIATE, air, water, liquids, powders, sludge, and soil.

    It is most certain that technology will continue to evolve in the 21st century and rest assured that ERE will continue to provide you with the very best and ultimate in customer care.

    ERE Inc. supplies, designs, manufactures and rents innovative environmental equipment required to SAMPLE, MONITOR, FILTER and REMEDIATE, air, water, liquids, powders, sludge, and soil.
Competitors of ERE Inc.
  • Myron L Company

    Myron L manufactures high performance, cost-effective water quality management tools. Our instrumentation makes it simple to measure, monitor and control Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, pH, ORP, and Temperature. Innovative new field test kits feature conductometric titrations for rapid analysis... Read More
  • Petersen Products Company

    Petersen is unique in having equipment for both mechanical and inflatable product development and production. Capabilities include manual and CNC metal working machinery, pipe plugs and stoppers, material tensile testing, CNC woven and non-woven pattern cutting, sewing single and multiple... Read More
  • BlueInGreen

    BlueInGreen (BIG) is a water cleantech company and gas dissolution expert that provides the most efficient method of dissolving gases in water. BIG solutions empower water treatment professionals to make a difference by making water treatment processes more efficient, more effective, safer and...
Products by ERE Inc.
  • HydroPhobe Passive Skimmer™

    The Hydrophobe Passive Skimmer™ is manufactured with our latest technology membrane removing hydrocarbons from water. The skimmers are designed to float on the interface, allowing fluids to enter without water. Just insert the skimmer into the well and allow it to skim water-free products -... Read more
  • Liquid Pump Sampler

    Allows quick sampling of liquids. The chance of cross contamination is greatly reduced by using new tube and bottles for each sample. • Low to medium viscosity liquids • Pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industries • Able to pump water to a height of about 4 m Read more
  • HA-710 Advanced Conductivity & TDS Controller

    The HA-710 conductivity and TDS controller offers state-of-the-art technology for your process control. The HA-710 can be configured for ON/OFF, Proportional, PI or PID control. Thanks to Hanna’s exclusive technology, they can be customized to best fit your application. A menudriven display aids... Read more