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  • APT Air Pressure Transmitter

    The APT pressure transmitter provides accurate linear pressure sensing in ranges from 0 – 1.3 to 0 – 15 PSI. A solid-state piezoresistive silicon element into which a Wheatstone bridge has been diffused offers a high degree of accuracy and long term stability. High resistance burden compensation... Read More
  • Electrical Switchgear / Power Distribution

    Tesco Controls, Inc. has been engineering, manufacturing and integrating low-voltage (600V and below) power distribution equipment for the water / wastewater industries for over 45 years. TESCO is a UL-approved Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of low-voltage (600V and below) electrical... Read More
  • Endurance Drive VFD

    The TESCO Endurance Drive is a clean power variable frequency drive (VFD) that is specifically engineered to perform reliably in severe environments and high outdoor temperatures. A revolutionary product, the Endurance Drive requires no refrigerated A/C or outdoor buildings and the VFD drive has... Read More
  • Liquitronic® Programmable Logic Controllers

    TESCO Liquitronic® programmable logic controllers are powerful, yet remarkably easy to use, control instruments for local or distributed control applications. They can be networked in a variety of ways with other members of the Liquitronic controller line, third party PLCs, operator interfaces... Read More
  • Motor Control Centers (Custom MCCs)

    Tesco Controls, Inc. engineers motor control systems to meet specific project needs. We are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of low-voltage (600V and below) motor control centers (MCCs -both indoor and outdoor applications. TESCO has UL file extensions for most major MCC manufacturers... Read More
  • Project Engineering and Integration Services

    Tesco Controls, Inc. employs a fully staffed engineering services department capable of addressing all your technical requirements. Our large staff of engineers, including registered professional engineers in control systems and electrical engineering, offers a unique blend of experience and... Read More
  • Reactive Air Level Monitor

    TESCO's Reactive Air Level Monitor is a trapped-air fluid level monitoring instrument designed for application in most liquids and slurries in wastewater, storm water, and fresh water systems. This technology offers and elegantly simple solution for measuring fluid levels with extreme... Read More
  • SCADA-HMI System Integration

    TESCO clients benefit from our experience with projects of all sizes, complexities, and scopes. As a total solutions provider, we deliver customized projects: system planning/design, engineering, SCADA development, programming, communication networks, panels, implementation, commissioning and... Read More
  • The OPTI-FLOAT® Level Detector

    Combining new technology with a familiar device, the Opti-Float® level detector is a revolutionary innovation in discrete level detectors. It’s made of safe, recyclable materials. It’s mercury and lead free and is built to last for years of service. The design of the Opti-Float® level detector... Read More
  • Trans-Trap

    The TRANS-TRAP, manufactured by Tesco Controls, Inc., is a 12-stage (6 line side and 6 load side) surge arrestor for analog signal loop applications requiring maximum lightning and transient power surge protection. A unique 6 stage-per-conductor circuit traps and diverts the majority of... Read More

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