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Global Treat's SWEET Package is STILL the best option for a Chemical Induction System!

Press Release from Global Treat, Inc.

What is the benefit of using a Chemical Induction Pump?   And why choose Global Treat’s Chemical Induction Package?

 A Chemical induction pump eliminates the need for using potable water to create a vacuum for drawing in disinfection chemicals.  

Global Treat Inc.'s chemical induction pump system is the right choice for feeding and mixing your chlorination and de-chlorination chemicals into the contact chamber. Its' reputation for low maintenance and proven reliability make it the ideal choice for new installations or retro fitting an existing competitors system. 


What is a SWEET Package?

 A "SWEET" Package (Submersible Wastewater Efficient Effluent Treatment) IS the most reliable & cost effective induction pump system in the market!


How does it work?

 Chlorine chemical induction and De-Chlorination chemical induction is accomplished by the re-circulation of process water from the contact chamber thru Global Treat’s MEGA-SWEET Package induction pump system. The vacuum created draws the chemicals into the contact chamber through the use of our specially engineered, solids handling pump and calibrated nozzle diffuser(s). This produces the required vacuum for drawing chemicals into the motive process water.

 Main Benefits: 

  • Lasts longer
  • Lower initial capital cost
  • More user friendly to operate
  • Does not create off gassing of propeller styles
  • SWEET package is water cooled and/or requires less frequent lubrication


Why choose the Global Treat "SWEET Package" over a propeller-type system?

 Because IT WORKS!!   Propeller-type systems have a high failure rate and are expensive to maintain.   Global Treat's goal was to create a more cost-effective, less complicated chemical induction system.  

 Problems with propeller type systems:

  • Mechanical problems and too much chemical dispersion are some common issues found with Flash Mixers and propeller Induction Pumps.
  • Trash becoming entangled in the propeller resulting in expensive seal and bearing failures.
  • In some wastewater treatment plants, the de-chlorination propeller-type systems were dispersing de-chlor chemicals too far back into the chlorine contact chamber, neutralizing the chlorine and contact time prematurely.
  • Monthly lubrication is required for propeller type designs.


Features of the "MEGA-SWEET" package:

  • Gas or liquid chemical feed systems available
  • Simple design
  • Eliminates potable water use for vacuum creation
  • Submersed dispersion through diffuser reduces off-gassing
  • Safe operation - vacuum feed
  • Less maintenance
  • Lower operation and capital cost
  • Reduced chemical consumption
  • Easy to retrofit, prop-style flash mixers with a trade-in or exchangewww.globaltreat.com
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