Why would one use an "acid trough" to feed acid to a cooling tower?

Press Release from Global Treat, Inc.

Acid troughs are used to dilute the sulfuric acid added to maintain cooling water pH. Sulfuric acid is very viscous and does not distribute well if dropped directly into the cooling tower basin. By feed in a trough with a dilution flow and tortuous path, the acid viscosity issue can be addressed and allow for better distribution of the acid. Without proper mixing sulfuric acid will sink to the bottom creating a localized extremely low pH environment. Without the use of a trough over time, acid feed systems will likely cause long term damaging effects to cooling tower basins and equipment.

Global treat, Inc. offers a solution to protect your investment. Our gravity flow chemical dilution trough is designed to dilute the chemicals before they enter the cooling tower water basin. Our Chemical Dilution trough mixes re-circulated and makeup water to dilute the sulfuric acid. The water/acid solution then travels by gravity across a series of PVC/CPVC/PVDF baffles before entering the cooling tower basin. Once in the cooling tower, the diluted solution rapidly disperses with the water tower basin.


·          Drastically reduces chemical damage to cooling tower basin.

·          Reduced downtime of  tower for basin repair

·          Simple design greatly improves reliability

·          Provides precise chemical control

·          Lowers chemical costs by controlling chemical feed rate


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