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  • Butterfly Valve Type 567-568

    Type 567/568 Butterfly Valve is corrosion-resistant and incorporates design features that result in long service life, high safety, excellent sealing capabilities, and modular flexibility. Typical applications include industrial water treatment, potable water treatment, swimming pools, water... Read More
  • Calorplast Heat Exchangers

    CALORPLAST heat exchangers from GF Piping Systems are perfectly suited for heating or cooling in highly corrosive applications. All heat exchangers are custom designed and configured to meet the specific service, application, or geometry requirements. Calorplast heat exchangers have been around... Read More
  • Check Valve Type 561 - Type 562

    Type 561/562 Cone Check Valve and Type 591/595 Vent and Bleed Valve Series feature a new spherical cone shape design that offers improved flow characteristics and leak-proof operating performance. Available in sizes from 3/8” – 4”, PVC, CPVC, PROGEF Standard, Polypropylene, SYGEF® PVDF, or ABS... Read More
  • Diaphragm Valve 5-Series

    The new Generation Diaphragm Valve of GF Piping System sets new standards regarding safety, efficiency and simplicity. Instead of the commonly used four metal screws it has a central union nut - this non-corrosive connection is characterized by homogeneous temperature behavior, an even surface... Read More
  • GF PE100 Industrial Polyethylene Piping System

    GF PE100 Industrial Polyethylene ushers in a new generation piping system designed specifically for broad based applications. The dynamic combination of specifiable pipe, fittings, valves, and cutting-edge fusion technologies integrates well into the industrial process industry. Due to its... Read More
  • Pressure Control Valves

    Pressure Retaining Valves: V186 and V86 standard pressure retaining valves, and V786 high-performance pressure retaining valve Pressure Reducing Valves: V182 and V82 standard pressure reducing valves, and V782 high-performance pressure reducing valve Pressure Relief Valves: V185 and V85 standard... Read More
  • Schedule 80/40 PVC/CPVC Piping Systems

    Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is one of the most broadly used thermoplastic materials common to many industries. PVC is highly resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohols, and many other corrosive materials. PVC Schedule 80 applications are frequently used for chilled water systems, chemical processing,... Read More
  • Signet 4150 Turbidimeter

    The Signet 4150 Turbidimeter provides accurate and reliable water quality monitoring, compliant to U.S. EPA 180.1, for municipal and industrial use. With its integral pressure regulator, the 4150 features easy one-unit installation and setup. Typical uses include monitoring for potable water... Read More
  • Signet 4630 Free-Chlorine Analyzer

    The Signet 4630 Chlorine Analyzer System is an integrated all-in-one system designed to measure free chlorine. The 3-4630-21 chlorine panel with the optional pH sensor is used to accurately calculate free chlorine in applications that have varying pH values (±0.20 pH units). In applications... Read More
  • Signet 9900 SmartPro Transmitter

    The Signet 9900 Transmitter provides a single channel interface for many different parameters including Flow, pH/ORP, Conductivity/Resistivity, Salinity, Pressure, Temperature, Level and other sensors that output a 4 to 20 mA signal. The extra large (3.90" x 3.90") auto-sensing backlit display... Read More
  • Signet Flow Sensors

    Signet Flow Sensors • 515 and 2536 Rotor-X Paddlewheel Flow Sensors are highly repeatable, rugged sensors that offer exceptional value with little or no maintenance • 525 Metalex Flow Sensor offers the added strength of an all stainless steel construction with insertion paddlewheel technology •... Read More
  • Type 523 Metering Valve

    The Type 523 Valve Series incorporates a number of unique features that include improved flow control, easy actuation, new scale and display, and large material range for application versatility. The 523’s design makes it especially suitable for metering tiny media quantities and sampling. The... Read More
  • Type 546 Ball Valve

    The Type 546 Ball Valve features a short overall length, buttress thread design and universal multi-function module. These features combine to provide the true union ball valve with added safety and functionality for a diverse range of applications. Available in PVC, CPVC, PP and PVDF, the... Read More
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