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Strathkelvin Launch Activated Sludge Respirometer For Toxicity Measurement

Increasing demands placed on wastewater treatment plant operators by environmental legislation and operational efficiency require managers to optimize all aspects of plant performance. In this environment, the ability to obtain rapid, accurate and sensitive measurements of respiration and nitrification inhibition, short-term BOD and biomass ?health? represents a crucial factor in effective plant management. To meet these demands, Scottish-based Strathkelvin Instruments Ltd., are now launching the Strathkelvin ASR in the US. The system uses 6 oxygen electrodes and easy-to-use software to measure toxicity on a 20 ml sample of your activated sludge. Total respiration inhibition tests take no more than 10 minutes. By using two separate respiration measurements, both nitrification inhibition and inhibition of the BOD-splitting bacteria, can be obtained in under 30 minutes. Automatic toxicity reports are produced for test results. Designed originally for use only in toxicity measurement the respirometer is increasingly being used in wider aspects of process control. The ASR can be used for short-term BOD measurement; calculation of the BOD-degrading capacity of a plant; measurement of the nitrifying capacity; prediction of aeration requirements; and for routine monitoring of the 'health' of the sludge bacteria (and hence the efficiency of the treatment plant). Already recognized as a valuable process management tool in the UK and Europe, the ASR system is poised to become an industry standard for operators and managers requiring real-time control of essential performance criteria. Strathkelvin Instruments Ltd. will be exhibiting at WEFTEC (12-15 October). For further information visit our website at (, Email us at [email protected] or call on : +44 (0)141 576 5080.

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