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Hach Homeland Security Technologies

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5600 Lindbergh Drive, PO Box 389
Loveland, CO 80538-8842

About Hach Homeland Security Technologies

  • Hach Homeland Security Technologies develops breakthrough technologies that can be used to detect contamination, alert you to terrorist activity, and improve general operational control of your drinking water supply.

    Our latest innovation, GuardianBlue™ Early Warning System, is the first and only early warning system for drinking water to receive SAFETY Act designation and certification from the Department of Homeland Security.
    GuardianBlue uses patented technology to detect, alert and classify a wide variety of threat contaminants. The system can also detect, alert, classify and learn real-world events in water distribution systems. And even detect and alert on unknown excursions.

    The Eclox Rapid Response Kit and Nuclear Radiation Monitors from Hach Homeland Security Technologies provide easy to use emergency response kits and tools for measurement of toxicity, chemical contaminants and radiation. Ideal for First responders monitoring exposure or contamination checks.
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Products by Hach Homeland Security Technologies

  • CityGuard Virtual Command Center

    Hach Homeland Security Technologies proudly introduces CityGuard™, Winner of the New Product of the Year award for 2010 from Evironmental Protection. CityGuard is a network portal and real-time water distribution and source water monitoring software that optimizes the use of utility dollars... Read more
  • GuardianBlue Event Detection System

    GuardianBlue Event Detection System is the first and only early warning system for drinking water to gain SAFETY Act certification and designation from the US Department of Homeland Security as an anti-terroist technology. The GuardianBlue analyzes sensor data from the Water Panel and TOC... Read more
  • Event Monitor

    The Event Monitor integrates multiple sensor outputs from either the Water Distribution Monitoring Panel ( WDMPsc), the Source Water Monitoring Panel (SWMP) or the GuardianBlue Event Detection System. Every 60 seconds the system’s patented algorithm analyzes deviations in multiple water quality... Read more