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Water Treatment & Arsenic Removal: The Applied Process Water Treatment Division designs and builds innovative water treatment solutions addressing arsenic and other inorganic heavy metals for small water systems, rural water utilities, and commercial and industrial water users. You will find our arsenic removal systems installed...
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For more than 30 years, Consolidated Water Solutions has been the trusted distributor of industrial equipment, as well as water filtration and purification systems to numerous industries across the country. Based in Omaha, NE, our values are rooted in ensuring every one of our customers receives...

Filtronics Inc

Municipal & Industrial Water Treatment Solutions


Water Filtration Solution: For municipal and industrial facilities, reducing costs while increasing production of pure, clean water is the number one priority. With our Electromedia® coagulation filtration systems, Filtronics has created a simple, compact system that effectively and efficiently meets your treatment needs....
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ERE Inc.

Environmental Sampling, Testing & Monitoring


Water & Liquid Filtration & Treatment: ERE Inc. offers an extensive line of filtration and treatment products. Whether you require media, Sampson filtration bags, cartridges, housings, oil/water separators, we have you covered. In addition to these we also offer small to large scale filtration and treatment systems for groundwater...
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Pressure Transmitters, Level Sensors and Transducers


Since 1963, PMC-STS, Inc. (formerly PMC Engineering) has been recognized as a leader in innovative technical solutions for the design of transmitters and transducers for the measurement of pressure, level, vacuum and other measurands in niche applications. PMC-STS was the first manufacturer...

Chemline Plastics Ltd

Valves | Piping | Flow Meters | Controls


Hydro Cyclones: Hydro Cyclones Chemline HN Series Hydro Cyclones separate sand and other solids from water using centrifugal force. External power is not required. Solid plastic construction means no rust or corrosion. The cones are abrasion resistant. Three different sizes have male threaded or grooved pipe...
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Gas Analyzers:Total Sulfur, CO2, H2S Liquid Analyzers:VOC in Water, Oil in Water, H2S in Liquids (Crude, Water, & more)

Commercial Industrial Supply is a leading wholesale distributor of industrial products in the United States and beyond. Commercial Industrial Supply carries a diverse selection of top quality industrial supplies that help professionals like YOU get the job done. Below are some of the...

Filtration Systems: Industrial filtration systems are designed to separate contaminants and particles from liquids. They allow liquid to pass through the membrane, removing the solids that are too large. For a variety of industrial applications, portable filtration systems are essential for process efficiency,...
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