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  • Jenfitch, LLC

    Water Treatment Solutions for the 21st Century.
    Jenfitch, LLC is a manufacturing and marketing firm that specializes in water treatment chemicals used in the following industries: -Water/Wastewater -Power Generation -Food Manufacturing -Oil & Refining Jenfitch offers: -Coagulants and flocculants for water and wastewater...
  • Thompson Pipe Group - Flowtite

    The Thompson Pipe Group of companies engineers, manufactures, and delivers corrosion-resistant Flowtite® FRP. Born as a contracting company in 1977, Thompson Pipe Group meets the most demanding capacities and lay schedules. Every project is supported from the drawing board to the construction...
  • Ameridia Div Of Eurodia Ind

    Ameridia, Division of Eurodia Industrie, provides optimized separation solutions with cost-effective processes to the biochemical/fermentation, chemical, food, and water treatment industries, by combining: Electrodialysis / Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis (Aqualyzer®), Ion exclusion...
  • Anguil Environmental Systems

    Anguil Environmental offers a complete range of air pollution control and water treatment technologies for manufacturing operations. On vapor combustion applications, the company supplies thermal and catalytic oxidizers as well as emission concentrators to abate Volatile Organic Compounds...
  • Argonide Corporation

    NanoCeram® pleated filter cartridges are designed to satisfy the most difficult requirements in water treatment. By using the scientific principal of electropositive attraction/capture, NanoCeram technology leads to a rapid and highly efficient adsorption of virtually all particle sizes....
  • Tetra Tech

  • Lifestream Watersystems , Inc.

    LIFESTREAM Watersystems Inc. is a manufacturer of water purification and desalination systems specializing in reverse osmosis technology, membrane technologies and the design of water filtration equipment.
  • Indagro Inc.

    Indagro designs and supplies complete systems including process controls and machinery, providing installation, process and equipment selection. OEM / Integrators & design engineers of process automation controls, instruments, machinery systems, industrial water & wastewater skids & treatment...
  • Water Desalination Plants

    All manner of water treatment - industrial, seawater, brackish water, frac water, sewage/septage etc. Multi-stage flash self powered treatment solution. Lease or purchase options.
  • Royal Environmental Systems, Inc.

    Solutions for stormwater treatment, oil water separation, spill control, erosion control, and sediment control.