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  • Xact® 920 Continuous Multi-Metals Water Analyzer By Cooper Environmental

    The Xact® 920 system is the latest application of Cooper Environmental’s automated XRF module that allows for analysis of continuously-drawn aqueous samples for user-selected metals. A measured amount of unknown sample is blended with a known amount of internal standard which is continuously... Read More
  • XNX Universal Gas Transmitter By BW Technologies by Honeywell

    XNX supports the widest range of sensors on a common platform and offers a modular choice of inputs and outputs, saving customers time and money on wiring and material costs, installation, maintenance and operation. XNX's advantage comes from a simple-to-use, low-maintenance universal... Read More
  • XPDRAINAGE - Sustainable Drainage Design Package By XP Solutions

    XPDRAINAGE is a sustainable drainage design software package for landscape architects, urban planners and civil engineers involved in Low Impact Development (LID). It leads the user through the design process for stormwater controls, from conceptual design to water quality analysis to hydraulic... Read More
  • XPSTORM By XP Solutions

    Simulation of stormwater and flooding for flow analysis is a constantly changing world. Traditionally, modeling was a "best guess" and relied heavily on assumptions made by the modeler. XP Solutions believes in providing you with the system variables needed - and interactive GIS tools to find... Read More
  • XPSWMM By XP Solutions

    Your time is money. XP Solutions realizes that the more time your engineers spend creating a model or manipulating data, the less time they could be spend on new projects. You need one stream-lined and dependable tool that can carry you from model creation to analysis to production and... Read More
  • XR-5 High Performance Reinforced Geomembrane (EIA) By Watersaver Co. a division of Consolidated Divisions Inc

    XR-5 has impressive dimensional stability/tensile strength/puncture resistance. XR-5 maintains flexibility in a variety of climates and is specially formulated for inertness to chemically - agressive waste streams. XR-5 is not susceptible to Environmental Stress Cracking. Maximum panel... Read More
  • Xtreme™ Water Soluble Portable Toilet Deodorant Packets By SurcoTech

    The power of a liquid portable toilet deodorant in an easy-to-handle water soluble packet. Xtreme™ water soluble portable toilet deodorant packets feature this 4-phase comfort assurance formulation: 1) Fresh Xtreme Clean™ fragrance. 2) Metazene® molecular odor counteractant. 3) Powerful biocide.... Read More