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  • Wastewater and Sludge Treatment The Turnkey Solution By USA Sludge

    USA Sludge uses the most energy efficient, technically advanced and affordable wastewater treatment system. The wastewater solution includes a multi plate dewatering screw press, dissolved air flotation and the low temperature heat pump sludge dryer. Together this technology is effective... Read More
  • Wafer Check Valve By Asahi/America

    Introducing 10” and 12” PVC wafer check valves. Wafer check valves are installed on the discharge side of pumps in applications such as aquariums, water attractions, water treatment and municipalities to prevent back-flow flooding that could seriously damage pump systems. Asahi’s new wafer... Read More
  • Wallmount Enclosures By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal’s wallmount network & electrical component enclosures feature compact versatility, and depending on model, include: TS8 mounting, large openings, a wide range of gland plates and cable entry options, knife-edge door frames, foamed-on gaskets, lockable handles, electrophoretic dipcoat... Read More
  • Wash Water Recycle Systems By ESD Waste 2 Water, Inc.

    ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Offers wash area design assistance and manufactures a full line of wash water recycle equipment. ESD designs, installs and services water treatment equipment for portable and stationary wash areas. Read More
  • WASTEFLOW Dripline By Geoflow Inc.

    The flexible 1/2” polyethylene dripline has large emitters regularly spaced in the line. With the dripline hidden about six inches below ground, effluent is distributed slowly and uniformly, reducing ponding, even in difficult soils and hilly terrain. WASTEFLOW is built to last. It is guaranteed... Read More
  • Wastewater & Stormwater Management By SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions

    Degremont Technologies looks at the entire treatment line and finds ways to control pollution efficiently and economically. We handle primary, secondary, wastewater reuse, and stormwater management applications. Our wastewater technologies include headworks, clarification, biological, biosolids... Read More
  • Wastewater Aeration for Odor Control By Mazzei Injector Company, LLC

    Unlike other technologies, the Mazzei system is quiet, requires minimal maintenance and is more effective at controlling odors because of our patented design. Dairy wastewater is pumped through one or more high efficiency Mazzei Injectors, forcing air or oxygen to aspirate into the wastewater.... Read More
  • Wastewater and Onsite Systems By National Environmental Services Center (NESC)

    The National Small Flows Clearinghouse (NSFC) was funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help America's small communities and individuals solve their wastewater problems through objective information about onsite wastewater collection and treatment systems. NSFC products and... Read More
  • Wastewater Clarifiers By Pollution Control Systems, Inc.

    Clarifiers are widely used as an effective methods of filtering wastewater of concentrated particles. Utilizing settling tanks, impurities will often sink the bottom (termed sludge) while lighter particles float to the top (termed scum). A wastewater clarifier provides a large portion of the... Read More
  • Wastewater Data Management By WaterTrax Inc

    Managing wastewater data from a variety of different sources and formats is a challenge that utilities, agencies, and industries face. WaterTrax helps you take control of your wastewater data by: -Consolidating all your wastewater system data into one centralized location -Generating reports... Read More
  • Wastewater Evaporators By TurnKey Solutions Inc

    An industrial wastewater evaporator that runs until there is no water left! minimize your waste hauling cost ... stop paying to haul water! Read More
  • Wastewater Heat Recovery By Kemco Systems

    Kemco’s Wastewater Heat Recovery System recovers potentially lost thermal energy by capturing the heat from the wastewater and using it to preheat the incoming fresh water. These wastewater heat recovery systems are extremely efficient and can be designed to provide up to a 5°F “approach”. For... Read More
  • Wastewater Level Transmitter VL2000 By PMC Engineering LLC

    The PMC VersaLine® VL2000 Series submersible level transmitters are specifically designed for use in wastewater, pump/lift station applications. The ceramic sensing element provides a rugged flush open face design which avoids clogging or sludge build up from the materials often encountered in... Read More
  • Wastewater Mixers/Aspirators By Air-O-Lator Corp

    Air-O-Lator Corporation has a line of wastewater products including: the Aquarian Quantum floating aerator; Inter-Mix submersible mixers; Enterprise & Enterprise II aspirating submersible mixers. Air-O-Lator manufactures products that improve water quality and beautification while maintaining... Read More
  • Wastewater Recycle/Reuse By Aquatech International Corporation

    Aquatech is a leader and pioneer in wastewater reuse, having completed some of the first large-scale projects in both industrial and municipal reuse. We possess this deep experience and expertise having tackled a variety of applications with an in-depth toolbox of technologies. Read More
  • Wastewater Recycling Systems By PHOENIX Process Equipment Co.

    PHOENIX's wastewater recycling systems includes the Aquacell S system for capturing and purifying greywater or blackwater to allow for non-potable (non-drinking) reuse in a variety of applications including surface irrigation, cooling towers, laundry and toilet flushing. The Aquacell S Series... Read More
  • Wastewater tanks By Superior Tank Co., Inc.

    We manufacture a wide range of wastewater storage tanks. Our tanks can be used for wastewater recovery, storm water collection and wastewater treatment. Our bolted steel and welded steel tanks can be used as clarifiers and settling tanks. We use durable coatings which are well suited to the... Read More
  • Wastewater Treatment By United Industries Group, Inc

    UIG will assist you in designing quality wastewater treatment and/or sewage treatment facilities for your specific needs, utilizing our bolted steel tanks, welded steel tanks and/or fiberglass storage... Read More
  • Wastewater Treatment Equipment By PRO-Equipment Inc.

    PRO-Equipment,Inc. offers waste water treatment equipment and solutions to every process needs, from headworks, grit handling, aeration, clarification, filtration, and solids handling. Read More
  • Wastewater Treatment Products By Jenfitch, Inc.

    Wastewater treatment products from Jenfitch include: coagulants and flocculants; metal precipitants; struvite and vivianite remover and inhibitors; liquid ozone; organo clay; and, ballast treatment. Read More
  • Wastewater Treatment Solutions By Nalco, an Ecolab company

    Wastewater treatment solutions from Nalco include applications for: heavy metal removal; primary treatment; oily wastewater; foam control; odor control for wastewater; secondary treatment; dewatering; water reuse & recycling. Nalco offers a number of tools to efficiently analyze, evaluate, and... Read More
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems By Fluidyne Corporation

    Wastewater treatment systems from Fluidyne include: Integrated Surge Anoxic Mix (ISAM); Surge Anoxic Mix (SAM); Jet MCR; and, Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR). ISAM™: A total treatment system incorporating BOD, TSS and nitrogen removal along with sludge reduction in an integrated system. SAM™: The... Read More
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems By Hydrocal Wastewater Solutions Inc

    Wastewater treatment systems from HydroCal include: flotation systems, stainless belt presses, fiberglass belt presses; filter presses, static screen, rotatory screen and liquid polymer feed systems. Read More
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems By Pollution Control Systems, Inc.

    When considering what wastewater treatment plant process will best serve your needs, there are several options Pollution Control Systems (PCS) can offer. We will analyze your wastewater properties, load capacity and design requirements to provide a solution that is both efficient and effective. Read More
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems By Severn Trent Services

    Wastewater treatment systems from Severn Trent Services include: Bayoxide arsenic removal media; biological wastewater treatment systems; chemical chill systems; chemicals; chlorine dioxide generators; controllers; conveying solids; eductors; gas feed systems & accessories; gas... Read More
  • Wastewater Treatment Technology By Komline-Sanderson

    Komline-Sanderson's wastewater treatment technologies include pumping, thickening, dewatering and drying systems used to help municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants reduce their sludge and biosolids disposal cost. Products include: biosolids dryers; belt filter presses; gravity... Read More
  • WatchDog 1000 Series Data Loggers By Spectrum Technologies, Inc

    Data Loggers are the cost-effective choice for recording environmental conditions over a period of time. Whether your needs are plant disease alerts or soil moisture monitoring, the WatchDog Data Logger will deliver the information you need for timely, accurate data that will result in increased... Read More
  • Water & Chemical Storage Tanks By Chem-Tainer Industries

    A visionary leader in plastic molding, Chem-Tainer has been a quality source for chemical tanks, water tanks & material handling solutions for over 40 years. Offering hundreds of plastic tank sizes with many poly tanks in stock for immediate delivery.We provide responsible solutions for all your... Read More
  • Water & Waste Water By CST Industries, Inc.

    CST is the world’s largest manufacturer of factory-coated storage tanks and clear-span aluminum covers for municipal and industrial water and wastewater applications. Read More
  • Water & Waste Water Equipment By Mueller Water Products

    United States-based Company Ecologix Technologies, Inc., manufactures some of the most advanced water & wasterwater equipment for treatment plants currently available on the market. With more than 20 years of extensive experience, research, and activities in water & wastewater treatment... Read More
  • Water & Wastewater By Indagro Inc.

    Indagro designs and supplies complete systems including process controls and machinery, providing installation, process and equipment selection. OEM / Integrators & design engineers of process automation controls, instruments, machinery systems, industrial water & wastewater skids & treatment... Read More
  • Water Accessories By Xerxes Corp

    Xerxes supplies a large number of custom accessories that make the wide-ranging use of our storage tanks possible for so many different applications. The following are some of the available options with many other unique designs and possibilities that Xerxes can custom fabricate into and for... Read More
  • Water and Wastewater Maintenance Management By WaterTrax Inc

    Managing maintenance information from a variety of different sources and formats is a challenge that water and wastewater utilities face. WaterTrax helps you take control of your maintenance information by: -Consolidating all of your asset information into one centralized, cloud-based... Read More
  • Water Conservation Tanks For Green Building Applications By Xerxes Corp

    Xerxes water tanks have become a superior option for underground storage or processing of liquids in a wide range of applications, including green building or water conservation. Green projects that incorporate Xerxes fiberglass water tanks may qualify for points under the U.S. Green Building... Read More
  • Water Distribution Monitoring Panel By Hach Homeland Security Technologies

    The Water Distribution Monitoring Panel includes pH, conductivity, chlorine and turbidity sensors for monitoring virtually any clean water application. All parameters may be used for USEPA reporting and are useful for monitoring water quality, water security, event detection, operational... Read More
  • Water Distribution System Leak Survey By M.E. Simpson Company, Inc.

    The Water Distribution Leak Survey program is conducted using state of the art leak computers: Fluid Conservation Systems’DigiCALL / AC Digital Leak Correlator. Vivax-Metrotech's HL6000X Correlator with an outstation preamplifier-transducer system. Our experienced Project Team will use these... Read More
  • Water Distribution System Valve Exercising Assessment By M.E. Simpson Company, Inc.

    The importance of the Valve Assessment program is apparent when emergencies arise and your personnel are unable to either locate or close a valve(s) during a water main break. The same problem occurs when valves that are normally closed need to be opened during a firefighting effort. These... Read More
  • Water Filtration Media By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

    Genesis Water Technologies supplies water filtration media including Anthracite, Gravel, Silica Sand, Garnet, and Calcite. Contact us for your specific requirements. Read More
  • Water Filtration Solution By Filtronics Inc

    Filtronics is a manufacturer for over 37 years of high quality water treatment systems for Municipal applications, meeting and exceeding the toughest standards, including: arsenic, iron, manganese,lead,radium, sulfide treatment, surface water, ground water under the influence, softening,... Read More
  • Water Flow Accessories By Global Treat, Inc.

    Water Flow Accessories To ensure your chlorine feed system operates to its maximum efficiency, it is necessary to perform routine maintenance. Global Treat, Inc. provides a variety of products to assist in this process. We provide the following water flow accessories: Plastic Water Inlet... Read More
  • Water Inlet Assembly By Global Treat, Inc.

    A water inlet assembly is a pre-assembled arrangement of components installed in the water line on the inlet / supply side of the ejector. It is used to remove unwanted debris from the water, indicate the supply pressure to the ejector nozzle, and provide a quick and easy way to remove the... Read More
  • Water Main Disinfection By Mazzei Injector Company, LLC

    Water mains can be efficiently and effectively disinfected with Mazzei® Injectors and GDT™ ozone technology. Ozone effectiveness in inactivating bacteria and viruses in water systems is well documented. Today ozone is considered a primary method of disinfection. The Mazzei GDT System can support... Read More
  • Water Reclamation Facilities By Santec Corp.

    We offer a wide array of services related to the construction and operation of water reclamation facilities. If you have a project or development that does not have access to municipal sewer then a Santec water reclamation facility may be the solution you have been looking for. Read More
  • Water reuse By Dynatec Systems Inc

    Membrane Bioreactor technology (MBR) has traditionally been used in difficult wastewater reuse applications where high quality and reliability was required. Now that normal effluent limits have reached lower requirements (5.0 mg/l total N and < 0.1 mg/l P) the MBR is being utilized more often... Read More
  • Water Softeners By Pure Aqua, Inc.

    Water Softeners Pure Aqua’s water softeners treat the water by removing hardness using resin. The resin replaces the hardness in the water with salt, which is regenerated periodically. The softened water can then pass through an RO system to remove the salt without the risk of scaling.... Read More
  • Water Solenoid Valves, Plastic and Brass By Global Treat, Inc.

    Plastic Water Solenoid Valve The plastic solenoid valve is non corrosive and features a manual integral bypass. It is available in ¾", 1", and 2". Brass Water Solenoid Valve The brass solenoid valve is energized to open and has an operating pressure range of 0-125 PSI. It is available in ¾" and... Read More
  • Water Testing & Monitoring Systems By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

    Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. supplies water testing and monitoring systems from Myron L Co, Hanna Instruments, and ATI. Let us know your specific water testing requirements and we will assist you with the best water testing & monitoring system option to meet your needs. Read More
  • Water Treatment - Reverse Osmosis Systems By Samsco Corporation

    Pure Water at Low Cost - Reverse osmosis is the most efficient process available to remove dissolved minerals, bacteria, particles and organic impurities from water supplies. Total system capability We offer a complete line of options and accessory equipment to complement our Reverse Osmosis... Read More
  • Water Treatment - Water Demineralizer Systems By Samsco Corporation

    We offer an extensive line of high quality, cost effective, pre-engineered high purity demineralizers and deionizers, either separate or mixed bed. All systems are PLC controlled and include a conductivity monitor and flow meter for instantaneous quality readout. Service flow rates range from 1... Read More
  • Water Treatment - Water Softener Systems By Samsco Corporation

    An extensive line of high quality, cost effective, water softener systems that are specifically engineered and designed to meet desired customer and site requirements. Pre-engineered, cataloged systems are available to provide exchange capacities from 15,000 to 3,000,000 grains of hardness... Read More
  • Water Treatment Technologies By Severn Trent Services

    Severn Trent Services understands water and wastewater technologies. Founded on the commitment to continuously work and pioneer innovative solutions, we offer municipal, commercial and industrial applications to disinfection, filtration and process needs. Severn Trent's pledge to customers... Read More
  • Water/Wastewater Pumping Systems By PSG Pump Solutions Group, A Dover Company

    PSG’s technologies are well suited to the demanding applications and processes within the water and wastewater treatment industries. PSG’s brands specialize in safe, reliable and efficient metering, dosing, treatment, post treatment, collection, and transfer of water and wastewater. PSG brands... Read More
  • Watts Premier By Go Green World Products LLC.

    State of the art water filtration and conditioning systems for residential, commercial, municipal waterworks and OEM applications. Read More
  • WB WaterBetter® Filter Housings By Harmsco Filtration Products

    Harmsco® WB WaterBetter® single-cartridge filters deliver high flow, extended filter life, increased dirt holding capacity and ease of operation. Features: Patented Up-flow design CPVC standpipe (standard) – stainless steel optional Three sizes for greater media surface area Reduced... Read More
  • Weather Stations By NovaLynx Corporation

    NovaLynx Corporation can meet your weather measurement needs through custom system configurations, but in many cases one of our packaged weather stations will meet your requirements. Read More
  • WeighStation By Paradigm Software, LLC.

    The WeighStation application is designed with two main things in mind. Ease of use and robust data entry capabilities. The single screen design allows for the user to process transactions from one screen. All of the information needed is at the touch of their fingers through hot keys and other... Read More
  • Weighted Spill Tray By Andax Industries, LLC

    The Weighted Spill Tray™ (WST), manufactured by Andax Industries LLC, is the latest innovation in portable leak containment products. The WST rolls up and is easily carried to the source of a leak. It’s constructed of heavy-duty, safety orange material with sealed in weights on both sides of the... Read More
  • Welded and Modular Steel Tanks and Structures By United Industries Group, Inc

    UIG is the top supplier of welded steel tanks of all capacities, from small applications of a few hundred gallons to the largest industrial tanks measured in millions of barrels. We offer individual tanks as well as complete packages that include all appropriate peripheral equipment and... Read More
  • Welded Steel Storage/Wastewater Tanks By Superior Tank Co., Inc.

    If you need large volume water or wastewater storage, STCI can erect a Precision Engineered Welded Steel Storage Tank. A Superior welded steel tank can be used for a wide variety of applications ranging from potable water storage, municipal facilities, rainwater collection and wastewater... Read More
  • Well Monitoring Equipment By Atlantic Screen & Mfg.

    We manufacture well monitoring equipment including surge blocks, PVC soil testing points, hollow stem auger plugs, PVC pipe clamps and stainless steel centralizers. Read More
  • Wet Scrubbers & Absorbers By D. R. Technology, Inc

    Vapor borne organic-silica, or silica fluoric-silica chloride or combination emissions are in many chemical manufacturing processes including: Semiconductor, Lubricant and Silicone, Fertilizer, and Solar cell wafer as well as other miscellaneous operations. The emissions can't be sent to... Read More
  • Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations By Smith & Loveless

    Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations (WWMPS) revolutionize the way you think about wastewater lift stations. By mounting a complete lift station - including premium efficient S&L Pumps, piping, valves, controls - outside of and above the wet well, wastewater pumping becomes dramatically simpler, safer... Read More
  • Wet Well Wizard By Reliant Water Technologies

    The Wet Well Wizard is used in collection system lift stations to eliminate odor, H2S corrosion, and FOG (fats, oils, and grease) caps. Within 24 hours of installation FOG caps will be eliminated, never to return again. The key to the Wizard system is the change of the well's microbial... Read More
  • WIO® Base Unit By OleumTech Corporation

    The WIO® Wireless Base Unit, WM2000-002, is part of the WIO family of industrial wireless automation products. The Base Unit is an economical solution for adding wireless capabilities to existing or new, process conditions. The Base Unit is a multi-input unit capable of accepting four analog... Read More
  • WIO® DH2 By OleumTech Corporation

    The WIO® DH2TM, SR5000-DH2, is part of the WIO family of industrial wireless automation products. The DH2 is an economical I/O extension to PLCs, EFMs and RTUs typically found in hazardous and remote industrial process conditions. The DH2 design is an excellent solution for installations... Read More
  • Wireless Alarm Transmitter By OleumTech Corporation

    The Wireless Alarm Transmitter, SM5000-DSX series is part of the WIO family of wireless products. This discrete alarm monitor is an effective and ideal solution for dry contact switches and wireless alarm monitoring in a variety of industrial process conditions. Features include: * A... Read More
  • Wireless Instruments By Schneider Electric

    ccutech battery-powered, wireless instrumentation offers simple deployment, configuration and monitoring from ClearSCADA through predefined templates. Read More
  • Wireless Liquid Level Transmitters By OleumTech Corporation

    Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter The Wireless Liquid Level Transmitters are designed to meet EPA Spill Prevention (SPCC) and API Inventory Monitoring requirements. Wireless (Magnetostrictive) Tank Monitoring Solution Features: * 3-in-1 Level Measurement Capability (reports... Read More
  • Wireless Pressure Transmitter By OleumTech Corporation

    The WIO® Wireless Pressure Transmitter, SM5000-P01, is part of the WIO family of industrial wireless automation products. The Wireless Pressure Transmitter is an effective and economical solution for monitoring a wide range of pressures and a variety of industrial process conditions in... Read More
  • Wireless RTD Transmitter By OleumTech Corporation

    OleumTech expands its WIO® Industrial Wireless Automation Solutions to support a wireless RTD Temperature Transmitter for a wide variety of industrial and process applications. The WIO RTD Transmitter is designed for precise and repeatable temperature measurement applications. Features... Read More
  • Wireless SCADA for Water Wastewater By Revere Control Systems

    Wireless SCADA plays an important role in water and wastewater plants. In the water system, it provides remote monitoring and control of distribution facilities, and it wastewater collection, it provides the same functions for lift stations. It may be used for asset control and security, which... Read More
  • Woven Coated Polyethylene (WC PE) By Watersaver Co. a division of Consolidated Divisions Inc

    Woven Coated Polyethylene is a heavyweight fabric incorporating a special weave pattern to enhance thickness, flatness, and tear properties. The coating recipe is designed to improve toughness and abrasion resistance. WC PE has excellent puncture/burst resistance, high chemical resistance,... Read More
  • Wrap-It-Sorb™ By Advanced Aquatic Products Int'l Inc

    Wrap-It-Sorb™ is a 'petroleum Band-Aid' for drips and leaks! Also sold under the brand name Fueling Friend™, this is a versatile absorbent boom for seepage or drips from hydraulic lines, oil or fuel delivery fittings & valves, as well as other applications wherever a surrounding wrap is desired.... Read More
  • WWETCO FlexFilter™ By WesTech Engineering Inc

    The WWETCO FlexFilter™ provides an innovative solution for CSO, Primary Treatment, Tertiary Treatment and Industrial Water Preatreatment. The combination of tapered media compression, porosity gradient within the media bed and a low flow backwash system make the WWETCO FlexFilter™ one of the... Read More