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  • S Series Smart Peristaltic Pump By Stenner Pump Company

    Built to NEMA 4X for demanding applications, the Stenner S Series is a smart peristaltic pump which can be monitored for peace of mind and fine-tuned to fit the application. Select from multiple modes of operation and programmable performance indicators for efficient interface with process... Read More
  • S4000CH Combustible Gas Detector By General Monitors

    The S4000CH gas detector is suitable for a wide range of demanding industrial applications where the potential presence of dangerous hydrocarbon-based combustible gas is a threat to people, equipment, and facilities. The S4000CH Gas Detector features General Monitors’ precision catalytic bead... Read More
  • S4000TH Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector By General Monitors

    The S4000TH Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector is designed to protect people, equipment, and plants from the dangers of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and features the HART communication protocol for ease of field communications. Because of the detector’s multiple communication methods, a user can... Read More
  • SafePoint® Truly Fail-Safe Bin Level Switch By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Monitor Technologies’ SafePoint® rotary paddle point level indicator (switch) with a self-validating design detects material presence plus continuously monitors its own ability to function. This analysis includes sensor health and system power failure, which makes the SafePoint truly... Read More
  • SafeSonic 25-L Level Transmitter By Senix Corporation

    SafeSonic 25-L Level Loop Powered Level Transmitter – Range 25 feet (7.62 Meters) This ultrasonic level transmitter is intrinsically safe (IS) and CSA rated for Class I Division 1 hazardous areas in the US and Canada. It has a maximum range of 25 feet (7.62 meters) and is typically used for... Read More
  • Safety & Risk Consulting By Easy Safety Solutions

    If you have a pending audit, or recognize that your employee safety and/or training programs are long-overdue for improvement, we can provide you with years of experience and insight to help you design a program to fit your needs. ESS consulting team is dedicated to understanding your unique... Read More
  • Safety Cabinets By Go Green World Products LLC.

    Go Green World Products offers all types of Safety Cabinets: Storage, Tower, Stackable, Undercounter, Wall Mounted; from cabinets to buildings. Read More
  • Sahara Belt Press (2 belt unit) By BDP Industries

    Paddle wheel assisted high feed solids feed box for even distribution with high viscosity feed slurries. All rolls vulcanized rubber covered for abrasion resistance Rugged / Heavy duty construction for Sevier Minerals service Feed Box and Gravity Zone at operator level, no need for... Read More
  • Salon Pure Air I By Air Impurities Removal Systems

    The Salon Pure Air I is recommended for removing heavy chemical fumes and odors: Including—but not limited to—ethyl methacrylate (EMA), titanium dioxide, benzoyl peroxide, methacrylic acid, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), and acetone. Choose this system if your primary need is to remove... Read More
  • Sample Master® 8.5 By Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc.

    The Sample Master® LIMS product line is a complete, total data management solution for various types of laboratories. Sample Master® is modular by design allowing customers to purchase only modules that are required and allowing for expansion as the laboratory grows. It utilizes the ease and... Read More
  • Sample Master® Result Point™ By Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc.

    Sample Master® Result Point™ is a portal into your existing Sample Master® LIMS. With it, you can allow your customers or members of your organization to have instantaneous access to real-time analytical results, from virtually anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. Result Point users... Read More
  • Sampling Equipment By Atlantic Screen & Mfg.

    We manufacture groundwater sampling equipment including bailers, single sample filters, ASI bail samplers, point source bailers and more. Read More
  • Samsco WasteSaver (Vacuum Distillation) By Samsco Corporation

    The Samsco WasteSaver™ is a dual-effect, vacuum distillation evaporator that uses low-pressure steam to evaporate wastewater under vacuum at very low temperature. The steam is then condensed and returned for reuse as clean, distilled water. By evaporating under vacuum, the system can return many... Read More
  • SAM™ Surge Anoxic Mix By Fluidyne Corporation

    The newest Fluidyne wastewater treatment systems incorporate a surge/anoxic mix (SAM™) tank to control the process and provide rapid and complete treatment. The Surge Anoxic Mix (SAM™) System integrates anoxic and aerobic processes for energy efficient BOD, TSS and nutrient removal. OPTIMAL... Read More
  • Sanitary Cartridge Valve Style By Check-All Valve Mfg.

    The Sanitary Cartridge Valve (SC) is a stainless steel check valve for use in new or existing sanitary systems. The SC design seals on the ID of sanitary ferrules with replaceable food grade seals (Standard is FDA EPDM). The valves fits the Alfa Laval Inc. Bevel Seat and Tri-Clamp® fittings, the... Read More
  • Sanitary Hydroheater® By Hydro Thermal Corp

    The Sanitary Hydroheater® is the most efficient heat transfer device available, designed specifically for the food, dairy, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical processing industries. Direct Steam Injection provides for instant heat and precise temperature control for product and process, while... Read More
  • SaniTEE Septic Effluent Screens By BioMicrobics Inc

    SaniTEE® wastewater screens are now available in 4", 8" and 16" sizes and provide consistent retention of wastewater solids for applications up to 20,000 gallons per day. Multiple SaniTEE screens can be used for flows above 20,000. SaniTEE® Wastewater Screens SaniTEE® self-cleaning wastewater... Read More
  • Sauereisen SewerGard No. 210X By Sauereisen

    A new version of SewerGardTM, has hit the streets. Sauereisen’s SewerGardTM No. 210X, exhibits compressive strength exceeding 15,000 psi and elongation of 12.9%. Wherever extreme corrosive conditions exist, No. 210X is used as a stand-alone, high strength lining that enables high build... Read More
  • SBR Sequencing Batch Reactor By Fluidyne Corporation

    LOW COST EASILY CONTROLLED SYSTEM Fluidyne’s unique Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) System is a reliable yet easily controlled wastewater treatment process that fits within limited budgets. The Fluidyne SBR eliminates the need for separate clarifiers, RAS pumps and independent anoxic and aerobic... Read More
  • SC404 and SC120 Capacitive Level Transmitters By Sitron Inc.

    Sitron’s Capacitive Level Transmitters are primarily used to measure and control the level in various industrial processes. They can be applied in conductive or non-conductive mediums such as water, oil, solids, pastes, chemicals and other mediums as well. In addition, probes can be used to... Read More
  • SC750 Capacitive Level Switches By Sitron Inc.

    The SC750 capacitive level switches are designed to detect and control the level of conductive and non-conductive liquids, solids, pasty mediums and corrosive liquids among others. The SC750 is usually applied in applications with ambient pressure and temperature ranges. They work well for... Read More
  • SCADA Host By Schneider Electric

    ClearSCADA host software features a built-in historian, alarm redirection, trending, and reporting to monitor and control complex SCADA networks from anywhere. A full suite of protocol drivers (OPC/ODBC/SQL) ensures connectivity to existing business systems. Read More
  • SCADA-HMI System Integration By Tesco Controls Inc.

    TESCO clients benefit from our experience with projects of all sizes, complexities, and scopes. As a total solutions provider, we deliver customized projects: system planning/design, engineering, SCADA development, programming, communication networks, panels, implementation, commissioning and... Read More
  • SCADAPack E-Series By Schneider Electric

    The SCADAPack E-Series provides the power of DNP3 and IEC 60870-5 on a scalable platform. Whether your application requires an RTU with PLC programmability or the added power and performance of a PLC, there is an E-Series controller to meet your requirements: Native DNP3 and IEC 60870-5... Read More
  • SCADAPack ProductionPLUS By Schneider Electric

    SCADAPack ProductionPLUS is an integrated hardware and software solution that increases safety, improves environmental compliance and extends the life cycle of the well. Designed with extensive input from end users and gas operators, ProductionPLUS leverages the power of Control Microsystems’... Read More
  • Scadata-Pac By Precision Systems

    The Scadata-Pac is the simplest SCADA system currently on the market. Featuring remote telemetry units that are wired rather then programmed and a controlling program that is operated on any Windows based PC, the system can be installed by an electrician, not a programmer. The Scadata-Pac has... Read More
  • ScaleAway By Cuzn Water Systems

    Non-chemical treatment for boilers. Reduces or removes scale, chlorine and biologicals. Eliminates harsh chemicals that can cause excessive deterioration of pipes and valves Read More
  • SCBA Safety Gear and Storage Equipment By Global Treat, Inc.

    Respiratory & Safety Global Treat, Inc. supplies a variety of SCBA safety equipment. We offer the 30 minute self-contained breathing apparatus as well as a variety of cases and cabinets used to store safety equipment. In addition, we offer two different types of emergency kits that include all... Read More
  • Schedule 80 CPVC Fittings By Commercial Industrial Supply

    Commercial Industrial Supply carries a full line of Schedule 80 CPVC fittings at wholesale pricing including elbows, tees, bushings, adapters, nipples, couplings, unions, caps, plugs, flanges and wyes. Read More
  • Schedule 80 CPVC Pipe By Commercial Industrial Supply

    Commercial Industrial Supply carries Schedule 80 CPVC pipe for industrial and commercial applications and offers wholesale discounts. Read More
  • Schedule 80 PVC Fittings By Commercial Industrial Supply

    Commercial Industrial Supply has a complete line of Schedule 80 PVC Fittings including elbows, tees, adapters, bushings, couplings, nipples, unions, caps, plugs, flanges and bulkheads at wholesale prices. Read More
  • Schedule 80 PVC Pipe By Commercial Industrial Supply

    Commercial Industrial Supply offers wholesale discounts on quality Schedule 80 PVC Pipe for commercial and industrial applications. Read More
  • Schedule 80/40 PVC/CPVC Piping Systems By GF Piping Systems

    Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is one of the most broadly used thermoplastic materials common to many industries. PVC is highly resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohols, and many other corrosive materials. PVC Schedule 80 applications are frequently used for chilled water systems, chemical processing,... Read More
  • Screen and Trash Rakes By Lakeside Equipment Corporation

    Complete line of screens and trash rakes from Muhr, complements Lakeside Equipment’s water and wastewater technology for a complete solution. For new installations or retrofitting of existing structures, these screen and trash rakes effectively clean intake water/wastewater reducing damage to... Read More
  • ScreenIT™ MQPS By Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc.

    ScreenIT™ MQPS (Manufacturing Quality Process Solution) is an analytical data management program that is ideal for manufacturing and process control laboratories. It offers unparalleled flexibility throughout its components. The unique design allows users to easily create comprehensive custom... Read More
  • Screw Pumps By Lakeside Equipment Corporation

    Lakeside Screw Pumps are an efficient means of lifting large quantities of water or wastewater at low heads. For municipal wastewater treatment plants, screw pumps offer a variety of applications, ranging from return activated sludge to stormwater pumping. Since 1969, these pumps are widely... Read More
  • Scrubbers By Indusco Environmental

    Indusco Environmental Services, Inc. provides a range of scrubbers and related components, including: vertical packed bed scrubbers, Venturi scrubbers, pre-packaged modular scrubber systems, crossflow packed bed scrubber units, fume scrubbers, bio filter humidification towers, horizontal... Read More
  • SD-RO By Fike Europe

    FIKE EUROPE introduces a new, non-fragmenting metallic bursting disc for salt-water applications. This bursting disc effectively protects sand and cartridge filters from damage and considerably reduces downtime in the event of overpressure. Intended for saltwater applications such as... Read More
  • Sea Water Reverse Osmosis/Desalination Systems By Pure Aqua, Inc.

    Sea Water Reverse Osmosis/Desalination Systems Pure Aqua manufactures a full line of commercial and industrial sea water reverse osmosis systems designed for heavy or continuous duty service in marine applications on and offshore. Pure Aqua’s commercial sea water reverse osmosis systems are... Read More
  • Search by Gas By RKI Instruments Inc.

    For over 70 years, RKI has been at the forefront of sensor technology developing advanced detection techniques to provide solutions for specific applications. As a result we provide reliable, rugged gas detection equipment. We provide gas detection for life. Read More
  • Sea-View Strainers & Filters By Kraissl Co. Inc.

    Kraissl pipeline strainers and filters protect pumps, engines, nozzles, valves, heat exchangers and other expensive pipeline equipment from harmful flow contaminated by catching dirt and debris. These non-ferrous models are commonly specified for cooling water. • Hand clamp requires no special... Read More
  • Seawater Desalination Systems By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

    Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. supplies FCI seawater desalination systems. We have a wide range of desalination system capacities available. These systems are the ideal choice for marine based application including yachts, commercial fishing vessels, oil platforms as well as land band... Read More
  • Seawater Purification By LifeSource Engineering Inc.

    Seawater reverse osmosis has quickly become a widely used resource for providing potable water from seawater throughout the world. Although equipment can be purchased from a wide array of suppliers, the availability of experienced engineers to develop, train and manage personnel in the... Read More
  • Secondary Containment By Storage Tank Solutions LLC

    Storage Tank Solutions (STS) offers secondary containment systems to contain hazardous materials such as fuel, fertilizers, and chemicals. The systems feature a galvanized steel frame with flat non-corrosive panels that surround a thermoplastic liner. The unique modular design can be customized... Read More
  • Secondary Containment By United Industries Group, Inc

    UIG offers double-wall fiberglass storage tanks that fulfill all the requirements of safe secondary containment of underground and above ground storage of produced water, brine, flare and stack waste, and non-hazardous chemicals. UIG fiberglass tanks are manufactured in double wall... Read More
  • Sedimentation / Thickening By PHOENIX Process Equipment Co.

    PHOENIX products include belt filter presses, recessed chamber & membrane filter presses, centrifuges, high-rate & ultra high-rate thickeners, paste thickeners, hindered settling classifiers, bucket wheels, hydrocyclones/dewatering screens, attrition scrubbers and polymer mixing/delivery... Read More
  • SedimenTrap By StormChamber

    The SedimenTrap component of StormChamber systems eliminates pre-treatment devices and provides a higher level of sediment and debris removal and retention at a fraction of the cost. Read More
  • Self Supporting Tanks By Husky® Portable Containment

    Husky self supporting tanks are the perfect solution when storage and manpower are a concern. One man set-up frees up personnel. Husky offers low and high side models. Read More
  • Self-contained Composting Aerators By Brown Bear Corp

    The horizontal aerator provides an economical mechanical solution for dewatering sludge in beds, building windrows, blending bulking agents or additives, pulverizing and aerating or water mixing for aerobic composting. The rapid handling rate exposes 100% of the material to oxygen immediately so... Read More
  • Sensepoint XCD By BW Technologies by Honeywell

    The Sensepoint XCD transmitter provides comprehensive monitoring of flammable, toxic and oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres, indoors and outdoors—and is marked by installation ease and flexibility, user-friendly operation and cost-effective gas monitoring. Three... Read More
  • Sensors By Weschler Instruments

    Weschler carries a variety of sensors and signal conditioners for stand-alone use or as an input to a panel indicator. Use shunts, current transformers, transducers and signal conditioners to convert electrical signals - voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, etc. We also offer... Read More
  • Sepa Bench-scale Cross Flow Membrane Test Cell By Sterlitech Corporation

    The SEPA Cell is a bench-scale cross/tangential flow cell that provides fast and accurate performance data with minimal amounts of membrane, product, expense or time. Sepa Cell Features and Benefits: Accepts polymeric flat sheet membrane coupons Mimics both laminar or turbulent flow... Read More
  • Septa Bottles and Jars By Quality Environmental Containers

    QEC offers a number of products with open-top closures, such as these septa containers, recommended for sampling and testing of volatiles. Containers are available in clear and amber glass, with PTFE/silicone septum. Read More
  • Septage Acceptance Plant By Lakeside Equipment Corporation

    Remove debris and inorganic solids from septage tanks, grease traps, sludge, leachate and industrial waste with the fully automated Raptor® Septage Acceptance Plant (SAP). The heart of the SAP is the Raptor® Fine Screen, which compacts and dewaters the captured screenings to a solids content of... Read More
  • Septic Tanks By Imperial Industries Inc.

    Imperial Industries is the premier manufacturer of self-contained and truck-mounted tanks for the commercial waste industry. Our tanks are all custom-designed, engineered and manufactured in house, available in steel, aluminum or stainless steel. For immediate needs, we maintain a stock... Read More
  • SERFILCO MEGA-FLO® Filtration System By SERFILCO Ltd

    SERFILCO's new, improved, compact MEGA-FLO filtration system offers high flow rates (8,500 - 21,000 GPH). This efficient and durable unit is designed to handle a variety of solutions including electroplating, printed circuit board, water and waste treatment, fume scrubbers, cooling tower... Read More
  • SERFILCO Series 'DF' Disposable Fabric Filtration System By SERFILCO Ltd

    SERFILCO's Series 'DF' is a totally automatic unit,offering unattended operation. The unit automatically indexes media for continuous filtration, even with varying input or solids content. Contaminated solution is pumped to the diffuser tray which distributes flow across the full width of the... Read More
  • SERFILCO Series 'DP' Drum Pump By SERFILCO Ltd

    SERFILCO Series 'DP' Drum Pumps are available in CPVC,poly-propylene, stainless steel or aluminum, as well as Kynar® for difficult-to-pump solutions such as ferric chloride and other etchants. Pumps are completely interchangeable with the standard open motor, explosion-proof motor or air... Read More
  • SERIES 1312 Industrial Horizontal, Close-Coupled, End Suction Pumps By Vertiflo Pump Co

    vertiflo pump spacer MODEL 1312 Industrial Horizontal, Close-Coupled, End Suction Pumps WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: -General Pumping -Chemicals -Wash Systems -Deionized Water -Process -OEM Read More
  • SERIES 1500 & 1600 Industrial Horizontal End Suction Vortex Pumps By Vertiflo Pump Co

    SERIES 1500 MODEL 1520, 1524 & 1534 Industrial Horizontal, Base-Mounted, End Suction Vortex Pumps SERIES 1600 MODEL 1620, 1626 & 1634 Industrial Horizontal, Close-Coupled, End Suction Vortex Pumps WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: -Food Processing Solids -Waste Water Treatment -Pollution... Read More
  • Series 204 and 304 Solenoid Valves By Parker Fluid Control Division

    Parker Fluid Control Division offers the choice of a tab or integrated coil as part of its Series 204 and 304 solenoid valve lines. The options feature flexible production possibilities for long-lasting valves that can operate under maximized pressure ratings. The 204 and 304 Series is a... Read More
  • SERIES 600 Industrial Vertical Process Pumps By Vertiflo Pump Co

    SERIES 600 MODEL 629 & 636 Industrial Vertical Process Pumps WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: -Industrial Spray Washers -Pickling/Bonderizing -Spray Booths -Coolant Systems -Paint Systems -Filtration Systems -Pollution Control -E-Coat Paint Systems Read More
  • SERIES 700 Industrial Vertical Sewage Ejector Pumps By Vertiflo Pump Co

    SERIES 700 MODEL 720 & 724 Industrial Vertical Sewage Ejector Pumps WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: -Industrial Wastes -Sanitary Wastes -Process Wastes -Rendering Wastes -Pollution Control Read More
  • SERIES 800 Industrial Vertical Immersion Sump Pumps By Vertiflo Pump Co

    SERIES 800 MODEL 814, 820, 824 & 832 Industrial Vertical Immersion Sump Pumps WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: -Industrial Process -Pollution Control -Sump Drainage -Hazardous, Toxic & Inflammable Liquids -Cooling Towers -Acids -Clear Liquids -Flood Control -Corrosive Liquids -Condensate Read More
  • Service Suite By ABB

    The Ventyx Service Suite solution for enterprise workforce management provides a complete infrastructure to efficiently plan, schedule and execute all types of field work. Service Suite automates the service workflow end-to-end—from scheduling and optimization of order assignment, to... Read More
  • Sewage Basins and Tanks By Discount Pumps

    Poly Sump and Sewage Grinder Basins with Non-Corrosive Polyethylene Construction. Read More
  • Sewage Lift Station Kit By PMC Engineering LLC

    The PMC VersaLine® VL2000 Series Submersible level transmitters are specifically designed for use in wastewater, pump/lift station applications. The components that make up the Sewage Lift Station Kit SLS01 include the VL2113 with available pressure ranges of 2.5 to 150psig, the TE11 Termination... Read More
  • Sewage Odor Control By Definitive Deodorant Co Inc

    Designed to neutralize water-borne odors, FORMULA 105 is suitable for a variety of industrial applications. We believe you will find the effectiveness, environmental safety, human safety and cost to be superior to other products used in deodorizing. This product has been especially useful for... Read More
  • sewage pumps By Discount Pumps

    Sewage and wastewater pump for new septic systems and replacement pumps for sewage ejector packages. Read More
  • Sewer Line Chemical Root Control By Duke's Root Control Inc.

    ■ Duke’s Root Control is a cost-saving, infrastructure-preserving program for every municipality, and a crucial part of CMOM compliance. ■ With our 30 years experience, we’ve treated 80 million feet of sewer line— more than anyone else in the industry. ■ Duke’s applications kill roots on... Read More
  • Sewer Line Chemical Root Control Service By Duke's Root Control Inc.

    RAZOROOTER® II, which contains the active ingredient diquat dibromide ("diquat"), is the only diquat-based, sewer root control product that is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA Registration No. 64898-8). Read More
  • Sewper Rx By Reliant Water Technologies

    Sewper Rx is a poly-microbial blend of common, natural microbes mixed with nutrients and enzymes. It exhibits superior organic sludge digestion properties for the treatment of sewage sludge and greases, yet it is harmless to the environment. The bi-products of this uniques product are water... Read More
  • Side-mounted Level Switch By Gems Sensors & Controls

    These units solve the problem of point level sensing in tanks with inaccessible tops or bottoms, or at intermediate locations in larger tanks. Operation is positive and dependable. The float pivots with changing liquid level, displacing a shuttle which magnetically actuates a hermetically sealed... Read More
  • Signal Conditioners & Converters By Acromag, Inc.

    Acromag signal conditioner products include process transmitters, 4-20mA signal isolators, limit alarms, panel meters, and math computation modules. These signal conditioning products isolate, amplify, filter, condition, and convert measured signals from sensors and other instruments. The... Read More
  • Signal Isloators By Absolute Process Instruments, Inc.

    API signal conditioners offer DC signal isolation in DIN or plug-in packages. Models are available as either custom configured or field rangeable to accept any DC voltage or current signal inputs. The optically isolated output can be configured for standard or custom DC voltage or current... Read More
  • Signet 4150 Turbidimeter By GF Piping Systems

    The Signet 4150 Turbidimeter provides accurate and reliable water quality monitoring, compliant to U.S. EPA 180.1, for municipal and industrial use. With its integral pressure regulator, the 4150 features easy one-unit installation and setup. Typical uses include monitoring for potable water... Read More
  • Signet 4630 Free-Chlorine Analyzer By GF Piping Systems

    The Signet 4630 Chlorine Analyzer System is an integrated all-in-one system designed to measure free chlorine. The 3-4630-21 chlorine panel with the optional pH sensor is used to accurately calculate free chlorine in applications that have varying pH values (±0.20 pH units). In applications... Read More
  • Signet 9900 SmartPro Transmitter By GF Piping Systems

    The Signet 9900 Transmitter provides a single channel interface for many different parameters including Flow, pH/ORP, Conductivity/Resistivity, Salinity, Pressure, Temperature, Level and other sensors that output a 4 to 20 mA signal. The extra large (3.90" x 3.90") auto-sensing backlit display... Read More
  • Signet Flow Sensors By GF Piping Systems

    Signet Flow Sensors • 515 and 2536 Rotor-X Paddlewheel Flow Sensors are highly repeatable, rugged sensors that offer exceptional value with little or no maintenance • 525 Metalex Flow Sensor offers the added strength of an all stainless steel construction with insertion paddlewheel technology •... Read More
  • Silencers By Solberg Manufacturing Inc

    Minimize hazardous noise pollution with Solberg's inlet tubular silencers. Available in multiple connections for the inlet of industrial equipment. Read More
  • Silo Patrol® Cable-Based Level Sensor By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Monitor Technologies’ SiloPatrol® SE smart cable-based level sensors are effectively utilized to improve inventory control of powder and bulk solids. The sensors measure the inventory level automatically and on-demand without the need for your operator or plant personnel to climb silos, which... Read More
  • Silos By United Industries Group, Inc

    United Industries Group, Inc. (UIG) designs, manufactures and installs storage silos, bins and related conveyor systems of all types and sizes, including tanks thate are smooth wall, corrugated, carbon or stainless steel, hopper bottoms or with... Read More
  • Simplex Strainers & Filters By Kraissl Co. Inc.

    Model 72 Series simplex strainers and filters provide a simple cost-effective way to separate particle impurities from fluid flow systems. Simplex models described in this bulletin are designed for applications where temporary interruption of a batch process can be permitted for basket cleaning.... Read More
  • SIMS Vertical Pumps By Sims Pump Valve Company, Inc.

    SIMS Structural Composite Vertical Turbine Pumps are very different from any other pumps on the market. The suction bell, casing bowls, diffusers, casing rings, guide bearings, bushings, and sleeves are completely machined on the outside as well as the inside. Casting imperfections, rough... Read More
  • SIMSITE® Pumps By Sims Pump Valve Company, Inc.

    “The only Pump that is Impervious to Corrosion" SIMSITE® Structural Engineered Composite Pumps All SIMS Pumps are engineered to meet the Customer’s specific design and operating performance requirements. SIMS Pumps are 100% machined from solid blocks as opposed to being cast. They are machined... Read More
  • Single 150 ChlorTainer Vessel By ChlorTainer

    ChlorTainer’s Single Container Vessel is ideal for moderate-volume users of chlorine. The Single Container Vessel is built to accommodate one standard 150 pound chlorine cylinder. The vessel comes with either a 2-bolt spring-loaded door or a 2-bolt chain-drive closure, and the following... Read More
  • Single Pass Dryer System By M-E-C Co.

    M-E-C Single Pass Dryer Systems are built with full length outer shell flighting and suspended flighting. M-E-C's proprietary flighting designs lift the product and cascade it through the heated gas stream. Our internal designs provide maximum production and assured moisture... Read More
  • Sister Company _ENVIRO-ZYME INTERNATIONAL By BIO-SYSTEMS International Corporation

    ENVIRO-ZYME International handles all of our residential customer sales. We have a wide range of products for all your needs including eco friendly cleaners, degreasers, odor control, urinals, septic maintenance, grease traps, pond maintenance, lab supplies, and much more! Check us out TODAY! Read More
  • Slide-In Tanks By Imperial Industries Inc.

    Our Self-Contained Slide-In Unit is one of a kind. The original horizontal fresh water tube, our slide-in design allows for equalized weight distribution of water and waste levels and offers incredible versatility. Often imitated but never equaled, the Imperial Self-Contained Slide-In Unit is... Read More
  • Sliding Vane Compressors By TMC Fluid Systems, Inc.

    A sliding vane compressor is a rotary type compressor. What that means is that it is a rotating device that is used to compress gas. In other words, a rotary vane compressor is a machine that forces air or explosive gas (flammable gas or combustive gas) through spinning blades to create... Read More
  • Slips, Trips and Falls By Iseler Demolition Inc.

    Iseler Demolition Inc. considers the safety of its employees and the general public to be a matter of utmost importance. Therefore, our crew is required to complete training annually which includes an extensive amount of safety information. We have also put into operation our own safety programs... Read More
  • Slot Injector ™ By KLA Systems

    The Kla Systems Slot Injector™ system is a superior jet aeration system that is specifically applied to industrial biological treatment processes where fine screening is a standard pretreatment operation in both conventional and advanced air activated sludge applications. First introduced in... Read More
  • Sludge Dewatering Equipment By Fournier Industries Inc.

    Fournier Dewatering offers the best dewatering solutions for all types of sludges and slurries. The capability of being able to offer the Rotary Press or the Filter Press allows us to offer a solution ideal for each unique application : -Mining application -Filtration process -Industrial... Read More
  • Sludge Dryers By USA Sludge

    USA Sludge is devoted to the research and development of wastewater heat pump sludge dryers. With its state of the art technology, these are the most advanced sludge drying machines in the world. Through implementing a fin type regenerative cycle, combined with a double and triple effect heat... Read More
  • Sludge Mate® By Flo Trend Systems

    Sludge Mate® Container Filters from Flo Trend® Systems Inc. can dewater a variety of sludge and waste such as alum, ferric, lagoon, and digested sludge, septic tank, grease-trap, and slaughter house waste, waste-water residual, sump bottoms, and more. Sludge Mate’s® closed system design provides... Read More
  • Smart Conveying Technology By SEEPEX Inc.

    SEEPEX progressive cavity (PC) pumps equipped with the Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) design offer easy access to the specially engineered stator and rotor for easier maintenance, shorter downtimes, more energy efficiency and overall lower life-cycle costs compared to conventional PC pumps.... Read More
  • SmartBob By BinMaster

    SmartBob is a proven, highly reliable and accurate inventory management system for monitoring powders and bulks solids for one or an entire network of bins, tanks and silos. The weight and cable-based rugged SmartBob2 sensor is for bins up to 180’ tall, while the SmartBob-TS1 is for bins up to... Read More
  • SmartClean® By SmartCover

    The conventional practice of regularly scheduled collection system cleaning, especially with high frequency, is intended to lower instances sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). Yet, this practice incurs substantial operational cost, increased pipe wear and provides no SSO protection between cleanings. Read More
  • SmartCover® By SmartCover

    The award-winning SmartCover® monitoring system is a completely self-contained, turn-key solution developed specifically for the water and wastewater industry in close collaboration with industry leaders. The SmartCover® system was built to solve industry problems at high value and low burden.... Read More
  • SmartFLOE™ By SmartCover

    SmartFLOE™ Flow Estimation System provides a low-cost, low maintenance, high reliability means for flow measurement and communication. Flow measurement is highly valuable for any open channel water conveyance system. Conventional flow measurement methods can be expensive and complex where... Read More
  • SmartLevel™ By SmartCover

    SmartLevel™ Monitoring System is an integrated, real-time remote water level monitoring system. The system has been designed and built to provide completely unmanned operations. The system requires no external power, performs on-site data collection, analysis, and storage, and provides a two-way... Read More
  • SmartRain™ By SmartCover

    Rain data can be acquired from any desired location and presented in the user interface along with level or flow data in a single display (Figure 1 below). Data integration creates an easy method to view and understand the relationship of collection system level or flow changes as affected by... Read More
  • SmartTrend® By SmartCover

    SmartTrend® is a software tool that enables SmartLevel™ users to anticipate overflow events at remote monitoring sites long before they occur. SmartTrend automatically scans each site asessing trends in the collection system. It determines conditions and sends advisories to users when a trend... Read More
  • smoke emitters By Regin HVAC Products

    Regin smoke products provide an inexpensive method of generating swirling smoke. These smoke emitters are ideal for testing all kinds of pressure ductwork systems and air balancing. The smoke emitted does not contain any oil or zinc and will not leave any residue. The smoke is non-toxic and... Read More
  • Soil Markers By William Frick & Co

    Clearly identify vulnerable underground assets with durable ground-level markers. Made of long-lasting and damage-resistant plastic, soil markers are perfect for urban, high-traffic, or other locations where posts and signs can’t be used. These rugged markers can be walked on, driven over, or... Read More
  • Solaris® By Hydro Thermal Corp

    The Solaris® is the simplest solution for anaerobic digestion and uniformly heating water to thick/viscous materials up to 12% consistency while requiring no mechanical mixers, motors, external steam valves or condensate return. Constant steam pressure and velocity eliminates plugging/fouling... Read More
  • Solenoid Valves By Magnatrol Valve Corp.

    Manufacturer of high quality 2-way bronze and stainless steel solenoid valves, offering superior performance, and unsurpassed reliability. Established in 1936, Magnatrol continues it's commitment to improve product quality and delivery and further expand its wide and loyal customer base. We... Read More
  • Solenoid Valves By Gems Sensors & Controls

    The A Series solenoid valve gives you a highly adaptable design for practically all applications requiring flow between CV 0.019 and 0.300. This robust 2- or 3-way miniature solenoid utilizes a stainless steel body to resist corrosion for most acids, alkaline solutions, and harsh environments.... Read More
  • Solids CONTACT CLARIFIER™ By WesTech Engineering Inc

    The WesTech Solids CONTACT CLARIFIER™ has the ability to act as both an enhanced flocculation device as well as a high rate chemical precipitator. Mixing, internal solids recirculation, gentle flocculation and gravity sedimentation are all combined into a single unit. Read More
  • Sorbent Rolls By Andax Industries, LLC

    The practicality of a pad—the convenience of a roll. Catch leaks and drips under machinery, use to absorb oil or chemical spills, place under dispensing equipment or drums, reduce greasy footprints and grime on your floor. Rolls are perforated every 7.5" vertically and every 15" horizontally—use... Read More
  • Source Water Monitoring Panel By Hach Homeland Security Technologies

    Source water can be vulnerable to contamination events. Monitoring water quality at the source intake can provide useful information to Drinking Water Plants. Use the Hach Source Water Monitoring Panel to test up to eight parameters in one common trough, saving space and effort. The sc1000... Read More
  • SP-800 Multi-Parameter Colorimeter By Pyxis Lab

    The SP-800 is a multi-parameter and multi-wavelength colorimeter and turbidimeter specifically designed Municipal, Environmental and Industrial water analysis. The SP-800 uses industry standard colorimetric reagents (HACH® and Pyxis) and provides colorimetric measurements at 7 LED wavelengths.... Read More
  • SpaceLock™ Spacers By Royal Environmental Systems, Inc.

    Used to position mesh reinforcement during concrete production. The durable, non-corrosive SpaceLock™ Spacers incorporate a patented interlocking feature that "locks" them into place. This exclusive system eliminates the movement of the spacer and prevents reinforcement shifting during... Read More
  • SPCC-Spill Preparedness Control Center By Andax Industries, LLC

    Introducing the NEW Andax Spill Preparedness Control Center! Color-coded labels enable you to quickly identify which Spill Pac to use for a spill or leak. Each Pac comes with a highly visible 2" x 4" color-coded label you can place on machinery or equipment for which you need a specific spill... Read More
  • Special Waste and Bladder Bags By PacTec Inc

    The TransPac® limits worker exposure, offers quick-and-easy installation, reduces clean out costs and requires minimal storage space. Customized options include multiple spouts, open top, open end and a patented zipper closure. The standard TransPac® is constructed of a woven polymeric fabric... Read More
  • Specialty Gases By Airgas, an Air Liquide company

    On spec. All the time. If high-performance gases are required as part of your demanding application and analytical accuracy is key, Airgas can help. You can count on this during blending with the latest analytical equipment and techniques, in specialty gas labs where most are ISO 9001... Read More
  • SPiDER Scanner By CUES, Inc.

    CUES is pleased to introduce the only truly wireless, color, manhole inspection technology in a lightweight and compact form factor called the SPiDER. The SPiDER is a scanner which can calculate its position in the manhole shaft by using its sensor data to measure its incremental motion. This... Read More
  • Spill Containment By New Pig Corporation

    New Pig offers a variety of containment products to help keep your facility in compliance and prepared for leaks and spills. A few examples of New Pig’s Containment Solutions include: •PIG®Collapse-A-Tainer® Containment System. Provides drive-in containment within minutes. The easy-to-carry... Read More
  • Spill Kits By New Pig Corporation

    Spill response kits are a convenient way to help ensure that adequate response materials are on hand. These kits can be positioned throughout a facility in spill-prone areas and stocked with absorbents, PPE and other tools that are likely to be used in that area. For outdoor situations,... Read More
  • Spill Pallet By Andax Industries, LLC

    This is our large capacity spill response utilizing our Modular Rapid Response (MMR) system. The Spill Pallet lets up to eight responders attack the spill and take control. The Spill Pallet contains 4 MMR units and 80' of boom. Keep your Spill Pallet ready with economical and convenient MMR... Read More
  • SpillRemed (Industrial) By Sarva Bio Remed LLC

    SpillRemed (Industrial) is designed for industrial application particularly for use in contained open water berms or ponds. It has been used in a mine in Canada where the temperaures wee very low. It has also been used in maintenance shop at South Jersey Port Corp. for pretreatment of oil water... Read More
  • SpillRemed (Marine) By Sarva Bio Remed LLC

    SpillRemed (Marine)® is included in the National Contingency Product list of the U.S. EPA as a bioremediation agent for in situ treatment of open water oil spills and for shoreline cleanup. SpillRemed (Marine)® is effective even on weathered oil and can be introduced at any time in the life... Read More
  • Spiraflo Clarification By Lakeside Equipment Corporation

    The Spiraflo is a peripheral feed clarifier designed for superior removal of suspended solids that is used in primary, secondary or tertiary clarification systems. The unique spiral flow pattern has been proven to be more effective than center-feed clarifiers, even in the toughest applications.... Read More
  • SpiraGrit Vortex Grit System By Lakeside Equipment Corporation

    Efficiently remove inorganic grit from the treatment plant in a mechanically induced vortex environment. The SpiraGrit efficiently removes grit over a wide range of daily flow rates. Rotating paddles maintain the flow velocity in the vortex chamber, keeping organics in suspension while allowing... Read More
  • Splitter Series By Infinitex

    Small, compact portable machines that can process from 50 - 250 GPD of wastewater. Energy efficient and fully automated. Read More
  • Spyder Sox By Andax Industries, LLC

    The stock Spyder Sox is made with three Sorbent-Sox connected with a 1" orange webbing handle. Use the convenient handle for retrieving the sorbent. Works great as a filter on drains by capturing the oil and letting water through. The oil-selective Sox float on water, absorbing oil fast by... Read More
  • Stainless Adjustable Pipe Brackets By Reliner/Duran Inc.

    Support the pipe fully Non corrosive—304 stainless steel Durable—1 1/2" wide 11 gauge bands— 3/8" dia. 18-8 hardware Easy to install Fully adjustable to fit irregular surfaces Safe—NO protruding hardware Attach with 3/8" S.S. bolts in non-corrosive shields Read More

    SFI designs and builds custom pressure vessels and reactors to meet our customer’s application requirements and per ASME Code. Because these vessels are used by practically every industry, we offer a wide variety of options to meet customer needs such as: Vessels built in the shop or... Read More

    SFI has been a manufacturer of custom above ground storage tanks since 1985. Our storage tanks are built to meet customer specifications and range in capacity from one gallon to over 600,000 gallons. Because we serve a diverse group of industries, we offer a variety of options to meet customer... Read More
  • Stainless Steel Tanks and Vessels By United Industries Group, Inc

    Bolted Stainless Steel tanks are durable, attractive and highly resistant to corrosion. They have a life expectancy of over 40 years. Due to their stainless steel design, they do not have to be repainted re-welded. Stainless Steel bolted tanks are watertight and very resistant to cold climates.... Read More
  • Standard Efficiency Hydro-Grit™ By Fluidyne Corporation

    FORCED VORTEX AND GRAVITY WORKING TOGETHER The Hydro-Grit™ system takes maximum advantage of the principle of sub-cyclonic separation without the need for any moving parts resulting in removal of grit particles as small as 0.2 MM. Special application design is available which provides for the... Read More
  • Standard Solutions : Conductivity / TDS Standard Solutions By Myron L Company

    KCl, NaCl and 442™ Natural Water Standards allow the user to calibrate their Myron L instrument more precisely based on the application. KCl is often the industrial standard. NaCl is best for saline waters and hemodialysis. 442 was developed by the Myron L Company to accurately model the... Read More
  • Standards and Management System, Process Improvement Training - Public and Inhouse Solutions By SAI Global Limited

    Each year over 12,000 people partner with SAI Global for their training and business improvement needs. SAI Global is committed to providing you the most current and up-to-date training courses through a wide-range of innovative learning approaches and tool-based solutions to help you better... Read More
  • STD Industrial Series By Carlon Meter, Inc.

    Think all totalizing meters are the same? Think again. Carlon STD positive displacement water meters are best in class when it comes to accuracy, durability and ease of maintenance all at a surprisingly low cost. Featuring all bronze castings in sizes from 5/8″ to 2”. Carlon STD meters can... Read More
  • STD Series Digital Pressure Transmitters with Display By Sitron Inc.

    The STD Series of digital pressure transmitters are designed for pressure measurement for liquids and gases across a wide range of industrial processes. Each model features a rotatable 5 digit LCD display that permits the user to visualize the variation of either the level or the pressure of... Read More
  • Steam Injection Packaged Systems By Pick Heaters, Inc.

    Pick Pre-Packaged Systems are designed specifically to meet process industry needs efficiently and effectively, from a pilot project to a large-scale production. Whether it's Pick Constant Flow or Variable Flow Direct Steam Injection, we can package a heater with the auxiliary components... Read More
  • SteeleVest - 6 pocket By Steele, Inc.

    In 1985 Sandra Steele marketed the first practical, modestly priced cooling vest that really worked, the six pocket SteeleVest. The vest has a shell fabric of FR Certified Indura cotton, and 6 insulated cooling pockets (3 horizontal on front of vest and 3 horizontal back pockets). The frozen... Read More
  • STM-Aerotor™ Biological Nutrient Removal By WesTech Engineering Inc

    The STM-Aerotor™ Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Package Plant uses Activated Sludge and Fixed Film technology as part of a process that provides biological nutrient removal for municipal wastewater treatment. WesTech Engineering has incorporated the STM-Aerotor IFAS technology into modular... Read More
  • STOP IT® Pipe Repair System By InduMar Products, Inc.

    The Stop It® Pipe Repair System consists of a knitted, fiberglass tape coated with special urethane resins that are water-activated to change from a wet adhesive tape to a hard urethane plastic in 30 minutes. No tools and no hot work needed to get your plant back to full capacity quickly. Each... Read More
  • Storage Tanks By Superior Tank Co., Inc.

    Since 1984, we have been manufacturing and installing bolted steel storage tanks and welded steel storage tanks for the potable water, wastewater, fire protection, petrochemical and oil Industries. Superior Tank pioneered the application of thermoset fusion bonded powder coatings to bolted steel... Read More
  • Storage Tanks By Storage Tank Solutions LLC

    Storage Tank Solutions (STS) introduces storage tanks that are ideal for storing large amounts of water, chemicals, fuel, powders, grains, and raw materials. Storage Tank Solutions (STS) tanks are built from a galvanized steel frame that supports unique, modular panels. The lightweight panels... Read More
  • Storage/Wastewater Tank Inspection By Superior Tank Co., Inc.

    Superior Tank Co., Inc is uniquely qualified to perform inspections and maintenance on existing bolted and welded steel water storage tanks and wastewater storage tanks based on our depth of experience. Superior Tank Co., Inc is also a dedicated provider of water tank rehabilitation and... Read More
  • Storage/Wastewater Tank Repairs By Superior Tank Co., Inc.

    We offer a wide range of repair and maintenance services for above ground storage tanks. Allow our specialists to inspect and advise you of your tanks condition. Know and feel assured that your tanks are safe and in productive working condition and meet the latest Federal, State, local and... Read More
  • Storm Flo Screen By Roscoe Moss Co.

    Roscoe Moss Company’s Storm FloTM Screen is a proven technology for removing solids from stormwater. Storm Flo™ Screen is manufactured in diameters and lengths to treat wide range of hydraulic conditions and debris loads. This device was developed to assist transportation and municipal agencies... Read More
  • Storm Sentinel Adjustable Catch Basin Insert - Large Rectangular By ENPAC LLC

    The Storm Sentinel Drain Protection Inserts help companies comply with Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and Stormwater Best Management Practices by protecting your storm drains and catch basins. It is the sure way to catch oil and sediment headed into storm drains and sewers. Equipped with... Read More
  • Storm Sentinel Adjustable Catch Basin Insert - Round By ENPAC LLC

    The Storm Sentinel Drain Protection Inserts help companies comply with Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and Stormwater Best Management Practices by protecting your storm drains and catch basins. It is the sure way to catch oil and sediment headed into storm drains and sewers. Equipped with... Read More
  • Storm Sentinel Adjustable Catch Basin Insert - X-Large Rectangular By ENPAC LLC

    The Storm Sentinel Drain Protection Inserts help companies comply with Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and Stormwater Best Management Practices by protecting your storm drains and catch basins. It is the sure way to catch oil and sediment headed into storm drains and sewers. Equipped with... Read More
  • Storm Sentinel Curb Inlet Insert By ENPAC LLC

    Curb Inlet Insert was designed and engineered to perform to the same demanding test requirements as our award winning Catch Basin Inserts. You can now have the same high quality inserts for Curb Inlet situations. Adjustable to fit curb inlet openings from 24” to 30” wide. Insert won’t fall into... Read More
  • StormChamber By StormChamber

    StormChamber is an open bottom, HDPE infiltration chamber which functions in both permeable and non-permeable soils for subsurface retention, detention, recharge and reuse of storm water, designed to overcome the deficiencies of other technologies. It provides a higher level of pollutant removal... Read More
  • Stormwater Products By New Pig Corporation

    New Pig offers several products that not only can help you keep oil and/or debris out of your drains without spending a fortune, but also help your facility comply with Stormwater requirements. Those products include: •PIG® Drain Insert Plus. Although a simple concept, it’s a very effective... Read More
  • Stormwater Products By Clean It Up Technologies

    Clean It Up offers extensive lines of Innovative Best Management Practices, Products and Technologies for Stormwater and Erosion Control Compliance. Innovative BMP's - by Clean It Up are user friendly for straightforward compliance. There are a variety of ways to manage stormwater runoff, but... Read More
  • Strainer Basket / Filter Basket By Kraissl Co. Inc.

    3D CAD — create, view, dowload & insert 3D CAD drawings online (in Pro/ENGINEER + over 15 other formats) - click product numbers below for CAD SEARCH — quickly search our entire product line search by material, pressure, port size, pipe size and other attributes SORT — easily sort products... Read More
  • Strainers By Magnatrol Valve Corp.

    The presence of foreign particles in an automatic valve may seriously affect its dependability. The installation of a strainer close to the inlet side of the valve is the best means of preventing the entrance of pipe chips, scale, rust, pipe dope, welding slag or sediment into the valve,... Read More
  • Strainers By Bee Valve Inc.

    Bee Valve Inc. makes available a unique quick clean feature on its 3 in. Y-Strainer. The Y-Strainer itself is constructed of heavy duty, glass-reinforced polypropylene. The strainer screens are 316 stainless steel and available in 1/16" or 1/8" perforation. EPDM gaskets are standard. Easy... Read More
  • Streamline Aeration System By Environmental Dynamics International

    A departure from standard practice, the EDI StreamLine aeration solution utilizes innovative integral diffusers, tubular membranes and inline support components to deliver a new level of simplicity and service life never before available Read More
  • String Wound Filter Samples By Coleman Filter Company

    We will gladly supply samples to companies that, if qualified, would like to test our product. Read More
  • String Wound Filters By Coleman Filter Company

    Coleman Filter Company string wound filter cartridges are manufactured at our plant in Coleman, TX on precision-controlled machines capable of producing filters from 5” to 72” in length and diameters of 1.75” to 6”. They are available in a broad range of media, core and end cap options to meet... Read More
  • Structural Liners - PERMACAST® By AP/M Permaform

    PERMACAST® Structural Liners are made of specially formulated fiber reinforced cements engineered for underground sewer structures. Design specifications aid in the selection of the best material for each particular problem. Our systems are installed by our factory trained and certified network... Read More
  • Submersible FlowCAM By Fluid Imaging Technologies

    Submersible FlowCAM® - In-Situ Monitoring. System Features: Proven FlowCAM Technology Deployment to 200 Meters Particle Size Range 10 - 600µm (Customization Available) Remote Operation Two Channel Fluorescence Triggering using 532nm Laser Integration With Other Sensors... Read More
  • Submersible Pumps By Gorman-Rupp Company

    Gorman-Rupp offers over 400 submersible pump models, including submersible pumps for open pits and quarries, drilled wells and narrow openings, and solids-handling models for slurries and debris-laden models. Our trash handling submersible pumps are ideal for a number of sewage and industrial... Read More
  • Summit Online University Pay-Per-View Training By Summit Training Source, Inc.

    Quickly provide straightforward and concise online courses with Summit’s pay-per-view online training. Summit Trainingweb® Direct gives you access to the same award-winning Summit Trainingweb® content you utilize in the online platform, without the administrator capabilities. Summit Trainingweb®... Read More
  • Summit Streaming Video By Summit Training Source, Inc.

    Have your safety & compliance training on-demand with Summit. With just a click of your mouse, Summit Streaming Video gives you access to our leading video library of over 300 titles, including foreign language training! Summit’s effective streaming videos are accessible from any computer... Read More
  • SUMP-GARD® By Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp

    SUMP-GARD® vertical pumps are ideal for handling a broad range of corrosive, hazardous, toxic and otherwise aggressive fluids used throughout the processing and manufacturing industries, in utilities, and industrial and municipal water/wastewater treatment facilities — virtually any acidic,... Read More
  • SUPER PHOS™ Nutrient Pack By Probiotic Solutions

    In response to the reactivity of phosphorous in wastewater, Probiotic Solutions® developed a specially complexed phosphorous product called SUPER PHOS™. Over the years this product has proven to save money and improve plant performance by maximizing phosphorous bioavailability with minimum P... Read More
  • SuperDisc™ Disc Filter By WesTech Engineering Inc

    The SuperDisc™ Disc Filter is a high-rate filtration process that fits into a compact footprint and requires less backwash than other filtration systems. The polyester filter media with a defined pore size deliver a quality effluent and high filtration efficiencies. The system is fully automated... Read More
  • SuperDos By Dosmatic U.S.A./Int'l. Inc.

    SuperDos®15TF, 20, 30, 45, 80gpm. Injector Series Dosmatic SuperDos mid-high flow, fluid (water)-driven proportional injectors offer a low cost alternative to traditional electric technology. Unlike traditional electric pumps, the SuperDos injectors eliminate the need for electricity and can... Read More
  • SureSite® Visual Indicators By Gems Sensors & Controls

    The safe alternative to cloudy, breakable sight glasses. High Visibility - Brilliantly colored flags are easy to read, even at great distances. The indicator is isolated from the measure media; therefore, Suresites can be used where sight glasses are not even a consideration. Durability -... Read More
  • Surface Aerators By Kasco

    Kasco's high performance surface aerators use a single, robust, open propeller to dramatically push high volumes of water into the air. Through this vigorous air-to-water interchange, the unit is continuously introducing oxygen-rich water and spreading it throughout. This process will... Read More
  • Suspended Solids Meter By Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd

    Easily measure the concentration of sludge’s or slurries without the reading being affected by color using the Markland Model 502 Suspended Solids Meter. The meter can be used in drinking water plants to measure the concentration of the backwash sludge from sand or membrane filters before it is... Read More
  • SV-11 Tractor mounted Vacuum Skid By GapVax

    The SV-11 system is designed for the contractor that needs the extra vacuum pull for tough jobs such as boat and barge cleaning or longer than normal hose lengths and vertical pulls. The package converts your existing 130 barrel vacuum trailer into a workhorse. With proper hose you will be able... Read More
  • SV-35 Vacuum Skid By GapVax

    Our SV35 is a Sand or Steel Grit Recovery System 3200 CFM; 6" Diameter suction hose; 200 HP Diesel Engine; Wet/Dry Single mode five filter cyclones; 50 bags; 8' x 13' footprint; Blower and filtration on separate stackable skids GapVax offers a variety of vacuum skids - call today and tell us... Read More
  • SV420 Vibration Sensors By Sitron Inc.

    The SV420 vibration sensor is a compact and robust vibration sensor used to monitor and detect misalignment or imbalanced fans, centrifuges, compressors, generators and motors, helping to prevent wear and component failures before they become serious. It can be installed either horizontally or... Read More
  • Swinging Ladder Dredges By Liquid Waste Technology LLC

    The Swinging Dragon® Dredge is a heavy duty, self propelled suction cutter dredge powered with a quiet, clean burning Tier 3 diesel engine. The Swinging Ladder Dredge is ideal for channels, rivers, marinas, lakes, and canals where maneuverability and wider cuts are needed. Read More
  • Synexus Pretreatment Data Management Software By AllMax Software Inc.

    Synexus™ is a comprehensive, user-friendly pretreatment data management and reporting software application that enables users to easily accept and regulate industrial flows and generate reports. Originally, Synexus was the pretreatment software included in the suite of Operator10® wastewater and... Read More
  • System-10 BTU Meter By ONICON Incorporated

    The System-10 BTU Meter provides highly accurate thermal energy measurement in chilled water, hot water and condenser water systems based on signal inputs from two matched temperature sensors (included) and any of ONICON’s insertion or inline flow meters (ordered separately). The basic... Read More