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  • RA Series RO Systems By Rotek Water Systems

    RA Series systems are part of a family of reverse osmosis units designed for operation with fresh and brackish feedwaters having TDS values below 1,500ppm. Models are available with permeate outputs of between 150 and 1,000 litres/hr. Read More
  • RadarRight Non-Contact Radar Level Sensor By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Monitor Technologies’ RadarRightTM is a non-contact radar continuous level sensor which means nothing to "touch" your process. The RadarRight provides dependable, real-time level measurements at the "right" price for use with powders, bulk solids and liquids. Also works in dusty conditions. The... Read More
  • Radiation Alert Area Monitor By S. E. International, Inc.

    The Radiation Alert® Area Monitor is one of the most user friendly, all inclusive, state of the art radiation area monitors available. The easy to use interface is an intelligent resistive touch screen display featuring a large five digit LED readout. It comes with either an internal or... Read More
  • Radiation Alert Ranger By S. E. International, Inc.

    The Ranger offers maximum performance in a lightweight, rugged solution for surveying at the facility or in the field. The Ranger has been designed for industrial environments, but it still has all of the features you’ve come to love in the lab. The Ranger is a small, handheld,... Read More
  • Radio -chemical analysis of water, waste water, solids, vegetation, oil products, etc. By Davi Laboratories

    Gross Alpha, Beta, Radium 226/228, Strontium-90, Tritium, Radon, Gamma Spec, Uranium Read More
  • Radios By Schneider Electric

    Trio data radios allow direct access to diagnostics from ClearSCADA for individual polling of key operating parameters, such as temperature, received signal strength, and byte count to simplify installation and network management. Read More
  • Railcar Liners and Tarps By PacTec Inc

    Your railcars deserve liners and tarps designed for their exact specifications. Manufactured from your choice of extruded or woven polymeric fabrics, RailPac® ensures the safest transportation of contaminated waste materials. A form-fit design keeps our liners securely in place. A top cover... Read More
  • Rain Gauges By NovaLynx Corporation

    NovaLynx manufactures a complete line of instruments for measurement of rainfall, including tipping bucket rain gauges, National Weather Service type standard rain and snow gauges, and forestry gauges. We also offer several methods of retrieving and viewing gathered measurements, and accessories... Read More
  • Rainstore3 Underground Water Storage System By Invisible Structures, Inc.

    Rainstore3 is a modular and stackable structure used to store stormwater underground. Made from injection molded plastic, a single panel contains 36 vertical columns and exceeds H-20 loading, allowing the construction of driving areas, parking lots, or other small structures above the system.... Read More
  • Raptor Screening By Lakeside Equipment Corporation

    Trusted by municipal and industrial users alike, our Raptor® screening products are designed to effectively screen, wash, compact and dewater captured debris in one smooth, seamless operation. These screening products are all stainless steel construction and designed to combine 4 unit processes... Read More
  • Reactive Air Level Monitor By Tesco Controls Inc.

    TESCO's Reactive Air Level Monitor is a trapped-air fluid level monitoring instrument designed for application in most liquids and slurries in wastewater, storm water, and fresh water systems. This technology offers and elegantly simple solution for measuring fluid levels with extreme... Read More
  • Rectangular Air Pad By Monitor Technologies LLC

    The Monitor rectangular air pad bin aerator is an aeration device used to promote the flow of dry bulk powders from a storage vessel. > Promotes Material Flow > Rugged Construction > Economical > Easy To Install Read More
  • Regenerative Blowers By Onion Enterprises

    We offer Explosion Proof blowers. 25 to 5000 cfm Read More
  • RegenOx™ By Regenesis

    RegenOx is an advanced chemical oxidation technology that destroys contaminants through powerful, yet controlled chemical reactions and not through biological means. This product maximizes in situ performance while using a solid alkaline oxidant that employs a sodium percarbonate complex with a... Read More
  • Reinforced Polyethylene (RPE) By Watersaver Co. a division of Consolidated Divisions Inc

    Reinforced Polyethylene has outstanding tear resistance/puncture strength, UV-Stable/excellent weathering strength. It is dimensionally stable, has excellent flexibility and chemical resistance. We stock 30mil. Read More
  • Relative Humidity Sensor By Met One Instruments Inc

    The 083E Relative Humidity Sensor is a highly sensitive and stable temperature measurement tool that provides outstanding accuracy. It is reliable in the full range of relative humidity conditions, from 0-100%, performing equally well in meteorological, industrial, laboratory and other demanding... Read More
  • Remote Optical Laser Speed/Tachometer Sensor By Monarch Instrument

    1-250,000 RPM. Extremely versatile and able to work over long distances (up to 25 feet). The ROLS-W (tinned wire termination) and ROLS-P (1/8" phone plug termination) are threaded stainless steel remote optical sensors with a visible red laser light source. All these sensors have the "on-target"... Read More
  • Remote Optical Speed/Tachometer Sensor By Monarch Instrument

    DESCRIPTION 1-250,000 RPM. The most versatile and popular sensors we make. The ROS-W (Remote Optical Sensor with tinned wire termination) and ROS-P (Remote Optical Sensor with 1/8" phone plug termination) are threaded stainless steel remote optical sensors with a visible red LED light source.... Read More
  • Repair Clamp By The Ford Meter Box Co Inc

    Ford Repair Clamps combine the corrosion-resistant characteristics of stainless steel and the sealing capabilities of rubber to provide a strong, dependable and versatile repair clamp. Available as all stainless steel or with ductile iron lugs, Ford Clamps are second to none! Read More
  • Repico pipe coupling By AVK REWAG

    Repico (non) restraint pipe couplings allow you to quickly connect pipes of almost any material, even different materials. Just tighten 2 Allen bolts. The installation time is only minutes. The Coupling absorbs vibration & noise and allows for expansion and contraction. If the pipes are or... Read More
  • Research, Consulting & Related Offerings By Frost & Sullivan

    Frost & Sullivan offers growth solutions that pack a powerful one-two punch: Our disciplined research empowers your team with the knowledge to make intelligent decisions, and our best practices ensure your execution is creative, cost effective, and efficient. Many clients start with our Growth... Read More
  • Research, Development & Industrialization Centers By SUEZ

    Around the world, Degremont Technologies invests heavily in R&D to bring the most innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies to market. Research, Development & Industrialization activities are a vital component of Degrémont’s expertise, recognized globally for contributing... Read More
  • ResinTech Ion Exchange Resin By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

    Genesis Water Technologies supplies ResinTech CG8 high performance cation water softening resin, mixed bed anion resins and specialty resins for heavy metals and arsenic removal. Contact us with your specific cation or anion resin requirements. Read More
  • Respirators By Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products

    Choosing the correct respirator, while working in hazardous environments, is extremely important for employee safety. Selecting the right respirator requires an assessment of all the workplace operations, processes and environment. The identity of the hazard and its airborne concentrations need... Read More
  • Respiratory Safety By Iseler Demolition Inc.

    Iseler Demolition Inc. considers the safety of its employees and the general public to be a matter of utmost importance. Therefore, our crew is required to complete training annually which includes an extensive amount of safety information. We have also put into operation our own safety programs... Read More
  • Retention Detention Drainage Systems By Crumpler Plastic Pipe Inc.

    See our website for more info on Retention Detention Drainage systems Read More
  • Reverse Osmosis By Fluence Corporation

    Fluence has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing reverse osmosis (RO) systems, which are used in desalination and many other water purification processes. RO uses a cross-flow membrane separation process that can reject macromolecules and dissolved substances in a solvent,... Read More
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) By Membrane Specialists, LLC

    A high-pressure process that retains almost all particles and ionic species, while water and some organic molecules pass through. Substances with molecular weight above 50 Dalton are retained almost without exception. Operating pressures are typically between 300 and 850 psi, but may exceed 1100... Read More
  • Reverse Osmosis Membranes By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

    Genesis Water Technologies supplies a wide range of reverse osmosis membranes. We supply Filmtec, Hydranautics, CSM, GE Desal and Trisep membranes for municipal tap water, brackish water, and seawater and wastewater treatment applications. Contact us with your membrane requirements and we can... Read More
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems By Pure Aqua, Inc.

    Reverse osmosis (RO) technology, also known as hyper filtration, is used in our Commercial & Industrial Tap and Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems to purify water by removing salts, contaminants and other impurities. It is also capable of rejecting bacteria, sugars, proteins, particles,... Read More
  • Rheotherm Duct Flow Meters By Intek Inc

    Rheotherm flow sensing probes for duct gases are easy to install and provide long-term service with little or no maintenance. The output can be in mass, standard volume or velocity units. Options for hazardous locations (intrinsically safe/explosion-proof) are available. Read More
  • Rheotherm Gas Flow Meters By Intek Inc

    Our sensors are ideal for measuring low gas flows, whether the gases are explosive, corrosive, dirty, or just too difficult for other meter technologies. Rheotherm low-flow gas flow meters provide an easy-to-use technology for measuring gas flow in small lines—typically 1” or smaller at flow... Read More
  • Rheotherm Liquid Flow Meters By Intek Inc

    Rheotherm flow measurement instruments include flow meters and flow switches that provide accurate and repeatable outputs with our no-moving-parts sensor design for reliable operation with little or no maintenance. We have a unique capability to measure very low flow liquid rates – from a few... Read More
  • Ride-Side Vehicle Berm By SEI Industries Ltd.

    The Ride-Side berm is a specially designed berm with collapsible walls that allows vehicles to enter and exit without manual assistance. Ideal for fuel transfer area containment or temporary secondary containment around tanker trucks, the rugged design of the Ride-Side berm allows it to be used... Read More
  • Rigging Safety By Iseler Demolition Inc.

    Iseler Demolition Inc. considers the safety of its employees and the general public to be a matter of utmost importance. Therefore, our crew is required to complete training annually which includes an extensive amount of safety information. We have also put into operation our own safety programs... Read More
  • RL Series RO Systems By Rotek Water Systems

    RL Series RO systems are skid mounted with stainless steel frame, pre-plumbed and pre-wired allowing for quick installation and start up. Models are available with permeate outputs of between 3,000 and 60,000 litres/hr Read More
  • Robust-Aire™ By Kasco Marine Inc

    Kasco’s Robust-Aire™ Diffused Aeration uses air to move water. By pumping compressed air from a shore-mounted compressor, air is pushed through lines to a diffuser on the pond, lake or tank bottom. The diffuser then continuously releases micro-bubbles that rise to the surface carrying large... Read More
  • RotaBed By Bionomic Industries Inc

    RotaBed patented “fluidized bed” Scrubbers produce a unique swirl induced Coriolis effect in the scrubber's turbulent, “packless”, highly plug resistant mass transfer bed to deliver ultra high efficiency gas absorption and particulate collection of over 99% on most applications. The scrubber... Read More
  • Rotamix Process Mixing By Vaughan Company

    Vaughan's Rotamix System is today's most cost effective means of mechanical hydraulic mixing, consisting of an engineered arrangement of floor mountednozzles fed by a Vaughan Chopper Pump. Read More
  • Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters By Komline-Sanderson

    Komline-Sanderson continuous rotary drum vacuum filters offer great flexibility in meeting the needs of producers of many products requiring the separation of liquids from solids. Our experience ranges from simple separations to complex multi-stage applications involving filtration,... Read More
  • Round Bottom Drum Liner By CDF Corp

    Heat-sealed LinerPro form-fit round bottom liners provide an economic solution for protecting your products. LinerPro round bottom liners are ideal for use with viscous liquid, powder and particulate materials. These liners are designed for easy installation and can be simply twisted and tied... Read More
  • Round Bottom Pail Liner By CDF Corp

    Heat-sealed LinerPro form-fit round bottom liners provide an economic solution for protecting your products. LinerPro round bottom liners are ideal for use with viscous liquid, powder and particulate materials. These liners are designed for easy installation and can be simply twisted and tied... Read More
  • Royal™ Steel Fibers By Royal Environmental Systems, Inc.

    Royal™ fibers result in tougher concrete. They disperse uniformly and inhibit crack growth throughout the entire concrete matrix. No special handling or concrete finishing is required. The use of Royal fibers can result in significant time and cost savings when compared to conventional wire or... Read More
  • RP050BMST By MST - Modern Safety Techniques

    The only true portable, continuous-use CO removal systems available. Operators enjoy extra freedom while breathing cleaner air. MST's unique LTCAT low temperature catalyst offers significant benefits over all other CO removal systems. By eliminating dryers, our unique design removes more than... Read More
  • RST-5003 Web Enabled Control Module By Automation Products Group Inc. (APG)

    RST-5003 series Web Enabled Modbus Network Controllers connect APG Tank Cloud sensors to the cloud, as well as any 4-20mA sensor. You'll need this connection module unless you're using an LOE as your Tank Cloud master. Inexpensive Communications Unlike competing methods for remote monitoring,... Read More
  • Ru-33 Remote Underground Monitoring By Telog Instruments Inc

    Telog's Ru-33 Recording Telemetry Unit provides real-time monitoring and alarming of instruments and sensors found in the harsh environment of sewers and underground water vaults. Directly monitor: Popular open-channel wastewater flowmeters Pressure level sensors Ultrasonic level sensors Water... Read More
  • Ruthman Pumpen By Ruthman Companies

    Ruthmann Pumpen, the German division of Ruthman Pump & Engineering since 1992 consistently strives to be a worldwide leader in the pump manufacturing industry. Our mission is to achieve and sustain through continuous improvement, the highest quality of products and services. Read More