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  • Lab Testing By Fournier Industries Inc.

    In order to determine the size that fit your needs, we strongly recommend taking advantage of FREE laboratory tests These tests allow us to characterize sludge samples and to anticipate the performance of your future Rotary Press or Filter Press. Read More
  • Laboratory Gloves By Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products

    All types of laboratory and work gloves(latex, nitrile, polyethylene, cleanroom, chemical handling, cryogenics)available from Ansell, Microflex, Aurelia and High Five. Read More
  • Laboratory Solvents By Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products

    In liquid chromatography, the quality and reproducibility of the separation depends not only on the properties of the stationary phase but on the quality of the solvents used. Spectrum-branded HPLC solvents have been optimized for liquid chromatography applications. HPLC solvents are lot-tested... Read More
  • Lagoon Master Sludge Activating Aerator By Reliant Water Technologies

    The Lagoon Master aerator is primarily used for municipal and industrial wastewater lagoons. It is unique in that a single Lagoon Master utilizes only 4HP to activate the sludge in 10 acre feet of water (1 to 3 acres). By activating the sludge in a lagoon the odors disappear, seasonal... Read More
  • Lagoon Systems By Environmental Dynamics International

    EDI lagoon systems deliver economical solutions for wastewater treament throughout the world. Loa operating cost and minimal operator attention make lagoon systems the preferred process solution for secondary treatment where land availability and proper topography permit. Read More
  • LagoonFAST Wastewater Treatment System By BioMicrobics Inc

    LagoonFAST™ by Bio-Microbics, Inc. takes the remarkable FAST® treatment technology and packages it for aeration pond and lagoon installations. LagoonFAST modules install very quickly, instantly upgrading the aeration pond or lagoon with the patented, proven, fixed film FAST process. Advanced... Read More
  • Lake and Reservoir Aeration Systems By General Environmental Systems Inc.

    While lakes and reservoirs can be some of our most spectacular and valuable natural resources, they are also plagued with problems like excessive algae growth, elevated mineral and nutrient levels, and a variety of appearance, taste and odor problems. Frequently, these problems have a common... Read More
  • Landfill Closures - Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) By Watersaver Co. a division of Consolidated Divisions Inc

    Watersaver liners are utilized as containment measures for Landfills and wastewater, to comply with regulations that protect surface water and groundwater sources from contaminants. Watersaver geomembrane liners have been in service for over 40 years. With new regulations imposed on waste... Read More
  • Landfill Leachate By Dynatec Systems Inc

    Dynatec successfully uses UF, MBR, and RO for landfill applications. Dynatec can provide the MBR (membrane bio-reactor) option, which is an aerated biological mixed liquor process operating at very high solids concentrations. Some of the advantages are: •Very long sludge age produces a well... Read More
  • Large Meter Calibration By M.E. Simpson Company, Inc.

    The Large Meter Evaluation, Testing and Calibration program is designed to help a Utility retrieve and retain the large amounts of potential revenue associated with master (production), industrial, and commercial meters. The program, as designed by M.E. Simpson Co., Inc., includes: Water meter... Read More
  • Large Meter Evaluation & Testing By M.E. Simpson Company, Inc.

    The Large Meter Evaluation, Testing and Calibration program is designed to help a Utility retrieve and retain the large amounts of potential revenue associated with master (production), industrial, and commercial meters. The program, as designed by M.E. Simpson Co., Inc., includes: Water meter... Read More
  • Lateral & Mainline Systems By CUES, Inc.

    The self-propelled, robust LAMP II is designed to perform pan and tilt inspections of the mainline sewer pipe while viewing and inspecting a lateral pipe. The LAMP II is able to accomplish this by utilizing a self-propelled lateral launcher, transportation platform, and two cameras, one for... Read More
  • Lateral Reinstatement Cutters By CUES, Inc.

    These conventional towed cutters are rugged, waterproof, and built to withstand shock and vibration. The cutters are proven and reliable with hundreds of units in daily use. The Kangaroo cutters are equally effective in CIPP or Fold and Form liners. They can be installed on any CCTV... Read More
  • LC-5000 Leak Noise Correlator By SubSurface Leak Detection

    The Main Processor Unit displays up to 6 Correlations on one screen. User can easily drill into individual correlation from touch screen. Read More
  • LD-12 Professional's Water Leak Detector By SubSurface Leak Detection

    Large meter display (with backlight) of sound loudness, allowing the user to pinpoint the exact leak location. Light weight amplifier, weighing only 31 ounces, with a padded carrying case and a strap. Six selectable filters, split into three “low side” filters (100Hz, 200Hz, or 400Hz) and... Read More
  • LD-15 Professional's Leak Survey Instrument By SubSurface Leak Detection

    High sensitivity sensor with Neodymium magnet (extra strong). Sensor and cable connection completely sealed and water-proof (submersible). Amplifier with superior audio quality (very low distortion and superior signal-to-noise ratio) and large meter display. Press the Mute Switch to hear sounds... Read More
  • LD-18 Digital Water Leak Detector By SubSurface Leak Detection

    All-digital amplifier with automatic noise reduction of intermittent sounds, high and low filters, storage and graphing of sound levels at different locations on the pipe, bar graph and numeric display of sound loudness, USB connection, and back light. Read More
  • LD-8 Leak Survey Tool By SubSurface Leak Detection

    Amplifier with push button ON/OFF switch, volume control, two-digit display of loudness, and three-range sensitivity switch. Use the short contact rod for listening at hydrants. Use the long contact rods for listening at below-grade meters and below-grade valves. Notch filters reduce A/C hum... Read More
  • Leak Diverter By Andax Industries, LLC

    Being prepared for a rainy day can take on a whole new meaning when water is dripping through your office ceiling or on the shop floor on top of that new computer controlled piece of equipment. The Leak Diverter is your first line of defense to keep a bad situation from getting a whole lot... Read More
  • Leakwise Oil on Water Detectors By GE Analytical Instruments

    Leakwise Oil-on-Water Monitoring and Detection Systems from GE Analytical Instruments provide reliable, early warning of hydrocarbon leaks and spills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without false alarms. Leakwise systems not only detect oil sheens, but can also monitor oil buildup, measure... Read More
  • Level Vibrating Tuning Forks By Sitron Inc.

    Sitron vibrating tuning forks are an ideal solution for many point level detection applications because they are un-affected by either the dielectric or the conductivity of the medium. When the tuning fork is submerged in the medium the frequency at which at which it vibrates changes. This... Read More
  • Levelogger Edge By Solinst Canada Ltd

    The Levelogger Edge records up to 120,000 water level and temperature data points, using a new linear sampling mode compression algorithm. Improved temperature compensation, reduced thermal response times, accuracy of 0.05% FS, 24 bit resolution with 10 year battery. Corrosion-resistant... Read More
  • LG Sonic e-line By LG Sonic

    The LG Sonic e-line is an advanced system that emits specific ultrasonic parameters in order to control algae in smaller water surfaces such as ponds and golf course ponds. Read More
  • LG Sonic Industrial Line By LG Sonic

    Prevent biofouling, control algae and reduce chemical usage in cooling basins and sea chests with the LG Sonic Industrial Line. Read More
  • LH Series Hydrostatic Pressure and Level Transmitters By Sitron Inc.

    The LH Series of Hydrostatic pressure and level transmitters are designed for pressure measurement for liquids across a wide range of industrial processes. Each model provides excellent stability, repeatability and accuracy, with both temperature and atmospheric compensation. Output options... Read More
  • Lining Products By DLM Plastics

    Custom designed and manufactured liners, covers, clearwell baffles, booms and secondary containment for aplications including ponds, lagoons, tanks, cisterns, Water storage bladders, Rainwater Harvesting liners, silos, Aquaculture and Aquaponics systems, stormwater control products, Clearwell... Read More
  • Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors By Membrana GmbH

    Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors have been used for over 20 years to remove gases from liquids. O2 removal to 1ppb and CO2 removal to 1ppm in power/boiler feedwater, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and food & beverage are common applications. Designed to tolerate high pressures and temperatures,... Read More
  • Liquid Flow Meters By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

    When you need fast, accurate measurement of liquid flow rates and related parameters, choose a Sierra Instruments liquid flow meter or switch. Available for semiconductor, environmental, biotech, petrochemical, energy, aerospace and many other industries, our sensor and controller technology... Read More
  • Liquid Level Pressure Transmitters By BinMaster

    Pressure transmitters are used in both process and storage environments. The PT-400 is for external mounting on the tank and is designed for extreme environments. This heavy-duty pressure transducer can handle dirt and fine dust, water spray and wash downs, outdoor installation in inclement... Read More
  • Liquid Pump Sampler By ERE Inc.

    Allows quick sampling of liquids. The chance of cross contamination is greatly reduced by using new tube and bottles for each sample. • Low to medium viscosity liquids • Pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industries • Able to pump water to a height of about 4 m Read More
  • Liquid Storage Tanks By Tank Connection

    Tank Connection specializes in providing high quality storage tank and aluminum dome options for water storage applications. Tank Connection’s precision bolted RTP is the #1 bolted tank design selected worldwide. Tanks are designed to meet a wide range of standards including AWWA, AISC, NFPA-22,... Read More
  • LIQUIDATOR® Animal Waste Reducer By Probiotic Solutions

    LIQUIDATOR® works by balancing the natural biology of the lagoon or pit. Rapid microbial action digests solids and controls odors. Solids are liquefied into a healthy liquid compost. Manure nitrogen is converted to organic nitrogen that is more stable in soil root zone and is less subject to... Read More
  • Liquitronic® Programmable Logic Controllers By Tesco Controls Inc.

    TESCO Liquitronic® programmable logic controllers are powerful, yet remarkably easy to use, control instruments for local or distributed control applications. They can be networked in a variety of ways with other members of the Liquitronic controller line, third party PLCs, operator interfaces... Read More
  • Livestock Medicators By Dosatron International

    Dosatron units feature superior engineering to create the most durable, easy-to-use, low-maintenance product on the market. We manage your chemical application through repeatability, regardless of fluctuations in pressure or flow. Dosatron also supports you every step of the way with world-class... Read More
  • LIXOR Submerged Aeration System By BioMicrobics Inc

    LIXOR® is a remarkably effective submerged aeration and mixing system. Extremely low-maintenance and surprisingly efficient, LIXOR’s non-clogging, Venturi-type diffuser supplies air for simultaneous aeration and mixing in a variety of wastewater applications. Low-cost pre- aeration, aeration,... Read More
  • Loc3 Series 25-Watt Transmitter By Vivax-Metrotech Corporation

    The powerful 25-watt transmitter is the go-to transmitter for cable fault locating, finding holidays on coated pipes, problematic deep-buried lines, and long-distance pipe and cable locating. The Loc3-25Tx is also well suited for applications for cathodic protected longline pipelines and gas... Read More
  • LOE | Web Enabled Ultrasonic Level Sensor and Modbus Controller By Automation Products Group Inc. (APG)

    Flexible Remote Monitoring For Any Network Connection Our flagship Tank Cloud ultrasonic level sensor is flexible enough for any network connection Inexpensive The LOE ultrasonic sensor line is designed for remote level measurement. This is traditionally a very expensive endeavor. We simply tie... Read More
  • Low Profile Silencers By Aeroacoustic Engineering Consultants, LLC.

    Noise Control & Aerodynamics for industrial, test-facilities, clean room/sanitary and power-gen systems for both remediation and new construction. Aeroacoustic Products, Systems and Engineering Services are offered individually and/or as complete, turn-key project. Noise Control,... Read More
  • LPD | Loop Powered Display By Automation Products Group Inc. (APG)

    Loop Powered The LPD is all about loop-powered circuits, perfect for installing just outside hazardous locations and displaying the readings from your intrinsic safety devices. The LPD has a 4-20 mA input and output. Simplified User Interface With just three buttons, and a large, two-line LCD... Read More
  • LPU-2428 | Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic Level Transmitter with 4-20 mA Output By Automation Products Group Inc. (APG)

    Intelligent and highly configurable. The LPU-2428 can calculate distance, level, flow, and volume in linear and non-linear tanks. Class 1, Div 1 This loop powered sensor is suitable for use in hazardous areas rated CSA Class 1, Div. 1. Maintenance Free With a tough, IP65 rated housing, its... Read More
  • LSA and SCO Overpacks By PacTec Inc

    Our engineers develop your design requirements into practical products for shipments of any size or shape. PacTec’s extensive variety of materials for custom covering systems and overpacks are tested and project proven, and our turnaround time is the best in the industry. Making cost effective,... Read More
  • LT-736 Ultra Low Turbidity By Pyxis Lab

    The LT-73X Series are proprietary inline turbidity sensors offered in a variety of ranges from 0.001 to 1,000 NTU with ultra-low resolution. Sensor format details are provided in the specification table of this document with options meeting ISO-7027 and EPA-180.1 compliance guidelines. Each of... Read More
  • LTC Levelogger Junior By Solinst Canada Ltd

    The LTC Levelogger Junior from Solinst allows datalogging of conductivity along with water level and temperature – all in one instrument, and at an attractive price. It combines a datalogger, memory for 16,000 sets of readings and a 5-year battery in a small waterproof housing. LTC Levelogger... Read More
  • lThe RPE-DIN Series By Ruthman Companies

    Features: -Capacities up to 2400GPM -Up to 330'TDH -Heavy Duty Casings -Heavy Duty Shaft and Bearings -DIN Mounting Flanges -Renewable Shaft Sleeve Read More