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  • F-1200 Series Insertion Turbine Flow Meter By ONICON Incorporated

    ONICON insertion turbine fl ow meters are suitable for measuring electrically conductive water-based liquids. The F-1200 model provides a high-resolution frequency output for connection to an ONICON display or Btu meter. Read More
  • F-2500 Vortex Flow Meter By ONICON Incorporated

    The ONICON F-2500 Series Vortex Flow Meter is a flexible design that provides accurate, reliable flow measurement in a wide variety of demanding applications. A unique two stage bluff body/sensor design enhances signal sensitivity and extends the operating range of the meter while protecting the... Read More
  • F-3200 Inline Electromagnetic Flow Meter By ONICON Incorporated

    ONICON F-3200 series in-line electromagnetic flow meters are suitable for measurement of electrically conductive liquids in a wide variety of applications. Inherently bi-directional, each F-3200 flow meter is equipped with ONICON’s advanced transmitter option. The F-3200 provides a single... Read More
  • F-3500 Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter By ONICON Incorporated

    ONICON Incorporated’s F-3500 series insertion electromagnetic flow meters are suitable for measuring electrically conductive liquids in a wide variety of applications. Each F-3500 provides a single analog output for flow rate, a high resolution frequency output to drive peripheral devices, a... Read More
  • F-5100 Thermal Mass Flow Meter By ONICON Incorporated

    ONICON’s F-5000 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters provide accurate mass fl ow measurement of natural gas, compressed air and other industrial gases. The proprietary sensor design measures mass flow directly and does not require additional pressure or temperature compensation to deliver accurate... Read More
  • Fabricated Couplings By The Ford Meter Box Co Inc

    All Ford fabricated steel products are built to meet the requirements of applicable AWWA standards. Available options include a variety of stainless steel fasters, a variety of gasket material and fusion bonded epoxy coating. Read More
  • Facility Safety By Easy Safety Solutions

    As one of premiere risk consulting businesses we deliver wide array of services for buildings and facilities for such projects ranging from small to multimillion dollar projects. Over the past 13 years, we have provided theses services for many of our clients throughout the industries, including... Read More
  • Fall Protection By Iseler Demolition Inc.

    Iseler Demolition Inc. considers the safety of its employees and the general public to be a matter of utmost importance. Therefore, our crew is required to complete training annually which includes an extensive amount of safety information. We have also put into operation our own safety programs... Read More
  • FFP™ Fixed Plate Cloth Filter By Fluidyne Corporation

    Fluidyne FFP™ Cloth Media Plate Filters remove suspended solids as small as 10 micron and can be configured for flows ranging from 10,000 to 1,200,000 GPD per unit. Units are offered in completely assembled 100% SS free-standing packages, or as modules for retro-fit into new or existing concrete... Read More
  • Fiberglass Building Shelter By Global Treat, Inc.

    Fiberglass shelters are used to protect chlorination and de-chlorination equipment from environmental elements, therefore enhancing the life of the equipment. Additionally, fiberglass enclosures can be used in many other applications for year round protection of your equipment, instruments and... Read More
  • Fiberglass Septic Tanks By Orenco Systems Inc.

    Orenco® injection-molded fiberglass tanks are 100% watertight. Tanks are made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester for durability and injection-molded for unmatched part quality and consistency. Four sizes are available: 500-, 1000-, 1500-, and 2000-gallon. For 1000-, 1500-, and 2000-gallon... Read More
  • Fiberglass Shelter Enclosure By Global Treat, Inc.

    Fiberglass shelters are used to protect chlorination and de-chlorination equipment from environmental elements, therefore enhancing the life of the equipment. Additionally, fiberglass enclosures can be used in many other applications for year round protection of your equipment, instruments and... Read More
  • Fibergrate® Molded Grating By Fibergrate Composite Structures Inc.

    Fibergrate molded grating line comes from the inventor of molded FRP grating. For over 40 years Fibergrate grating has led the fight against industrial corrosion as well as slip and fall accidents. Fibergrate’s standard meniscus top and alternate integrally applied grit top both provide an... Read More
  • Field-Erected Wastewater Treatment Plants By Global Treat, Inc.

    The use of modular, expandable plants to provide treatment of current wastewater flows is a cost-efficient solution for wastewater treatment. We provide field erected and modular package biological treatment plants. The package and modular biological wastewater plants are fabricated with all of... Read More
  • Filter Maintenance By Unifilt Corp.

    Unifilt Corporation continues to set the industry standard in filter maintenance. Since our founding in 1977, Unifilt has remained the logical choice for filter materials removal, filter repair, and filter materials installation. Specialized removal and installation equipment coupled with our... Read More
  • Filter Materials By Unifilt Corp.

    Unifilt Corporation specializes in the manufacture of Anthracite Filter Coal, Filter Sand, High Density Materials (Ilmenite and Garnet) and Filter Gravel. All products meet or exceed AWWA B100-16 and are listed under NSF Standard 61. FILTER MATERIALS Anthracite Filter Coal or “Anthrafilt”... Read More
  • Filter Papers By CTL Scientific Supply Corp

    full range of filter papers Read More
  • Filter Press By Met-Chem, Inc.

    Met-Chem Filter Press. 1 cubic foot - 300 cubic foot. Read More
  • Filter Presses By Samsco Corporation

    A filter press is used anywhere there is a need to separate heavy solids from a liquid. Most times the slurry will be pumped from the bottom of a clarifier cone or a sludge thickening tank into a filter press. The end result of the particulate accumulated from a filter press becomes a filter... Read More
  • Filters - Inlet, Inline, and Dirty Filter Indicators By FPZ, Inc.

    FS series inlet filters FPZ inlet filters are typically used for pressure applications. FS series filters include weather hoods for outdoor applications and combine filtration and sound attenuation into a compact package. FS filters use "FE" replacement filter elements. FT series inlet... Read More
  • FILTRASORB® Carbons By Calgon Carbon Corporation

    With emerging and increasingly stringent water regulations, as well as improved analytical methods for detecting waterborne contaminants at lower concentration levels, municipal water providers are facing escalating challenges to meet water quality standards. Among all of these, heightened... Read More
  • Filtration By HECISA

    HECISA company with high technology specialized in the design and manufacture of self-cleaning filters, industrial filters, filtration systems and static mixers, for all of applications. All our filters are designed and manufactured according to the codes: Asme VIII Div. 1, 2 & 3; EN-13445,... Read More
  • Filtration Equipment By Rosedale Products Inc

    Rosedale products manufactures bag filters, cartridge filters, basket strainers as well as automatic backwashing and separation equipment. A complete offering of filter media ranging from 0.1 microns to 1000 microns is available for use in our devices. Read More
  • Filtration Systems By HECISA

    Endowed with the most advanced equipments for production, high precision equipments for verification and test and technical personnel with wide experience in the production, remind the high standard of quality and according to ISO 9001 it does that our products fulfill with the most stringent... Read More
  • Fil-Trek Rentals - Filter Housings, Strainers, Tanks and Systems By Fil-Trek Corporation

    Fil-Trek can provide customized solutions to meet your specific filtration project requirements. Fil-Trek retains an extensive product line up of filtration equipment and media including cartridge filters, bag filters, sand filters and large scale filtration skids. Specialty applications... Read More
  • Fil-Trek Strainers By Fil-Trek Corporation

    Strainers provide excellent solutions for systems where liquids require regular cleaning maintenance. Baskets can be repeatedly removed and cleaned without interrupting the system. FIL-TREK CAN PROVIDE WITH THE FOLLOWING STRAINERS: Fabricated simplex and duplex strainers: Removable,... Read More
  • Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers By Mueller Water Products

    Diffusers offered by Ecologix Technologies include its line of Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers. The Ecoflex diffuser was developed specifically for releasing 1–3mm fine bubbles in the wastewater treatment plant. All materials were selected for their ability to withstand the effects of chemical and... Read More
  • Fire Fighting Products By Husky® Portable Containment

    Husky® Portable Containment manufacturers Firefighting Equipment and Primary and Secondary Containment Products. Folding Frame Tanks are available in steel or aluminum frames (single or double fold) with the size and material options (including our Exclusive EXLON®) to fit your needs. Husky's®... Read More
  • Fire Hydrant Assessment (Maintenance - ISO Compliance) By M.E. Simpson Company, Inc.

    Hydrants should be inspected on a regular basis, at least once a year. To maintain ISO certification, twice a year inspections need to be performed. Dry-barrel hydrants require two inspections per year, summer and winter, to mitigate the possibility of water freezing in the barrel. This is... Read More
  • Fire Hydrant Flow Testing By M.E. Simpson Company, Inc.

    The Fire Hydrant Flow Testing is conducted in the field by our Project Team. Two trained technicians furnish all necessary equipment for Fire Hydrant Flow Testing. We will operate and flow all designated fire hydrants in the system in accordance with AWWA standards (American Water Works... Read More
  • Fire Protection Tanks By Xerxes Corp

    Fiberglass underground tanks for fire-protection water are in high demand as a result of increased regulations and insurance industry requirements. Whether it is a sole source of water in rural areas or as a standby water reservoir to supplement a pressurized municipal water system, a Xerxes... Read More
  • Firestone FlashGard Thru-wall Flashing By Firestone Specialty Products

    Firestone's FlashGard Thru-Wall Flashing is a high performance, flexible membrane alternative for protecting masonry walls from water damage. It is based on EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) synthetic rubber -- an elastomeric rubber membrane with a tradition of superior performance in... Read More
  • Firestone Geomembranes By Firestone Specialty Products

    Firestone Specialty Products’ geomembranes are the durable, dependable solution for nearly any application. Whether for decorative commercial water features or critical containment applications such as agriculture, aquaculture, mining and other water containment, Firestone’s geomembrane systems... Read More
  • Firestone PondGard Rubber Liners By Firestone Specialty Products

    Today, more and more homeowners are looking at their yards and seeing an opportunity to expand their home living space. Professional landscape architects agree that a renovated outdoor living space enhances leisure time and adds value to a home – and ponds and water features are among the most... Read More
  • First Aid By Iseler Demolition Inc.

    Iseler Demolition Inc. considers the safety of its employees and the general public to be a matter of utmost importance. Therefore, our crew is required to complete training annually which includes an extensive amount of safety information. We have also put into operation our own safety programs... Read More
  • FL | Stem Mounted Multi-Point Level Switch By Automation Products Group Inc. (APG)

    Custom Built, Stem Mounted Float Switches It's hard to beat 7 switch points custom configured to your application from a single sensor. Customizable The FL Series multi-point level switch comes made-to-order. From switch configurations to float types and materials, the FL Series switch adjusts... Read More
  • Flange Containment Device By Andax Industries, LLC

    Over time, a flange is going to leak. As soon as the seal starts to degrade—the drips start. Containing that leaking fluid is simple with a Flange Containment Device™. Just slip it over the flange and cinch it tight. The Flange Containment Device™ has a built-in drain fitted for a hose. It comes... Read More
  • Flange Insulating Gasket Kits By Advance Products & Systems, Inc.

    Flanges, the most common trouble area, need to be sealed properly to prevent leakage and must also be cathodically insulated to prevent stray currents which cause undo corrosion and eventual breakdown of the metal. Advance Products & Systems manufactures and maintains a supply of quality... Read More
  • Flatbed Laminating Machines & Lines By Glenro, Inc.

    Glenro’s flatbed laminating systems offer compact and affordable Proven Solutions® for manufacturers of many laminated products. With our flatbed technology we can help you develop your laminating process to optimize your product quality and your profitability. Flatbed lamination is a new... Read More
  • Fleck Water Softener By aQuatell

    aQuatell water softeners feature the Fleck 5600 SXT valve for proven performance and longevity. Read More
  • Flex Connector By Global Treat, Inc.

    Chlorine flexible connector Available in Sizes 4 ft, 6 ft, 10 ft •Cadmium Plated Copper •CGA #660 Connections, both ends Read More
  • Flex Posts By William Frick & Co

    Durable yet bendable, FlexPost flexible fiberglass post markers spring back to their original position after impact with vehicles, equipment or livestock. FlexPost utility markers are perfect for placement in areas where the marker may be disturbed or impacted. Customize with reflective or... Read More
  • FLEX-I-LINER® By Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp

    Vanton FLEX-I-LINER® peristaltic type rotary pumps transfer, sample or meter acids, caustics, solvents, salts, chlorides and reagent grade chemicals — even viscous fluids and slurries containing soft solids and abrasives. Read More
  • Float Switches By BinMaster

    The FLE is a compact sensor made in lengths up to 24". This stem-mounted, magnetic float switch can have up to three floats - each with one switch. The floats are custom placed at distances on the shaft according to your application needs. Due to its compact design, it can be used in small tanks... Read More
  • Floating Lagoon Covers / Lagoon Liners By The Environmental Co

    Floating covers can be utilized to help maintain better sanitary conditions for the storage of potable water and stop evaporation loss. They can also be used to capture methane gas from waste lagoons. The geosynthetic membrane traps the gas, which is collected and used as an auxiliary fuel... Read More
  • Flocculants By Jenfitch, LLC

    Flocculants product lines from Jenfitch include dry, emulsion, solutions, anionic, nonionic, cationic and potable grades. Call or email Jenfitch for more information about our flocculants products. Read More
  • FloMag Magnesium Hydroxide By Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties

    A non-hazardous (by DOT standards), environmentally-friendly magnesium hydroxide slurry, Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties' FloMag is a safe and cost-effective method for alkalinity addition and pH adjustment of acidic waste streams. FloMag’s minimal requirements for safe handling, storage... Read More
  • Flo-MultiRake Bar Screen By Enviro-Care Company

    The advanced design of the Flo-MultiRake Coarse, Fine and Perforated Media Screens significantly increases solids capture. Continuous cleaning of the screens by the multiple rakes provides more available screen surface to trap and remove solids from the incoming wastewater flow. All three... Read More
  • Flo-RotoDrum Internally-fed Rotating Drum Screen By Enviro-Care Company

    The Flo-RotoDrum screen is used for a pumped flow and most often as pre-screening for MBR applications. The screen has no running seals that can wear and cause bypass of solids. Many other features contribute to the high capture rate and low maintenance of the Flo-RotoDrum screen. Read More
  • Flo-SeptageStation DM By Enviro-Care Company

    Enviro-Care of Rockford IL and SAVI S.r.l. of Roncoferraro Italy introduced the Flo-Septage Station DM at WEFTEC 2012 in New Orleans. The DM unit is engineered specifically for septage receiving. The tank design eliminates sedimentation. A dual drive system allows the screen basket and auger... Read More
  • Flow and Pressure Measurement Products By Schneider Electric

    The SCADAPack Transmitter sensor-based product line includes Gas Flow Computers with highly integrated PLCs, Modbus multivariable transmitters with integrated sensor technology, Modbus pressure transmitters, and products specifically designed for solar-powered installations, all based on rugged,... Read More
  • Flow Relief Valves By FPZ, Inc.

    The VRL valves are designed to protect blowers and/or motors pressurization, the valve opens and discharges to the outside. When there is excess in vacuum, the valve opens and takes flow from outside. The valve have been designed for low pressure/low vacuum, with minimal difference between the... Read More
  • FlowCAM® By Fluid Imaging Technologies

    Fluid Imaging manufactures the FlowCAM©, a continuous-imaging particle and cell analysis instrument. FlowCAM can be used to automatically analyze water samples for algal content, including taste and odor causing algae, cyanobacteria and invasive species. As well, it can analyze particles in... Read More
  • FlowStation110 “Out-of-the-Box” Pump Controller By Schneider Electric

    The FlowStation is an out-of-the-box Pump Controller designed for waste and storm water lift stations and common pump-up applications. With its built-in web server and user-friendly configuration interface, the FlowStation can be set up locally by field technicians or remotely by system... Read More
  • Flush Joint Screens By Atlantic Screen & Mfg.

    All PVC well screens and casings used on this project shall be manufactured by Atlantic Screen and Manufacturing, Inc. and conform to ASTM F-480: "Standard Specification for Thermoplastic Well Casing Pipe and Couplings Made in Standard Dimension Ratios (SDR), SCH 40 and SCH 80." PVC Materials... Read More
  • FM100 Programmable Magnetic Flowmeter By Automation Products Group Inc. (APG)

    The FM100 Flowmeter offers onboard programming and archives, high accuracy over a wide range of flow velocity, and versatile flow detection and output configuration. Read More
  • FOGHog Grease Interceptors By Bio-Microbics Inc

    FOG HOG® fat, oil & grease interceptors Proven oil/water separation process with a lightweight, noncorrosive, durable, operator-friendly interceptor design. PDI and IAPMO certified, the FOGHog® removes more than 95% of fats, oils and grease from wastewater. FOGHog® easily installs in the... Read More
  • Foil IBC Liner By CDF Corp

    The most effective moisture and oxygen barrier for packaging environmentally sensitive products is a liner constructed from an aluminum foil lamination. Moisture barrier liners incorporate an impermeable layer of aluminum foil to ensure the long-term integrity of a wide variety of... Read More
  • Folding Frame Tank By Portable Tank Group, Inc.

    Folding Frame Tank for emergency water storage or fire fighting applications. Deploys within minutes. Supported through steel or aluminum frame design. Tank liners are NSF approved to store potable water safely. Standard sizes available. Read More
  • Folding Frame Tank By Husky® Portable Containment

    Husky Portable Containment is a leading manufacturer in folding frame tanks. Our folding tanks include our exclusive Easy Lift Handles US PATENT NO. 8,746,478 and other patents pending mounted on the floor of our tanks and quick-release drain tube, making Husky the easiest to handle folding... Read More
  • Folding Frame Tanks By Husky® Portable Containment

    Husky Portable Containment is a leading manufacturer in folding frame tanks. Our folding tanks include our exclusive Easy Lift Handles US PATENT NO. 8,746,478 and other patents pending mounted on the floor of our tanks and quick-release drain tube, making Husky the easiest to handle folding... Read More
  • Font' N-Aire Fountains By Air-O-Lator Corp

    The Font’N-Aire Fountain line has four products: Legacy, Ready, Platinum, and Gulf Stream. These are available in propeller and centrifugal pumps and vary in horsepower from 1/2 to 5. All fountains are floating except the Gulf Stream, which is a decorative fountain. Air-O-Lator manufactures... Read More
  • Forklift Safety By Iseler Demolition Inc.

    Iseler Demolition Inc. considers the safety of its employees and the general public to be a matter of utmost importance. Therefore, our crew is required to complete training annually which includes an extensive amount of safety information. We have also put into operation our own safety programs... Read More
  • Form-Fit IBC Liner By CDF Corp

    Formfit (cube-shaped) liners are manufactured to form fit the internal shape of your intermediate bulk container. Form-fit IBC liners provide high performance in critical applications, such as top-fill applications using a bridge or automated filler; containers with no access doors for placing a... Read More
  • FPI Pumps By Ruthman Companies

    FPI Pumps, Inc. has been manufacturing Axial Flow Pumps since 1937. Formerly Farmers Manufacturing Company, FPI Pumps, Inc. (FPI) serves long term municipal, industrial and agricultural customers throughout North and South America. FPI's production facility is in Pompano Beach, Florida. We... Read More
  • Freestanding Enclosures By Rittal Corporation

    Depending on model, Rittal's freestanding enclosures feature: 16-fold tubular, symmetrical frames with weight carrying capability of up to 1,500 lbs. on the mounting panel; 25mm hole pattern allowing components and accessories to be mounted by height, width, and depth; multi-level mounting... Read More
  • FREEZER ENCLOSURES By Stainless Fabrication Inc

    SFI has constructed over 100 freezer enclosures in the field since building our first unit in 1988. During this time we have worked with customers to perfect our design, skills and methods, making us a leading provider of fully welded, stainless steel enclosures. Read More
  • Fresh Lube™ Pump Oil Exhaust Air Freshener By SurcoTech

    Control pump odors and complaints with Fresh Lube™. Add 1-4 ounces to each gallon of pump oil and foul exhaust odors are replaced with a pleasing fragrance. Available in 5 gallon buckets, 1 gallon bottles and 4 oz. bottles. Read More
  • FRP / Non-Metallic Scum Skimmer Pipe Assembly By Hitachi Maxco, Ltd.

    HMAX Non-Metallic Scum Skimmer Pipes feature a tube of FRP with a gel coated interior for easy release of grease or solids, limiting build-up. Wall bearings are made of long lasting UHMW-PE material. Lightweight, easy to install this scum pipe will eliminate all corrosion and unsightly build-up,... Read More
  • FT-100/300 | Single Point Float Switch By Automation Products Group Inc. (APG)

    This traditional float switch is inexpensive, effective, and ideal for simple alarm applications. Inexpensive Float Switch FT-100 and FT-300 Series cable float switches give value with high quality at a low cost. If budget is your primary concern, an FT-100 or FT-300 can give you effective... Read More
  • Fuel Storage Tanks By Portable Tank Group, Inc.

    Collapsible flexible fuel tanks for single fuel storage or fuel farms. Can be deployed rapidly for fast emergency response, construction jobs,or mining applications. Large sizes can be built up to 210,000 gallons. Quick to install, high temperature resistance, and cost-effective to ship. Ideal... Read More