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  • C.I.Agent® Agent-X By C.I.Agent Solutions

    C.I.Agent® Agent-X is a new generation of smart textiles using embedded technology. Agent-X is made of two layers of a geo-textile with C.I.Agent® Polymers embedded between the layers. This hybrid creates a filtration fabric that encapsulates hydrocarbons and forces them to unsaturated areas of... Read More
  • C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom By C.I.Agent Solutions

    C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom is designed to prevent the flow of hydrocarbons from a containment site while allowing the unimpeded flow of water. C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom has become the accepted solution for SPCC secondary containment by professional engineers across the nation. Read More
  • C.I.Agent® EVAC Filtration By C.I.Agent Solutions

    The C.I.Agent® EVAC Filtration System uses state-of-the-art filtration technology to remove suspended solids and light sheen from water discharge operations in vaults, manholes, elevator shafts, bilges, tanks and more. Its unique four layer system adsorbs hydrocarbons, removes large and fine... Read More
  • C.I.Agent® Loose Granules By C.I.Agent Solutions

    Our flagship product C.I.Agent® instantly solidifies hydrocarbons upon contact, turning them into a non-toxic, non-hazardous mass that floats on water. The rubber-like mass can then easily be disposed of or reused in various industrial applications. Read More
  • Calibration, Maintenance & Cleaning Solutions By Milwaukee Instruments , Inc.

    Milwaukee offers a wide range of calibration, maintenance & Cleaning solutions. The use of calibration and cleaning solutions is fundamental for the correct use of electrodes and for obtaining the most accurate and reproducible readings. Often readings are not correct because the sensors have... Read More
  • Calorplast Heat Exchangers By GF Piping Systems

    CALORPLAST heat exchangers from GF Piping Systems are perfectly suited for heating or cooling in highly corrosive applications. All heat exchangers are custom designed and configured to meet the specific service, application, or geometry requirements. Calorplast heat exchangers have been around... Read More
  • Calypso Blue™ Cartridges By Harmsco Filtration Products

    Designed for 4-1/2” diameter filter housings. Lower overall operating cost Longer filter runs for fewer change outs Lower initial pressure drops Reduced maintenance down time and cost Increased contaminant removal High flow capability Features: Pleated design for more surface area FDA... Read More
  • Camera Transporters By CUES, Inc.

    CUES provides multiple camera transporter models to accommodate varying pipe diameters and conditions found in sanitary and storm sewers, relined reduced diameter pipe, dam out falls, leach lines, potable water lines, and industrial process lines. Combining the elements of traction physics,... Read More
  • Cameras By CUES, Inc.

    CUES offers a variety of inspection cameras to fit every application. From portable inspection cameras to the latest technology that includes pan and tilt optical zooming capabilities, CUES has a camera for all of your pipeline inspection needs! Read More
  • Caps, Liners & Septa By Quality Environmental Containers

    QEC offers an excellent selection of Polypropylene caps and lids with a choice of lining systems to fit your container and your applications. We also offer PTFE/silicone septa and PTFE/chlorobutyl septa to fit a 24-414 open top cap, as well as EPA-compliant PTFE cap liners. Read More
  • carbon By Onion Enterprises

    We manufacture carbon units up to 12' in diameter. 1000 gpm flow rates. Read More
  • Carbon Adsorbtion Equipment By Calgon Carbon Corporation

    Along with providing activated carbons, Calgon Carbon sells custom-designed and pre-engineered, self-contained adsorption systems for liquid- and vapor-phase applications that can be quickly delivered and easily installed at any treatment site. But that is just part of the equation. Calgon... Read More
  • Carbon Reactivation By Calgon Carbon Corporation

    Calgon Carbon has been recycling for years – with its program for reactivation of spent activated carbon. After an activated carbon’s adsorptive capacity has been exhausted, it can be returned to Calgon Carbon for thermal reactivation. With high temperature reactivation followed by off-gas... Read More
  • CARDMASTER Enclosures By Fibox Enclosures

    CARDMASTER enclosures are ideal for packaging instrumentation, measurement, monitoring and process control equipment. The CARDMASTER range features two compartments – one for circuit boards and operator controls and readouts, and another one for terminal and interface wiring. Read More
  • CAR-LOGGER By Carlon Meter, Inc.

    The versatile CAR-LOGGER is designed to receive an input signal from a Carlon meter to provide a “real time” flow rate signal as well as the total volume of water passing through the meter. The CAR-LOGGER also provides two independent pulse output signals for inputs to programmable controllers... Read More
  • Casing Spacers & End Seals By Advance Products & Systems, LLC

    APS Casing Spacers center water and sewer pipes in casings with ease of installation, are virtually corrosion proof and provide insulating protection from a possible electrical shorting between the carrier pipe and casing. No special tools are needed, no grease is used and they are easily bolted... Read More
  • Cast Coupling By The Ford Meter Box Co Inc

    Ford Cast Couplings offer an easy and economical way of joining pipe whether the pipe is of the same nominal size and/or type or different at each coupling end. Ford couplings can be made with a many options including stainless steel nuts and bolts and Epoxy coating. Read More
  • cathodic protection By Kadlec Associates Corrosion Engineers

    Kadlec Associates is a full service cathodic protection engineering firm. Cathodic protection services include survey, design, installation, materials, commissioning, maintenance/repair, upgrade, troubleshooting, etc. Kadlec Associates is a small business and is registered with SBA, CCR and... Read More
  • CBMi™ By Impact Technologies, a Sikorsky Innovations Company

    CBMi™ - Real Time Condition Based Monitoring of Assets: CBMi stands for intelligent Condition Based Maintenance and is a real-time monitoring system for tracking and assessing the health of critical machines & processes. CBMi measures physical parameters and uses advanced algorithms to analyze... Read More
  • Centrifugal Blowers By TMC Fluid Systems, Inc.

    TMC offers belt-driven and direct-coupled Centrifugal Blowers and Centrifugal Fans for pressure and vacuum duty applications. Centrifugal Blowers are available from 3-hp to 25-hp. Flow rates range between 100-cfm to 1,200-cfm with discharge pressures up to 3.5-psi. Centrifugal Fans are... Read More
  • Centrifugal Pumps By Gorman-Rupp Company

    Gorman-Rupp offers a range of efficient centrifugal pumps with few moving parts requiring minimal maintenance and service. These rugged pumps offer years of performance life. Centrifugal pump models include: 60 series, 50 series, 60 series (engine driven), VG series and VGH series. Read More
  • Centrifuges By PRO Scientific Inc

    The Hettich Universal 320/320R centrifuge utilizes one of the widest arrays of rotor selections and affords users the ability to process now even a greater multitude of tubes, from microlitre tubes to 100mL bottles to microtitre plates in a compact benchtop setup. Utilizing its brushless... Read More
  • CentriPipe® By AP/M Permaform

    CentriPipe® Pipe Lining System-- provides a cost-effective, NO DIG solution for structural lining of culverts using its patented bi-directional spincaster to centrifugally compact a precision liner at the best design thickness for the size, shape and conditions of deteriorated pipe. It inhibits... Read More
  • Ceramic Flatsheet Membrane System By Meiden America Inc.

    For conventional membrane treatment systems, high replacement frequency due to clogging and rupture of the membrane (filter) has been an issue. Drawing on our long-standing engineering resources on the ceramic product manufacturing technology, we developed a highly durable "ceramic flatsheet... Read More
  • Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane By i-2-m

    CERA~DUR is a ceramic hollow fiber membrane filter with true 30 nm pore size and narrow distribution, making ultrafiltration possible at a new level. Our CERA~DUR separates aggressive solids, organics, and emulsified oils from many different industrial wastewater applications. Along with the... Read More
  • CertiSafe™ Municipal Tank Mixer By Kasco

    Kasco’s CertiSafe™ Municipal Tank Mixer for potable water is certified and tested to strict NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 standards and designed use in municipal water storage tanks and reservoirs 10,000 gallons and larger. This powerful, active tank mixer is fully submersible up to 50 ft. of depth, easy to... Read More
  • CF12 Series Thermal Dispersion Flow Switches By Sitron Inc.

    While our original flow switch has been updated and improved upon over the years, one thing has not changed; the CF12 series continues to offer maintenance free reliability for most liquid flow or gas flow applications at a very reasonable price. Like all of Sitron’s products, the CF12 can be... Read More
  • Chamber Filter Press By MSE Filterpressen GmbH

    MSE Filterpressen® offers a wide range of filter presses with sidebar technology suitable for both standard and medium duty and for heavy-duty performance levels. Maximum flexibility is provided by choosing between simple manual to fully automated MSE filter press designs. MSE chamber filter... Read More
  • Check Valve Type 561 - Type 562 By GF Piping Systems

    Type 561/562 Cone Check Valve and Type 591/595 Vent and Bleed Valve Series feature a new spherical cone shape design that offers improved flow characteristics and leak-proof operating performance. Available in sizes from 3/8” – 4”, PVC, CPVC, PROGEF Standard, Polypropylene, SYGEF® PVDF, or ABS... Read More
  • Check Valves By Valterra Products Inc.

    Swing Check Valves, 1.5" and 2" PVC White and Clear. Swing/Spring Combination Check Valves, 1/2" to 3", PVC White and Clear:  Combines the benefits of both a spring and a swing check valve; full-flow design--installs in any position  Quiet—does not chatter  15% more flow than... Read More
  • Cheer Pack By CDF Corp

    Cheer Pack is a flexible spouted pouch featuring a convenient, easy-flow straw and a reclosable, large tamper-evident, screw-on cap. This unique pouch format is ideal for packaging squeezable liquids, gels, pastes and purees. Cheer Pack is available in a variety of sizes, styles and film choices. Read More
  • Cheertainer bag in box By CDF Corp

    Cheertainer is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional packaging. It is a gusseted, form-fit multi-ply bag that gives you the best of both worlds: the flexibility of a bag-in-box and the benefits of a rigid container. Its unique design minimizes packaging requirements and... Read More
  • Chem Proline By Asahi/America

    Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in thermoplastic technology, introduces Chem Proline®, a new crack resistant polyethylene piping system designed for the harshest liquid chemical applications. Made from the latest generation of PE resin (PE100-RC), Chem Proline® pipe and fittings possess the... Read More
  • Chem Trap By Andax Industries, LLC

    Introducing the Chem Trap™. Provide instant containment for chemical spills, pesticides, acids, caustics and hydrofluorics. Optional accessories include a drain for transferring or storing liquids or linking several Chem Traps™, a ground tarp and Gravity Flow Bags for more capacity. The Chem... Read More
  • CHEM-GARD® By Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp

    Wet end components of Vanton CHEM-GARD® centrifugal pumps are injection molded of corrosion resistant polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE) or other non-metallic materials that... Read More
  • Chemical / Leachate Storage Tanks By Xerxes Corp

    Underground storage tanks for chemical storage and landfill leachate collection is a very "niche" application that project owners and designers are very selective about when looking to a manufacturer. Xerxes' unparalleled experience in fabrication of underground tanks for the storage of... Read More
  • Chemical Dosing Systems By Pure Aqua, Inc.

    Chemical Dosing Systems Pure Aqua is a leading manufacturer of chemical dosing systems. The Pure Aqua chemical dosing systems offer a wide range of capacities (3 to 120 GPD) to meet various chemical treatment applications. Each system includes the chemical metering pump and polyethylene... Read More
  • Chemical Feed/Injectors for Pools By Mazzei Injector Company, LLC

    The patented Venturi-type Mazzei Injectors efficiently and safely inject chemicals into any pool or waterscape because the material is not under pressure. If the water flow stops, the injection also stops instantly. This is because the system uses differential pressure between inlet and outlet... Read More
  • Chemical Induction Pump By Global Treat, Inc.

    Benefit of Chemical Induction A chemical induction pump system eliminates the need for using potable water to create a vacuum for drawing in disinfection chemicals. THE PROCESS: Chlorine chemical induction and De-Chlorination chemical induction is accomplished by the re-circulation of process... Read More
  • Chemical Level Sensors By Senix Corporation

    PRODUCT LINE FEATURES -Suitable for use in diesel fuel and chemical level applications in closed or open tanks -Operating Temperature: -40 to +70C -Ingress: IP68, NEMA-4X, NEMA-6P -User-adjustable with SenixVIEW software (included) for setup, testing and cloning sensors Tough. Construction In... Read More
  • Chemical Storage & Handling By Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products

    Spectrum offers laboratory safety cabinets and storage containers from the industry’'s leading manufacturers including Justrite, Eagle Manufacturing and Labconco. Whether you require safety cabinets for corrosives, flammables or acids and the storage containers to safely handle them, Spectrum... Read More
  • Chemtape By JOWA USA, Inc.

    The Chemtape gauging system is designed for monitoring above or below ground storage tanks. Gauged products include general industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals with temperatures up to 225°F. The packaged system consists of the Metritape sensor, with a Hastelloy C276... Read More
  • Chlori-Flush Water Line Disinfection System By Global Treat, Inc.

    The Chlori-Flush system is used to disinfect newly constructed water systems, as well as existing potable water mains that have been drained for inspection or repairs. Using either calcium hypo-chlorite granules or liquid bleach, the Chlori-Flush disinfection system utilizes a continuous feed... Read More
  • Chlorine and Chemical Inventory Scales By Global Treat, Inc.

    Scales are necessary to monitor and manage inventory of chemicals at water treatment plants and in industrial processes. Chemical usage, level, and feed rates are measured with the use of weight-based and ultrasonic systems. Global Treat, Inc. provides an assortment of mechanical, hydraulic,... Read More
  • Chlorine Check Valves By Global Treat, Inc.

    Check valves play an important role in preventing carrier water from backing up into the source chemical. Global Treat, Inc. offers the following chlorine gas and liquid check valves. *In-Line Check Valves *In-Line Economical Vacuum Check... Read More
  • Chlorine Detectors By PureAire Monitoring Systems

    The Air check Lite is Smart Gas Monitor a low cost compact gas monitoring system that’s ideal for continuously monitoring gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes and process tool gas cabinets. Designed for Original Equipment manufacturers, (OEM) and larger installations, it features a sophisticated... Read More
  • Chlorine Dioxide Generator System By Global Treat, Inc.

    Chlorine Dioxide is commonly used in municipal, industrial, and oil & gas applications and is an excellent water treatment choice for disinfection, bleaching, and chemical oxidation. Because Chlorine Dioxide is a highly reactive oxidant, typically, for these applications, it is generated... Read More
  • Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CLO2) By Global Treat, Inc.

    Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CLO2 Chemical) 3000 ppm / 99.7% Pure TCEQ Approved for Potable Water Systems as the Primary Disinfectant! Chlorine Dioxide Solution is one of the safest, most effective biocides and disinfecting agents available. It is commonly used in various large and small scale... Read More
  • Chlorine Drip Leg Heater By Global Treat, Inc.

    Chlorine Drip Leg Heater •25 Watt Heater with clamps (110 VAC or 240 VAC) •Formed heater—(HTH-111-230) for drip-legs •Attached with C clamps. http://www.globaltreat.com/accessories/chlorine-manifolds-gas-accessories/ Read More
  • Chlorine Flex Connector Adapter By Global Treat, Inc.

    A-345 - Chlorine Flex Connector Adapter For Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide Gas •3/4" Male NPT x Flex •Connection Outlet threads are 1.030-14 NGO (CGA-660) http://www.globaltreat.com/accessories/chlorine-manifolds-gas-accessories/ Read More
  • Chlorine Isolation Valve Assembly By Global Treat, Inc.

    Chlorine Isolation Valve Assembly •For Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide Gas •Protects Cylinder or Header Valves •Field Proven Yoke Design •Epoxy Powder Coated for Maximum Corrosion Resistance http://www.globaltreat.com/accessories/chlorine-manifolds-gas-accessories/ Read More
  • Chlorine Manifold Union By Global Treat, Inc.

    AH-1461 Chlorine Manifold Union •Carbon Steel Body •Lead Gasket Seal •Two Bolt Pattern http://www.globaltreat.com/accessories/chlorine-manifolds-gas-accessories/ Read More
  • Chlorine Manifold Valve By Global Treat, Inc.

    Manifold Valve •For Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide Gas http://www.globaltreat.com/accessories/chlorine-manifolds-gas-accessories/ Read More
  • Chlorine Manifold Y-Strainer By Global Treat, Inc.

    A Chlorine gas Y-strainer is used to help remove the impurities in chlorine gas. The filter screen traps the impurities which could potentially make their way to the vacuum regulator or other system components. The bottom cover is removable, allowing the filter screen to be easily cleaned or... Read More
  • Chlorine Open Yoke By Global Treat, Inc.

    Manifold Chlorine Yoke http://www.globaltreat.com/accessories/chlorine-manifolds-gas-accessories/ Read More
  • Chlorine Split Yoke Adapter By Global Treat, Inc.

    5888-E Chlorine Yoke Adapter -Connects Open Yoke to Flexible Connectors -Outlet Threads are 0.030-14 NGO (CGA-660) http://www.globaltreat.com/accessories/chlorine-manifolds-gas-accessories/ Read More
  • Chlorine Tablets, Bio-Sanitizer By Global Treat, Inc.

    Chlorine / Calcium Hypo Chlorite Tablets for Industrial and Residential Use. Available in pails of 10 lbs, 25 lbs, 45 lbs, & 100 lbs http://www.globaltreat.com/products/chlorine-tablets-feeders/#tablets Read More
  • Chlorine Test Kits By Global Treat, Inc.

    Chlorine Test Kits Accurately measuring chlorine levels is vital for safety as well as for economic reasons. Global Treat, Inc. offers three types of grab sample chlorine test kits available to measure free and total chlorine. These consist of Chlorine Test Strips, Color-wheel Test Kits, and... Read More
  • Chlorine Ton Lifting Bar By Global Treat, Inc.

    Ton container lifting bar. http://www.globaltreat.com/accessories/chlorine-manifolds-gas-accessories/ Read More
  • Chlorine Ton Storage Trunnions By Global Treat, Inc.

    Storage Trunnions are designed to safely store and equally space ton containers of chlorine and sulfur dioxide in water and wastewater treatment plants. http://www.globaltreat.com/accessories/chlorine-manifolds-gas-accessories/ •1 Set (2 per set) •IHMW Poly Wheels Read More
  • Chlorine Universal Ton Adapter By Global Treat, Inc.

    The Universal Ton Adapter allows any brand of cylindar mounted vacuum regulator to be mounted onto a ton cylindar. •Includes 25 Watt Drip Leg Heater (option of 120 VAC, 240 VAC, or 24 VDC), and header valve •The drip leg is compatable with all varieties of Chlorine and Sulfur Dioxide... Read More
  • ChromAir system By Morphix Technologies

    The ChromAir system consists of direct reading colorimetric badges and a color chart and allows the user to quantify the amount of the monitored chemical in the air. The ChromAir system is available for ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorine, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide and mercury. The... Read More
  • Chromotography Vials By Quality Environmental Containers

    QEC's Quality Assured Chromatography offers a broad selection of vials, closures and septa for an almost infinite number of possible combinations. • Clear or amber borosilicate glass • Plain or with calibration marks & write-on patch • Screw-cap, snap-cap, and crimp closures available in a... Read More
  • CityGuard Virtual Command Center By Hach Homeland Security Technologies

    Hach Homeland Security Technologies proudly introduces CityGuard™, Winner of the New Product of the Year award for 2010 from Evironmental Protection. CityGuard is a network portal and real-time water distribution and source water monitoring software that optimizes the use of utility dollars... Read More
  • ClariCell-B™ Package Treatment Plants By WesTech Engineering Inc

    The ClariCell-B™ Package Treatment Plant utilizes a two-stage configuration consisting of an up-flow buoyant coarse media roughing filter followed by a conventional down-flow fine media filter. Pre-engineered for simplicity, the ClariCell-B is easily installed and integrated into new or... Read More
  • Clarifier By Met-Chem, Inc.

    Clarifiers, 10 GPM - 500 GPM Read More
  • Clarifier Cover By Industrial & Environmental Concepts Inc

    Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC) is a designer and installer Cover systems. We provide bio-gas collection, heat retention and odor control covers, serving the municipal and industrial markets. Our new flexible domed cover can be used on tanks of all sizes and shapes. Full... Read More
  • Clarifiers By Samsco Corporation

    Clarifiers settle out solids into slurry by gravity feeding the wastewater from the top of the unit directly to the bottom, and forcing the water back up through the plate packs. Solids settle in the bottom cone section as thick slurry. The inclined parallel plate Clarifiers, are used as part... Read More
  • Classifier Strips By Go Green World Products LLC.

    Osha 1910.120- The Individual in charge of the ICS (Incident Control System) shall identify, to the extent possible, all harzardous substances or conditions present and shall address as appropriate site analysis, use of engineering controls, maximum exposure limits, hazardous substance handling... Read More
  • Claw Pumps By Onion Enterprises

    Blowers from 50 to 500 cfm and vacuume up to 27" Read More
  • Clean Air Act (CAA) Compliance Workshop - Scottsdale, AZ, May 12-14, 2015 By EPA Alliance Training Group

    Come on out to beautiful Scottsdale, AZ for the Clean Air Compliance Workshop, just minutes away from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. This 2.5 day course will take you through the Clean Air Act regulatory program from A-Z; providing a comprehensive overview of each regulation,... Read More
  • CleanFlo™ All-In-One Combined Headworks System By WesTech Engineering Inc

    The WesTech CleanFlo™ All-In-One Combined Headworks System is a pre-engineered headworks system that includes fine screening, screenings dewatering and aerated grit removal. All this is pre-engineered into a compact stainless steel package. The system is self-contained and requires little space.... Read More
  • CleanFlo™ Monoscreen® Fine Screen By WesTech Engineering Inc

    The WesTech CleanFlo™ Monoscreen® Fine Screen provides high efficiency wastewater screening in a cost effective design that is easy to maintain. The durable drive system uses few moving parts with no chains or submerged bearings to minimize maintenance. Its low profile design allows easy... Read More
  • ClearLogic™ Membrane Bioreactor By WesTech Engineering Inc

    The WesTech ClearLogic™ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) featuring the new Alfa Laval Hollow Sheet™ Membrane Technology offers clear advantages to the MBR process. Advantages of the ClearLogic™ MBR include ultra-low transmembrane pressure, even flux distribution across the membrane and full chemical... Read More
  • Climate Control Solutions By Rittal Corporation

    Climate control products from Rittal include: Industrial and IT fans/blowers, Vortex cooling systems, air/air and air/water heat exchangers, thermoelectric coolers, wallmount and roofmount air conditioners, as well as process chillers, enclosure heaters, IT liquid cooling systems, and climate... Read More
  • Clorel@ On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generator By Kemisan

    Clorel® is an OSG* (On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generator) that produces low pH-natural Sodium Hypochlorite only from Salt, Electric & Water. Clorel® is the safest, greenest and economic alternative to commercial gas chlorine and/or hypochlorite. Read More
  • Clorel®SEA On-site Seawater Electrochlorination By Kemisan

    Clorel® SEA uses seawater rather than salt to produce low pH-natural Sodium Hypochlorite to prevent Mussels & Pathogens as an alternative to chlorine and derivative chemicals. Clorel® SEA brings an enormous economy, safety, and ease of operation especially in large-scale seawater cooling systems... Read More
  • Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) Pipe Inspection & Rehabilitation Equipment By CUES, Inc.

    CUES is the world's leading manufacturer of closed circuit television video (CCTV) inspection,rehabilitation, pipe profiling equipment and pipeline inspection/asset management software for sanitary and storm sewers, industrial process lines, and water lines.For over 40 years, CUES has provided... Read More
  • Coagulation Products / Coagulants By Jenfitch, Inc.

    Coagulation product lines from Jenfitch include Organic & Inorganic coagulants such as Alum (aluminum sulfate); Ferric & Ferrous Salts; PACL & PACL Blends; ACH & ACH Blends; Polyamines; DADMAC; and, others. Call or email Jenfitch for more information about our coagulants product lines. Read More
  • Cold Water Turbine Meter By Carlon Meter, Inc.

    Have a high volume application that requires a high degree of accuracy with low maintenance features? Then Carlon has a family of meters for you. Our cold water turbine meters are “in stock” in sizes from 2” to 8” and larger sizes up to 16″ are available. Carlon turbine meters provide +/- 2%... Read More
  • Collapsible Pillow and Bladder Tanks By Portable Tank Group, Inc.

    Custom built collapsible pillow tanks up to 210,000 gallons for water, food grade, and fuel applications. Available for short term (emergency) or long term storage. These flexible tanks can also be used for process water, industrial water, or brine water storage. The tanks are well suited for... Read More
  • Collapsible Tanks By Storage Tank Solutions LLC

    Storage Tank Solutions (STS) introduces portable collapsible storage tanks that are ideal for storing water, chemicals, fuel, powders, grains and foods, and raw materials. The hot-dip galvanized PVC-coated wire mesh frame encircles a reinforced thermoplastic liner. When the tank is filled, the... Read More
  • Combination JetVac By GapVax

    At GapVax, our highly skilled staff start with raw steel and the best components to form, weld, assemble, paint, and test each custom built machine to produce a superior vacuum truck with the lowest operating cost and highest resale value. Our combination machine is a wet only vacuum system... Read More
  • Combustion Field Services By Stelter & Brinck, Ltd

    Burner Maintenance and Troubleshooting for all combustion equipment. We also rebuild, upgrade and retrofit systems. Read More
  • Commercial Solutions By Advanced Aeration Ltd - Bio-Bubble Technologies

    Bio-Bubble provide a unique robust and reliable solution to off-mains drainage, capable of meeting the most stringent discharge standards whilst maintaining very low running costs and maintaining the highest quality effluent and odour-free operation available on today’s market. Read More
  • Compliance Assistance By Trinity Consultants Inc

    Trinity Consultants' Compliance Assistance includes: NESHAP and NSPS EH&S Auditing Emissions Inventories CEMS Support Environmental Outsourcing Recordkeeping & Reporting Litigation Support Industrial Risk Management Read More
  • CompuRoute By Paradigm Software, LLC.

    CompuRoute is an add-on module to ever powerful CompuWeigh System. The CompuRoute Module allows you to develop and maintain residential and commercial routes, track and maintain your container inventory, create dispatches, maps and you have complete control of all pricing associated with your... Read More
  • CompuWeigh By Paradigm Software, LLC.

    The CompuWeigh System is a state of the art weighing application. The application continues to expand based on industry and customer demands. With a standard user interface across all screens, the application is very user friendly. The CompuWeigh System is an integrated Account, Truck,... Read More
  • Conductive Level Switches By Sitron Inc.

    Sitron’s Conductive Level Switches control the level of conductive liquids. With no moving parts, the probes do not require constant maintenance and are extremely reliable as well as highly configurable for specific application requirements. The CN series features relays built into housing,... Read More
  • Confined Space Entry By Iseler Demolition Inc.

    Iseler Demolition Inc. considers the safety of its employees and the general public to be a matter of utmost importance. Therefore, our crew is required to complete training annually which includes an extensive amount of safety information. We have also put into operation our own safety programs... Read More
  • ConShield® By AP/M Permaform

    ConShield® is a revolutionary additive for concrete that stops the corrosion from hydrogen sulfide. (MIC) microbiological induced corrosion is the most common source of corrosion in concrete in the sanitary sewers. Cities are quick to realize that precast pipe and manholes with ConShield® added... Read More
  • Construction & Demolition Debris Shredding By SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.

    Primary Reducers Designed Specifically for the C&D Industry PRI-MAX shreds, tears, and breaks bulky debris into manageable pieces that are easy to transport and economical to dispose of. <strong>High-Capacity</strong> PRI-MAX shredders process between 1-150 tons per hour while achieving... Read More
  • Containerized Systems By Dynatec Systems Inc

    Dynatec offers a high quality MBR package plant capable of BOD and nutrient removal for small decentralized wastewater facilities. When you need consistently high quality effluent in a small package, consider Dynatec Systems' MBR Wastewater Treatment Systems. You can lower your capital and... Read More
  • Containerized Treatment Plants By Pure Aqua, Inc.

    Containerized Treatment Plants Pure Aqua engineers and manufactures any water treatment system in a containerized version with various available options. Containerization of water treatment plants includes the container and complete installation of the systems within. For more information,... Read More
  • Contrail® Software By OneRain Incorporated

    OneRain’s Contrail suite of software turns data into actionable decision making. Contrail software delivers automated real-time data collection, processing, validation, analysis, archiving and visualization of hydrometeorological and environmental sensor data. With easy-to-understand... Read More
  • Control Panels and Alarms By Discount Pumps

    Control Panels and Alarms for Simplex and Duplex Systems. Read More
  • Controlcat New Horizons in Temperature, Pressure, Flow and much more! By Omega Engineering, Inc.

    DILBERT™ CONTROLCAT NEW HORIZONS® in Temperature, Pressure, Flow and More! Version No. 28 Contains over 150 full color pages of state-of-the art products separated into 7 sections: Automation, Sanitary, Temperature, Electric Heaters, Wireless/Data Acquisition, Pressure/Strain/Force, and... Read More
  • Controllers By Severn Trent Services

    To safely and accurately control the dosage of chlorine in water, there are two things to know. The first is the residual level of chlorine after the point of introduction. This indicates how effective the disinfection process has been and whether there is sufficient residual chlorine in the... Read More
  • Controllers, Monitors and Sensors By ProMinent Fluid Controls, Inc.

    ProMinent describes the use of measuring and control technologies for fluid metering as “intelligent metering.” Using the right measuring and control technology can help to substantially optimize metering of fluid chemicals. ProMinent® DULCOMETER® controllers and sensors include: Water Treatment... Read More
  • Conveyors By Motion Industries

    Material handling products are vital components to many industrial and manufacturing operations. Carts, trucks, and dollies safely move and maneuver heavy and large items. Casters come in a wide range of sizes and styles and are typically available with plates mounted to them. Key elements to... Read More
  • COP™ Spiral Blade Clarifier By WesTech Engineering Inc

    The WesTech COP™ Spiral Blade Clarifier is the result of research and design focus on building a better clarifier. Each COP Spiral Blade Clarifier is designed for the specific process requirements of each plant. Proprietary algorithmic computer programs are utilized and further refined to result... Read More
  • Corporation Stops By Global Treat, Inc.

    Corporation Stops are designed for injecting chemical solutions pumped by proportioning pumps and gas chlorinators into tanks, mains, cooling towers, and process systems. Chemical Injection Quills, or Main connects (diffusers) are used to inject chemicals into the center of the stream, thus... Read More
  • Corporation Valves By The Ford Meter Box Co Inc

    Ford Corporation Stops are designed and manufactured to conform with AWWA Standards. All Ford Stops are individually inspected and tested for leaks. They are all compatible with tapping machines of current design. Ford Meter Box offers the widest variety of Corporations Stops available to water... Read More
  • Corrugated Drainage Pipe Smooth Wall By Crumpler Plastic Pipe Inc.

    Crumpler Plastic Pipe Inc. See our full line of Corrugated Smooth core Drainage Pipe @ www.cpp-pipe.com Read More
  • CorTalk RMU1 By Mobiltex Data

    A compact and powerful tool for remote monitoring of Cathodic Protection single or double coupons and structure bond applications. The RMU1 collects and transmits CP performance data and GPS with a near real-time view of the CP system. Read More
  • CorTalk RMU1+INT1 By Mobiltex Data

    The RMU1+INT1 is a small, powerful tool that fits entirely in a CP test station; providing two-way communication and precise GPS-synchronized interruption. Combined with the CorView Cloud Platform, the RMU1+INT1 can be controlled in a network to gain deep insights into the performance of the CP... Read More
  • CorTalk RMU1-SUB By Mobiltex Data

    Subgrade cathodic protection remote monitoring unit for test stations, coupons and bonds. The RMU1-SUB is engineered to perform in the most demanding subgrade applications. Read More
  • Covers/Tarps/Staging Mats/Hose Bed Covers By Husky® Portable Containment

    Husky Portable Containment offers all the accessories you need for your folding frame or self supporting tanks. Read More
  • Cromaglass Wastewater Treatment Systems By Cromaglass Corp.

    Wastewater Treatment Systems manufactured by Cromaglass Corporation meet environmental challenges worldwide. Cromaglass Sequencing Batch Reactor technology sets the standard with BOD, TSS and Nitrogen removal rates over 95%. Designed to the customer’s needs with on and off site monitoring,... Read More
  • CSO/SSO Treatment By SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions

    Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) are a discharge of a mixture of storm water and untreated domestic wastewater that occurs when the flow capacity of a sewer system is exceeded during a rainstorm. CSOs are excess flows from a combined sewer system that are discharged into a receiving water without... Read More
  • CUES Sonar Pipe Profiling System By CUES, Inc.

    The Sonar Profiler System is designed to provide accurate dimensional data on silt level, grease accumulation, pipe deformation, offsets, etc, below the waterline. While CCTV is the standard acceptable method of visually inspecting pipelines above the waterline, it cannot provide visual... Read More
  • Curb Markers By William Frick & Co

    Clearly mark valve locations, manholes, service lines, storm drains, cable routes and test stations using William Frick’s durable curb markers. Frick curb markers can be permanently installed on most flat surfaces such as curbs (face or top), road surfaces, and more. Each rigid-plastic curb... Read More
  • Curtain Products By DLM Plastics

    Custom designed and manufactured clearwell baffle curtains and wastewater baffle curtains. Commercial and Industrial divider curtains and airport hangar door curtains. Read More
  • Custom Domed Roofs By United Industries Group, Inc

    United Industries Group, Inc. offers a variety of alternative roof structures to give more flexibility to the use of your new or existing bolted tanks, welded steel tanks, glass lined tanks and more Benefits: Low Initial Cost No Operating Costs No Normal Maintenance Rapid Field... Read More
  • Custom Fabrication By Ascension Industries

    Modular Design & Fabrication Complete, assembled, and tested industrial equipment. From design to turnkey manufacturing, Ascension Industries offers a full range of capabilities to produce skid-mounted process systems, simulators, machine assemblies and more. Structural Fabrication... Read More
  • Custom Manufacturing Solutions By Rosedale Products, Inc.

    We can build anything from basic modifications on standard housings, to customer specified skid-mounted filtration systems. These can incorporate custom filters, tanks, strainers, separators, controllers, sensors, and automated operations, even portable filtration systems – the options are... Read More
  • Custom Products By CST Industries, Inc.

    Celebrating 125 years of legacy, CST is a global leader in the manufacture and installation of the finest factory coated steel storage tanks, aluminum domes, specialty covers and reclaimer systems. Read More
  • Customer Suite By ABB

    Ventyx Customer Suite is the most comprehensive customer management system available today offering unparalleled flexibility and workflow capabilities. It can manage all of a utility's customer-facing processes, from simple inquiries, to marketing initiatives, to complex billing. This... Read More
  • Customized Vehicle / Trailer-Mounted TV Inspection & Rehabilitation Systems By CUES, Inc.

    CUES proudly offers custom truck-mounted systems for all of your TV inspection and rehabilitation needs!CUES Vehicle Made to withstand the most severe conditions and ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency, CUES truck mounted systems can include TV inspection equipment for... Read More
  • Custom-Preserved™ Containers By Quality Environmental Containers

    QEC's Custom-Preserved™ offers sample preserving solutions that are truly customized for each client, with options that allow us to provide you with a tailor-made preserving system that is the most convenient, most time-saving for your needs: YOUR CHOICE of common and not-so-common... Read More
  • Cutrine-Plus Algaecide By Applied Biochemists, A Lonza Business

    Cutrine-Plus Algaecide is a copper-based algaecide ideal for eliminating many forms of algae. Available in both liquid and granular for top to bottom control. Read More
  • Cutting Torch Safety By Iseler Demolition Inc.

    Iseler Demolition Inc. considers the safety of its employees and the general public to be a matter of utmost importance. Therefore, our crew is required to complete training annually which includes an extensive amount of safety information. We have also put into operation our own safety programs... Read More
  • CyberKeys By CyberLock, Inc.

    The CyberLock Electronic Lock System provides real flexibility in that there are two choices in rechargeable CyberKeys: the CK-RXD Key for all types of indoor and outdoor applications and CyberKey Blue, the new Bluetooth® compatible key, that offers a unique solution for companies with employees... Read More
  • CyberLock Electromechanical Locks By CyberLock, Inc.

    Videx designs and manufactures CyberLock, a system of electromechanical locks and programmable keys that brings access control and auditing to existing mechanical lock and key systems. If your mechanical locks and keys are out of control, CyberLock is the solution. CyberLock is unique in that... Read More
  • CyberLock Electronic Padlocks By CyberLock, Inc.

    Safeguard your physical assets with CyberLock electronic padlocks. Built tough, intelligent, and with stainless steel components they perform extremely well in the harshest environments. With CyberLock electronic padlocks, companies achieve controlled access, accountability, and key control at... Read More
  • CyberLock Flex System By CyberLock, Inc.

    The CyberLock Flex System is an addition to the CyberLock family, which includes weatherized key vault modules that enable electronic key storage at remote outdoor locations, input modules, display modules, and door controller modules. Behind the scenes is a dynamic software platform that deftly... Read More
  • CyberPoint By CyberLock, Inc.

    CyberPoints are electronic tags designed to serve as data collection checkpoints for electronically documenting security and fire/safety checks. The CyberPoint system offers many advantages over traditional checkpoint applications. Both the stationary CyberPoint and handheld CyberKey record... Read More