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  • Bacilox ® By Osprey Biotechnics, Inc.

    Bacilox XL is a stable, multi-spore concentrate that provides a superior foundation for formulating quality, performance based microbial products. The strains used in Bacilox were selected for their dynamic enzymatic abilities to degrade various organic compounds including proteins, starches,... Read More
  • Back Injury Prevention By Iseler Demolition Inc.

    Iseler Demolition Inc. considers the safety of its employees and the general public to be a matter of utmost importance. Therefore, our crew is required to complete training annually which includes an extensive amount of safety information. We have also put into operation our own safety programs... Read More
  • Backflow Preventers /375AROSY By Zurn Industries Limited

    Protects againist flow of contaminated water into potable water supply, insuring water systems safety and liability and litigation. Read More
  • Backup Standby Lift Station Pump By Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co.

    Diesel-driven pumps are replacing generators as an improved backup plan. This independent pump unit is a more effective solution to lift station problems such as sewage pump failures. The versatile diesel automatic-prime pump also supplements the lift station when routine maintenance or... Read More
  • Bag Filters & Cartridges By Rosedale Products, Inc.

    Filter bags can be the ideal solution for your industrial filtration application needs. They are designed to remove contaminant and debris from liquids. The amount and size of contaminants the filter bags remove depends on their specific micron rating. Rosedale has a large selection of filter... Read More
  • Ball Valve By The Ford Meter Box Co Inc

    Ford Ball Valve Curb Stops are ideal for use in water service lines. Watertight in either direction at pressures up to 300 PSI, easy turning, nonbinding, and minimum pressure loss – these characteristics are added to superb design, quality, and precise manufacturing. Read More
  • Ball Valves By Bee Valve Inc.

    Bee Valve offers a full range of ball valves including bolted polypropylene ball valve, single union polypropylene ball valve, stainless steel and brass ball valves. Bee Valve’s polypropylene ball valves offer: * Precision molded in fiberglass for stability, strength and toughness * Machined... Read More
  • Ball Valves By Valterra Products Inc.

    Ball Valves 3/4" to 4", Soc x Soc and FIPT x FIPT. Schedule 40 PVC Full Port Opening 150 psi Operating Pressure Easy Grip Handle Read More
  • Bargraph Meters By Weschler Instruments

    Single and Tricolor Bargraph meters provide a bright, easy-to-read display of current, voltage, power, temperature, speed, pressure or other process parameters. The bar gives a quick indication of process status, while the precise value is shown on the 3 - 6 digit readout. Use high and low... Read More
  • Barrel Pac By Andax Industries, LLC

    This is the ultimate portable spill response to contain or clean up to a 50 gallon spill. Dual Modular Rapid Response (MRR) system distributes materials equally. UN/DOT approved drum; all-weather, onsite SPCC plan compliant. Barrel includes: 150 sorbent pads, 6 Sorb Sox, 16 pillows, 4 pairs of... Read More
  • Barrier Spill Matting By Andax Industries, LLC

    Ideal for work benches or stations and tool boxes. Thick, non-slip poly backing prevents leak through. Heavy-duty universal sorbent. Read More
  • Baseline Series By Imperial Industries Inc.

    Everyone knows Imperial makes the highest quality pump trucks. Now we’re making them more affordable than ever with our new Imperial Baseline™ series without any custom bells or whistles. As always, we start with thicker steel and aluminum when rolling our tanks and join them to the toughest... Read More
  • Beacon 800 Controller By RKI Instruments Inc.

    The Beacon™ 800 is a simplified, versatile, low cost fixed system controller for one to eight points of gas monitoring. It is microprocessor controlled and is capable of accepting up to 8 separate 4-20 mA sensor transmitters, which can be either 2 or 3 wire. The Beacon™ 800 can be powered by... Read More
  • Below Ground Oil Water Separators By Hydro Quip, Inc.

    Hydro Quip’s design meets and exceeds API 421, which is based on Stokes Law. However, API does NOT address the importance of a Reynolds Number. Since Stokes Law is based on zero velocity, a low Reynolds Number is required to achieve the rise times of the oil for better separation. We use the... Read More
  • BillMaster By Data West Corp.

    BillMaster® is a powerful, flexible and secure utility billing and management software solution with a well established, loyal customer base. Combining the ease-of-use of Windows with the speed and reliability of Microsoft SQL Server, BillMaster is designed specifically for water & sewer,... Read More
  • BINATROL® Model G Series Diaphragm Style Bin Level Switch By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Monitor Technologies' BINATROL® Model G Series diaphragm bin monitors consists of economical, reliable, and durable point level controls for point level detection of dry bulk materials. The units can be used to eliminate bin overflow, maintain a predetermined material level, indicate plugging of... Read More
  • Bio Bubble Advanced Aeration By Advanced Aeration Ltd - Bio-Bubble Technologies

    Our Award Winning process Advanced Aeration has a demonstrated reliability of absorbing unforeseen shock organic and hydraulic loads without compromise to the final effluent consent. It imparts an exceptionally low and stable sludge production which is far less than any other waste water... Read More
  • BIO DREDGE® Sludge Reducer By Probiotic Solutions

    BIO DREDGE® is a probiotic formulation of organic acids, natural biological systems, buffers, nutrients, and energy systems which enhances biological degradation. It is non-toxic, concentrated and easy to use. BIO DREDGE® oxidizes wastewater lagoon sludge into carbon dioxide through an... Read More
  • BIO ENERGIZER® Sludge Reduction By Probiotic Solutions

    Using Micro Carbon Technology™, BIO ENERGIZER® reduces sludge, odor, BOD/COD, and FOG’s. It’s a scientific formulation of organic acids, buffers, natural biological systems, nutrients and energy systems which balance the natural microbial ecosystem to increase bio-oxidation of wastewater.... Read More
  • BioBarrier HSMBR Membrane BioReactors By BioMicrobics Inc

    Designed specifically for high strength commercial water reuse applications, the BioBarrier® HSMBR® provides the highest quality effluent when needed most. Multiple BioBarrier® module sizes provide flexible, innovative recycling and reuse options to reach the next level of sustainable... Read More
  • Bio-Dechlor INOCULUM® PLUS By Regenesis

    Bio-Dechlor INOCULUM® Plus is an enriched natural microbial consortium containing species of Dehalococcoides sp. (DHC). This microbial consortium has since been enriched to increase its ability to rapidly dechlorinate contaminants during in situ bioremediation processes. Bio-Dechlor INOCULUM... Read More
  • Biogas Blowers By TMC Fluid Systems, Inc.

    A biogas blower is a blower specifically designed and manufactured to be used to either "pull" or "push" biogas (or any other combustible gas, such as methane gas, or renewable natural gas (RNG) )"from" somewhere and deliver it "to" somewhere else. Two of the most common applications for Gas... Read More
  • Biological Treatment By Lakeside Equipment Corporation

    Whether your treatment facility is looking to handle varying influent flows or loadings, achieve maximum energy efficiency, or meet stringent discharge limits, Lakeside can provide a cost-effective solution for your biological treatment process. Our team can provide reliable and efficient... Read More
  • Biological Wastewater Pump & Lift Stations By Pollution Control Systems, Inc.

    Sewage / Wastewater lift stations, also called pump stations, are used for pumping wastewater or sewage from a lower to higher elevation, particularly where the elevation of the source is not sufficient for gravity flow and/or when the use of gravity conveyance will result in excessive... Read More
  • BioPlug L / BioPlug CS By BioStim LLC

    BioPlug is a timed release microbial product designed to release bacteria into municipal settings to attack and digest fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and other organic matter. Bacteria infused into the system rapidly increase the bioremediation process, which converts the FOG to carbon dioxide... Read More
  • BioRem-2000 Fuel Eliminator By Environmental Sustainability Group, Inc

    Fuel Eliminator • Ground-breaking Microbe Technology remediates hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide. • Eliminates 100% of disposal costs. • Eliminates granular absorbents, socks, pads and caustic degreasers. • Excellent rinseability, dries quickly and removes all oily, slick film... Read More
  • Biosolid Treatment By SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions

    The industrialised nations are becoming increasingly concerned about the future of the various waste products resulting from their own development. Existing and forthcoming legislation and regulations will prohibit the dumping of this sludge in future. Added to this there is the economic impact... Read More
  • BIO-SYSTEMS Website By BIO-SYSTEMS International Corporation

    BIO-SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL has been manufacturing quality bacterial products since 1985. We manufacture all natural products for wastewater treatment, cleaning, odor removal, degreaseing, restaurant grease, hydrocarbon removal, bio remediation, and much more! Our products are available to... Read More
  • BioWorld Algae Treatment By BioWorld USA Inc

    BioWorld Algae Treatment is a powerful and safe package as a 2-part unit product (liquid and dry) consisting of the following: Bioenhancement – Liquid Optimizer formulation which maximizes the ability of microbes to reproduce and thrive in a water system; and Bioaugmentation – Algae Competitor... Read More
  • BioWorld Hydrocarbon Treatment By BioWorld USA Inc

    BioWorld Bioremediation is a natural and completely safe 2-part product consisting of the following: Bioenhancement – Bioremediation Enhancer liquid formulation which maximizes the ability of microbes to reproduce and thrive in a hazardous waste situation (in soil or water... Read More
  • BioWorld Odor Neutralizer By BioWorld USA Inc

    BioWorld Odor Neutralizer is a plant-based product that eliminates offensive odors at the source. While many products only mask odors with strong scents, BioWorld Odor Neutralizer actually neutralizes unpleasant odors making them undetectable to our sense of smell. Read More
  • BioWorld Wastewater Treatment By BioWorld USA Inc

    BioWorld Wastewater Treatment is the best solution for your wastewater challenges at food processors, dairies, hog and poultry farms, slaughter houses, industrial facilities, municipal plants, hotels, restaurants, lift stations, and grease traps. Regular use of BioWorld biotechnology products... Read More
  • BizViz By ICONICS

    Manufacturing Intelligence and Business Visualization Read More
  • Bladder Tanks By Husky® Portable Containment

    Husky's bladder tanks range in size from 5 to 20,000 gallons and are the perfect answer to all your liquid storage, containment and transportation needs. Read More
  • Blocker Stray Voltage Isolators By Ronk Electrical Industries

    Stray voltage or neutral-to-earth (NE) voltages are an ongoing problem in many areas supplied from single-phase multi-grounded services where current levels in the grounding systems raised (NE) voltages above the perception threshold for either animals or humans. Typical locations are dairy... Read More
  • BODSeed Website By BIO-SYSTEMS International Corporation

    This website focuses on our BODseed for lab testing. B.O.D.seed increases accuracy and consistancy in B.O.D. testing and eliminates costs associated with collecting and maintaining an acclimatized seed. Each B.O.D.seed capsule contains specialized microbial cultures to provide a broad range of... Read More
  • Bolted Steel Tanks By United Industries Group, Inc

    When it comes to optimal economy and efficiency, smooth wall quality bolted steel tanks are often the best answer for your liquid storage needs. Modern bolted tank designs offer superior flexibility and secure leak protection plus far greater economy than any field-welded, field erected steel... Read More
  • Bolted Steel Water Storage/Wastewater Tanks By Superior Tank Co., Inc.

    All Water or Wastewater Storage Tanks we manufacture meet internationally recognized engineering standards of API, AWWA & NFPA. All aspects including components, materials, measurements and strength are analyzed to ensure our tanks of the highest quality. Bolts used on the tank have a tensile... Read More
  • Brass Pipe Fittings By Chase Brass and Copper Company, LLC

    Chase Brass can now provide custom engineered raw material products made with any of our high performance brass alloys, including our ECO BRASS lead-free alloys, ECO BRONZE and even aluminum. We are forging and manufacturing raw shapes for your efficient machining and finishing. Our engineered... Read More
  • BRAVO Chemical Metering Systems By SEEPEX Inc.

    These plug-and-play, pre-engineered chemical feed systems provide users improved process control with complete reliability, accurate and repeatable flow, and reduced chemical consumption. BRAVO is an integrated, modular and scalable solution used in a variety of industries for disinfection, pH... Read More
  • BRIGHT DYES By Bright Dyes - Division Kingscote Chemicals

    BRIGHT DYES water tracing dyes certified by NSF for use in drinking water systems. Miamisburg, OHIO - Kingscote Chemicals., the leading producer of special water tracing dye product forms is pleased to announce the certification of its BRIGHT DYES line of water tracing dye products.... Read More
  • BSM Pump Corporation By Ruthman Companies

    BSM offers a broad selection of pumps capable of handling a wider range of applications than any other pump in the industry. All BSM Pumps are manufactured to strict quality standards assuring the dependability you need to keep your equipment functioning . BSM Pumps are unsurpassed for fluid... Read More
  • Butterfly Valve Type 567-568 By GF Piping Systems

    Type 567/568 Butterfly Valve is corrosion-resistant and incorporates design features that result in long service life, high safety, excellent sealing capabilities, and modular flexibility. Typical applications include industrial water treatment, potable water treatment, swimming pools, water... Read More