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Wastestream Technology

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1520 Aquatic Drive
Wellington, CO 80549
About Wastestream Technology
  • Problem:
    • Waste water lagoons systems are used by municipalities, subdivision, industry and agriculture for waste treatment
    • Lagoon systems do not meet, or soon will not meet EPA and State discharge requirements
    • Package waste treatment plants are not economically feasible for small towns, neighborhoods and industry (3 to 12 million dollars)

    The Solution:
    WasteStream Techolologies brings together five proven patented and low cost technologies allowing new and existing lagoon systems to meet EPA and State discharge limits in an environmentally friendly manner
    • The patented System generates the Aerobic environment for optimal waste digestion and water quality
    • Adds a super oxygenated solution from production grade oxygen generators
    • Adds oxygen and circulation via micro fine bubble lagoon bottom laminar flow aeration (Duraplates).
    • Provides the addition of beneficial microbes for enhanced solid digestion and ammonia removal
    • For high ammonia content an in-situ biofilter for enhanced microbial growth environment can be deployed
    • All solar or electric aerators
    • Microbe injection or hand application
    • Specialized non-pathogenic bacillus and pseudomonas species
    • Bacteria selected for digestion of waste solids, Phosphorus, Ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites
    • Competitive Advantages
    • Patented technology – Developed via scientific method with extensive documentation
    • Carbon fixing technology – very “green”
    • System works in warm and cold climates
    • Energy conservation – Lower operations cost
    • At least 80% Reduction in KW consumption
    • Alternative energy credits – Solar
    • Highly efficient aerobic process – Without the cost of installation, operation and maintenance of a traditional mechanical system
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