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United Flow Solutions

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9112 Madison Greens Ln #20
Orangevale, CA 95662

About United Flow Solutions

  • United Flow Solutions is a manufacturer of industrial equipment across the water industry. We provide the necessary equipment for monitoring and testing groundwater, lakes, streams, rivers, industrial flow, wastewater and everything in between!

    We specialize in both water flow and water level measurements and are qualified to work with your specific application or project to determine the most practical solution. We offer custom configurations, special application consulting, and individual support to ensure that we can provide the solution to your monitoring needs.
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Products by United Flow Solutions

  • uLev Water Level Sensor

    The uLev water level sensor offer's versatility, accuracy and quality making it the choice for water level applications around the world. The uLev sensor's 316L stainless steel diaphragm construction ensures the longest lifespan in harsh conditions. The output is configurable as a 4-20 mA... Read more
  • uLev Water Level Meter

    The uLev handheld meter is the perfect tool for portable level measurements. This palm-sized meter has a single button keypad and large display making it easy for anyone to take quick level measurements. This meter is water resistant and also equipped with a rugged rubber boot to ensure long... Read more
  • uFlo Water Flow Meter

    The uFlo water flow sensor is a durable and portable instrument for measuring open channel flow. The sensor rod has metric and standard gauge to measure water level and easily determine flow. The 316L stainless steel assembly and CD4MCu turbine assembly ensure a long life in harsh conditions.... Read more