Bord na Mona

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4106 Bernau Ave
Greensboro, NC 27417
About Bord na Mona
  • Bord na Móna Environmental Products U.S. Inc., based in North Carolina, are committed to developing a range of innovative VOC / odor control, wastewater treatment & water reuse technologies focused on water conservation, energy reduction and reduced chemical demand that provide superior performance to North American homeowners, communities & municipalities and significant benefits to our environment.

    Our technologies include wastewater treatment systems, the PuraM® membrane bioreactor, PuraMax® MBBR, PuraSaf® submerged aerated filter, and Puraflo® peat biofilter for septic treatment, water reuse solutions including rainwater harvesting and drip dispersal, as well as chemical free odor control, H2S and VOC abatement air pollution technologies including the MONASHELL® biofilter.
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