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Environmental Sustainability Group, Inc

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421 Maiden Lane
Fayetteville, NC 28301

About Environmental Sustainability Group, Inc

  • Environmental Sustainability Group, Inc. (ESG) is a minority, service disabled veteran owned company located in Fayetteville, NC. It was founded with environmental awareness to provide quality products and services to the government and industry.

    ESG promotes a proactive approach to environmental responsibility which is the cornerstone of today's Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Our focus is to minimize waste, reduce hydrocarbons, soil and water restoration, odor control, and pollution prevention.

    ESG is committed to help the military, all levels of government, and industry implement environmentally sound solutions to their problems. Our inventory includes a large variety of environmental products as well as a quality line of products used in industry.
Competitors of Environmental Sustainability Group, Inc
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Products by Environmental Sustainability Group, Inc

  • Drain Buster

    Drain Buster • A foaming powder blend of microbes and enzymes that eliminates slow drains. • Consumes fat, oil and grease (FOG) and organic wastes, including proteins, starches,creates a two-way foam that coats carbohydrates and cellulose, into carbon dioxide and water. • No VOC’s,... Read more
  • Acid Eater Absorber & Neutralizer

    Acid Eater Absorber & Neutralizer • Contains, absorbs and neutralizes hazardous acid spills in a safe and cost-effective manner. • Pellet formula absorbs more and requires less clean-up. • Safe, fasting-acting and easy to use. • Neutralizes a variety of acids and acidic products. • Does... Read more
  • Acid Eater Neutralizer & Degreaser

    Acid Eater Neutralizer & Degreaser • Neutralizes, degreases and cleans motive power batteries. • Eliminates trickle discharges to ensure optimum performance. • Extends the life of the battery and material handling equipment. • Neutralizes and cleans concrete floors in battery rooms. •... Read more