2/8/21- Water&Wastewater- Leaderboard

Envirowave Corporation

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34 North Chestnut Street
Fredericktown, OH 43019

About Envirowave Corporation

  • Protection of valuable water, air, and land resources is one of the highest priority activities in industrialized countries on the planet. The Company views its mission in society as developing and applying innovative, simple, and cost-effective technologies worldwide to address the recycling of waste streams to environmentally-acceptable end products.

    EnviroWave Corporation's cost effective and environmentally acceptable enabling technologies include:

    · A continuous microwave based drying and sterilizing technologies permit a wide variety of industries to meet and exceed current and planned US EPA standards for pathogen destruction in biosolids and agricultural waste streams.

    · A microwave-based "Destruct" technology providing a viable and immediate solution to the demands of the EPA for the treatment and destruction of hazardous waste contamination.

    · A scrap automobile tire recycling system producing carbon black, steel, hydrocarbon
    carbon fuels, including hydrogen, while mitigating one of the pressing pollution problems of the century.
Competitors of Envirowave Corporation
  • Komline-Sanderson's sludge and biosolids pumping, thickening, dewatering and drying products include: Plunger Pumps; Gravity Belt Thickeners; Belt Filter Presses; Vacuum Filters; and, the Indirectly Heated Paddle Dryer. Wastewater clarification using dissolved air flotation or filtration... Read More
  • Gas Analyzers:Total Sulfur, CO2, H2S Liquid Analyzers:VOC in Water, Oil in Water, H2S in Liquids (Crude, Water, & more)
  • With more than 100 fluidized bed energy systems providing over five million hours of operating experience, Outotec Energy Products has established itself as the leader in waste fuel fired fluidized bed combustion and gasification technology.