Arbortech Corporation

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3607 Chapel Hill Road
Johnsburg, IL 60051-2515
About Arbortech Corporation
  • Arbortech’s Washer Washer (WW) recycles aqueous cleaning solutions – from floor wash to pressure sprayers, electros/soaks to parts’ washers to pre-paint, pre-powder coat, pre-plating cleaners. Featuring stainless steel design, the WW can readily recycle water-based cleaners at temperatures to 200F and anywhere on the pH scale, from 0-14. Benefits to system use include less chemicals consumed, reduced dump/recharge frequency (results in waste minimization and savings in labor costs), energy savings (no need to boost temp over time because of diminished performance of the cleaner over time), water conservation (from extended bath life). Your "spent" cleaning solutions can still clean your parts... if you recycle with a Washer Washer. Also superb as a pre-treatment technology prior to sewer discharge for plants with mixed wastewater streams!
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    EDI is a leading manufacturer of engineered aeration and biological treatment solutions for municipal and industrial water and wastewater industries.
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Products by Arbortech Corporation
  • Washer Washer

    Washer Washers by The Arbortech Corporation recycle aqueous cleaners… from floor wash to pressure sprayers, from electro and soak tanks to parts’ washers, etc. Water-based and cleaning something? It’s a candidate! All S.S. design thrives in recycling opportunities across the full pH range,... Read more
  • FWRS Floor Wash Recovery System

    Your "spent" floor wash solutions can clean your floors again... and again... and again. Reduce costs and keep your floors even cleaner, reuse/recycle with Arbortech's FWRS. Read more